What Almond Milk Does Peet’s Use?

We chose Pacific Foods’ special soy, coconut, and almond milks since they’ve been particularly created for baristas.

Does Peet’s Coffee Carry Oat Milk?

Yes. While we couldn’t locate an exact date when Peet’s started offering Oat Milk, it appears they’ve been doing so since at least 2020.

Is oat milk available at Peet’s Coffee?

For a wonderful iced refreshment, lightly sweetened Oat Milk is mixed to perfection and topped with Peets original cold brew. Made to order and expertly constructed.

Starbucks uses what kind of oatmilk?

Starbucks uses Oatly’s Barista Edition oat milk, which is specially created for hot drinks and steams perfectly in cappuccinos and lattes.

Furthermore, the Barista Edition oat milk does not curdle at higher temperatures, making it ideal for use in Starbucks drinks, which are notoriously hot.

Furthermore, the Oatly oat milk Barista Edition has a fat concentration of 3%, which is higher than the ordinary version’s 2% fat, making it creamier, which is desirable in hot drinks.

Regardless of whether you choose Oatly’s Barista Edition or Original oat milk, the ingredients list is the same, so you’ll have a wonderful plant-based milk replacement.

Peet’s coffee has what kind of flavor syrups?

2. Horchata Latte with Iced Oat Milk

There are no substitutes needed; this cinnamony coffee beverage is vegan right out of the box. Creamy oat milk is blended with two shots of Peet’s robust espresso, cinnamon spices, and Madagascar vanilla syrup, and served hot or chilled.

3. Vanilla Cinnamon Iced Latte

It’s the same as the horchata latte if you want it with oat milk. When ordered with almond or soy milk, the pricing remains the same.

Barista Tip: Substitute hazelnut or caramel syrup for the vanilla syrup. Both surprising flavor combinations are delicious.

4. Latte iced

An iced latte is essentially your favorite plant milk with a shot of espressoyou’ll receive a caffeine kick, but the coffee will be hardly discernible. A liquid sweetener isn’t required because most plant milks are sweetened. Peet’s, on the other hand, sells vegan-friendly Monin syrups that may be used in any beverage. Vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, and lavender are some of the flavors available. It’s worth noting that the caramel syrup is vegan. Dairy is present in the caramel sauce used in the Caramel Macchiato.

Barista Tip: If you want a stronger coffee flavor, ask for an extra shot of espresso.

5. Mocha iced

Peet’s luscious iced mocha is vegan when ordered with plant milk, so there’s no need to worry about dairy lurking in the chocolate sauce.

Barista Tip: Ice adds volume to your drink and dilutes it over time. To obtain more of the good stuff and enjoy your drink for longer, ask for light ice.

6. Espresso iced

An iced espresso is the quickest way to shock your system with coffee. It’s simple and straight to the point.

Ask for a dash of plant milk and you’ve got yourself an iced cortado without the $0.70 non-dairy milk surcharge.

Is there a surcharge for almond milk at Tim Hortons?

Adding skim milk to any beverage, as well as almond beverage to brewed or iced coffee and hot teas, will be free of charge.

Dunkin’ uses what kind of oatmilk?

Planet Oat is a high-quality brand of oat milk that Dunkin Donuts offers to its consumers. This lactose-free milk substitute is high in vitamins and minerals while being low in saturated fat and lactose. Its unique blend is delicious hot or cold and sweet-free, and you can test it by ordering the original Oatmilk Latte or replacing it for milk in your favorite beverage.

We hope this quick explanation has answered any queries you may have had regarding this new type of milk. Please share our investigation on whether Dunkin Donuts sells oat milk on Facebook and Twitter if you feel more educated.