What Almond Milk Does Dutch Bros Use?

A range of milks are available at Dutch Bros. Try one of the non-dairy options to make your drink healthier. Coconut, soy, and almond milk, as well as dairy milk, are available on the Dutch Bros Coffee Menu. My personal preference is almond milk; I think the nutty flavor complements the coffee and is a great substitute for dairy milk. If you’re seeking for sugars in particular, “Our almond milk, coconut milk, and soy milk all have more sugar than half and half. Which is unexpected because everyone orders the milk replacements in the mistaken belief that they will contain less sugar.” “The half and half has about.5 grams of sugar per half ounce,” Dion says, “while the other milkshave around.7 grams of sugar per half ounce.” He went on to say that if he merely wanted to cut the calories in his drink, he’d go with a milk substitute, but if he wanted to cut the sugar, he’d go with half and half.

Does Dutch Bros Carry Oat Milk?

Yes. In May of 2020, Dutch Bros began testing Oat Milk at its outlets, and a few months later, it was officially added to their menus.

Is almond milk or oat milk the healthier option?

  • Gluten may be present in some oat milks, rendering them unsuitable for gluten-free diets.
  • More sugar and preservatives may be present. This is done to extend the shelf life of the milk and improve its flavor.

How to make oat milk

You may have had McQueens oat milk before, but have you ever attempted to make it yourself? It’s easy to make your own oat milk, and it only requires one ingredient.

To produce your own oat milk, all you need is 100 grams of porridge oats. It’s easier than you think to make your own oat milk. You can control exactly what goes into it if you make it yourself.

  • Fill a bowl halfway with water from the tap and add the porridge oats. Allow the bowl to sit for 4 hours or overnight after covering it with a tea towel. Do not store it in the refrigerator.
  • After allowing the oats to soak overnight or for 4 hours, strain the mixture through a strainer, allowing the water to drain. Rinse the oats for a few seconds under the tap.
  • Combine the oats, 750ml cold water, and 1/2 teaspoon sea salt in a blender or food processor. Blend until the mixture is perfectly smooth, with no visible oats. The creamier your homemade oat milk is, the more you combine it.
  • Place the sieve over a basin or jug and let the liquid to drain. Allow for 1 hour of straining time.
  • Take the sides of the cloth together and squeeze tightly to remove the oat milk once the majority of the mixture has been drained.
  • You can now bottle it and keep it in the fridge until you’re ready to drink it. If the oat milk is too thick for you, add 50ml of cool water until it reaches the desired consistency.

Oat Milk vs Cow’s milk?

If you’re lactose intolerant and looking for a dairy-free, gluten-free milk substitute, oat milk is the way to go. The contents in both are dramatically different, with oat milk containing significantly less calcium than cow’s milk. Although certain oat milks contain calcium, it is recommended to get calcium from cow’s milk. Vitamin D and B12 levels are higher in oat milk. This isn’t to suggest that cow’s milk doesn’t include these essential vitamins; but, if vitamins are vital to you, we recommend choosing cow’s milk.

Oat Milk Calories

You might be shocked to learn that oat milk has a low calorie count. Although the number of calories in oat milk varies depending on the brand, the average number of calories in oat milk is around 130. With 39 calories, this is the least calorie-dense of our Oatly barista-style oat milk. Oatly full milk has 160 calories per 100ml, semi-skimmed milk has 46 calories per 100ml, and skimmed milk has 37 calories per 100ml.

Some people can’t or won’t drink cow’s milk because they don’t enjoy the flavor. Of course, oat milk is preferable. However, if you want to get all of the beneficial nutrients from cow’s milk, this is the way to go.

Which is the best milk alternative?

There is no clear winner because almond and oat milk both have their own set of advantages. Oat milk is also thought to have more calories than almond milk. Lactose-intolerant people will benefit from oat milk. It has 120 calories per serving against 60 calories in almond milk, so it may be the better choice if you’re looking to save calories.

Almond Milk vs Oat Milk The verdict

Both of these plant-based milks have numerous advantages. There are a range of options available depending on what you’re searching for in a plant-based milk. Whichever alternative milk products you choose, we’re confident you’ll enjoy them. Oat milk is one of the best tasting oat milks and is ideal for lactose intolerant individuals. Because of its creamy and nutty flavor, almond milk is ideal for cereal. The dispute between almond milk and oat milk has no clear winner; each have their advantages, and it comes down to personal preference.

Is oat milk available at Dutch Bros?

After testing in a few areas, Dutch Bros Coffee accepted the milk substitute in May 2020 and rolled it out to all of its more than 400 locations in August 2020.

Oat milk is now available in a variety of drinks, including the Oat Milk Kicker from Dutch Bros Coffee.

With the Cold Brew Kicker, Oat Milk Kicker Latte, and Sugar-Free Peach Rebel, Dutch Bros Coffee is set to kick 2021 into high gear. The new drinks are available at all of the nation’s largest privately held drive-thru coffee company’s more than 400 locations.

Is there dairy-free milk at Dutch Bros?

The Dutch Bros Coffee menu is sparsely displayed outside the glass. Fortunately, our Bro-rista (that’s what they’re called) was vegan and gave us the lowdown.

Non-dairy milk works well in lattes, americanos, and cold brews. The vegan Oat Milk Kicker, which debuted in 2021, combines creamy oat milk with espresso.

If you want a blended drink, get a Carburetor, which is a blended frozen drink without the pre-made Freeze mix (which contains dairy).

We were fresh to the world of Dutch Bros, so we asked our Bro-rista for some recommendations.

We sampled the Nitro cold brew with dark chocolate and coconut milk, as well as a chocolate macadamia nut iced soy latte.

In addition, we contacted Dutch Bros Coffee to validate our findings, and they provided us with a list of all non-vegan foods available at Dutch Bros. (so, steer clear of the following add-ins when creating your deliciousness).

Is there a dairy-free option at Dutch Bros?

Yes, Dutch Bros is a vegan-friendly establishment. A coffee with a non-dairy option, such as soy, oat, almond, or coconut milk, can be ordered. In some circumstances, vegan-friendly flavoring is also available.

Is there a surcharge for almond milk at Tim Hortons?

Adding skim milk to any beverage, as well as almond beverage to brewed or iced coffee and hot teas, will be free of charge.