Are Keebler Vanilla Sugar Wafers Vegan?

Non-vegan products include both Nabisco Nilla Wafers and generic vanilla wafers. Nilla Wafers are made with milk derivatives, and generic versions of the cookie often include egg and other non-vegan components.

Do sugar wafers have dairy?

This product should be egg-free, msg-free, peanut-free, free of artificial colors and flavors, vegetarian, nut-free, free of artificial ingredients, vegan, and dairy-free, with 16 components.

Are 365 vanilla wafers vegan?

Bananas should be barely ripe while making banana pudding. They should be delicious and solid, with few brown patches (save the spotty, overripe ones for banana bread).

Vanilla Wafers – these 365 brand organic vanilla wafers are vegan by chance. Aside from that, finding vegan vanilla wafers is a challenge! If you want to make your own, try this vegan and gluten-free vanilla wafers recipe.

Instant Vanilla Pudding – I also used the Whole Foods brand instant pudding mix, as you can see in the photo above. It’s prepared with the same basic elements that go into making homemade pudding: sugar and corn starch.

Another “accidentally vegan” alternative is Jell-O brand quick vanilla pudding mix, albeit it contains additives and preservatives that the organic version from Whole Foods does not. Other instant pudding mixes are available; if in doubt, look at the ingredients list.

Non-Dairy Milk – For the batch in the images, I used unsweetened almond milk. In addition, I tried coconut milk (the refrigerated kind). The coconut milk version was delicious, however it did have a slight coconut flavor. For a typical banana pudding flavor, almond milk is the finest option.

Coco Whip is the absolute greatest dairy-free whipped topping on the market! Check out their website to see if there’s a store near you. Non-dairy Another great choice is Reddi-Wip, which may be easier to come by depending on where you shop.

Are there vegan wafers?

These egg-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free vegan vanilla wafers are sweet, crisp, and infused with vanilla flavor while remaining egg-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free. These vanilla cookies can be eaten as a snack, with drinks, or as part of a dessert.

Are Voortman Vanilla Wafers vegan?

Voortman Cookies are a popular snack in Canada. For nearly 50 years, they’ve been making cookies. However, just a few of their cookie styles are vegan-friendly. The wafer cookies are dairy and egg-free in all varieties. Other cookies (turnovers, classics, etc.) include dairy or eggs and are therefore not vegan. Please see the Voortman site under “Your Favorites” for further information about specific cookies.

What store bought cookies are dairy free?

25 Vegan Cookies by Mistake

  • 1 Oreo cookie The fact that milk’s favorite cookie is vegan by accident is a bit ironic, but we’re not complaining.