Does Zaxby’s Have Lemon Pepper Wings?

Zaxby’s is emphasizing their Boneless Wings Meal combined with its renowned Hot Honey Mustard Sauce through March 26 in all of its locations throughout 17 states, honoring each fan’s individual taste preferences. Zaxby’s guests can mix and match the Boneless Wings Meal with a total of nine sauces ranging from sweet to spicy.

“Guests at Zaxby’s want flavorful, personalized meals,” says Zach McLeroy, CEO and co-founder of Zaxby’s. “We have a variety of sauces because we want our customers to have precisely what they want when they come in, whether it’s sweet, spicy, or a mixture of both, like our Hot Honey Mustard.”

The Boneless Wings Meal includes five boneless wings dressed in one of nine sauces, including Hot Honey Mustard, a sweet Honey Mustard and hot Tongue Torch blend. Original, Sweet & Spicy, Teriyaki, Barbecue, Wimpy, Tongue Torch, Nuclear, and Insane are some of the other sauce selections. The meal comes with celery and Ranch Sauce and is accompanied by crinkle fries, Texas Toast, and a 22-ounce Dr. Pepper.

Guests can pair the Boneless Wings Meal with their preferred Coca-Cola Freestyle flavor from The Coca-Cola Company’s exclusive drink fountain. The sleek, attractive fountain is controlled by a touchscreen, allowing guests to choose from over 100 conventional and low-calorie beverages.

Zaxby’s Boneless Wings Meal with all nine sauces are available all year in all Zaxby’s restaurants. Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Virginia are among the 17 states where Zaxby’s operates.

What is the original flavor of Zaxby’s wings?

Zaxby’s, 11791 S. Cleveland Ave., opened to much fanfare in Southwest Florida, with wraparound drive-through lines and crowded houses. Chicken, chicken, and more chicken is on the menu.

We put the delectable 10 to the test with plenty of water, some carbs to help with the heat, and a few fiery-food-loving palates.

Zaxby’s original perches on the edge of the tongue, an orangey-red concoction reminiscent (in color only) of a fine tomato bisque from your favorite country French bistro. Original is Zaxby’s rendition of Buffalo sauce; it has the tingling of Tabasco without being too hot. Safe for children, grandmothers, and pretty much anyone.

Honey sesame is a richer sauce with floating sesame flakes that appeals to clucker fans looking for a savory alternative. After the initial sweetness fades, the mouth is left with a powerful, overpowering acidity. Our batch had a lot of sesame oil in it. Clearly, eating more chicken is the answer.

The thick and tangy brown barbeque, with only a few after notes of sweetness, is perfect for those who don’t like fire or expensive food. Any backyard BBQ would benefit from a bottle of this. The color reminds me of the day I washed my coat after leaving four packets of McDonald’s BBQ sauce in it.

The teriyaki sauce appears and tastes sloppy. It’s too thick for chicken and sits in the takeout container like a pool of motor oil. Teriyaki coats the chicken with a thick layer of soy sauce, with no hints of garlic or ginger. Take it easy on this one, or store it for your next beef stir-fry.

In a pair of little black dishes, the hot honey mustard looks like nacho cheese. Don’t be fooled by it. On the tongue and in the mouth, a strong peppery flavor sits untouched by any honeyed sweetness. The flavor is dominated by a razor-sharp mustard flavor; I’d call it mustard-honey.

Sweet & spicy, a clear victor in the non-heat category, tastes like a mild Thai chili sauce but looks like thinner spaghetti sauce. Citrus, ginger, and red chili peppers contribute to the flavor, with the peppers taking center stage. Sweet & Spicy has exactly the proper amount of sugar and heat to be effective without being overwhelming. You’ll want to smother everything in this sauce; I’m still licking my lips and planning my next trip.

Intrepid diners can choose from four scorching alternatives. Take our word for it: order taker Mi’Tilya recommends a chocolate chip shake to beat the heat (and hers). It’s delectable.

Wimpy, as the name implies, makes a Buffalo sauce with training wheels. Set out this sauce with a dash of cayenne and a hint of Tabasco for anyone fearful of putting out mouth fires with huge amounts of beer.

Tongue Torch came out on top in our impromptu workplace taste test among individuals who enjoy their meal with a tropical heat that isn’t generated by the oven. Inside the mouth, distinct vinegary flavours expand but do not dominate. It will clear your sinuses, but it will not make you cry.

Nuclear and mad distinguish the powerful from the weak. Nuclear has a garlic/pepper flavor, whereas Insane has an oregano/habanero flavor. Both will light your mouth on fire, at least if you’re new to hot sauce. I drank a bottle of Fiji water after one bite of Insane and breathed freely for the first time in weeks.

Finally, there’s Zax sauce, which comes in condiment takeaway tubs similar to those seen at McDonald’s. Although the label lists three unique instances of corn syrup, tomato paste, and Worcestershire sauce, it tastes like the right blend of honey mustard and ketchup. It tastes like baseball games, barbecues, and picnics without being excessively fiery or sweet.

  • We didn’t try the fried pickles. You either love fried pickles or you hate them.
  • Tater Chips: If you’re like that sort of thing, a batch of pretty dang tasty (and crunchy) handmade potato chips served with ranch. While they’re still warm, eat them.
  • Fried Mushrooms: Unfortunately, the sliced mushrooms absorb oil. It’s like eating battered grease when you bite into these.
  • The white cheddar bites are the best of the group, and they come in two sizes ($1.99/$3.49). What person doesn’t enjoy fried cheese? Crunchy, gooey, and delicious, you won’t even need to open the marinara.

What flavors do Zaxby’s boneless wings come in?

Eight boneless wings are mixed in one of Zaxby’s nine sauces, which include Original, BBQ, Wimpy, Tongue Torch, Teriyaki, Sweet & Spicy, Nuclear, Insane, and Hot Honey Mustard.

Has Zaxby’s stopped serving conventional wings?

Conversation. Finding learned that Zaxby’s had removed classic wings from their app. Traditional wings may not be available in our app or through our delivery partners at this time due to limited supply across the country. You may, however, request them straight from the restaurant if they are available!

Zaxby’s insane sauce contains what kind of pepper?

Tomato paste, mustard, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, garlic, spices, soybean oil, onion, sugar, paprika, xanthan gum, capsicum extractives, potassium sorbate, and sodium benzoate, soybean oil, natural taste

What are the ingredients in Zaxby’s sauce?

What are the ingredients in Zax sauce? This zax sauce recipe calls for variable amounts of ketchup, mayo, vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce, as well as some seasonings.

Zaxby’s wings are they breaded?

  • Avoid carbs like Texas toast, buns, crinkle cut fries, and sweet sauces.
  • Despite being breaded and fried, Zaxby’s chicken fingers are low in carbohydrates. The boneless wings are a different story because they’re high in carbohydrates.
  • You may be able to order the chicken fingers without the breading in some places. This information isn’t on the website, but it could be a decent alternative if you’re trying to reduce your carbs to a minimum.
  • Order your chicken fingers doused in buffalo sauce to amp up the flavor. This adds very few calories but a huge quantity of taste! It’s much delicious with ranch for dipping.
  • Zaxby’s offers some unique side/appetizer selections. Where else can you get buffalo chicken dip or chicken salad at a drive-thru besides celery sticks?

Is the meat in Zaxby’s boneless wings real?

Two years later, Burger King introduced (and trademarked) Chicken Tenders to their menu. Their version was made by cutting chicken breasts lengthwise, which they boasted about in ads. The “tender” is taken from tenderloin, the extended section of flesh beneath the breast closest to the bone, and was intended to compete directly with the McNugget. Burger King used full breast meat rather than tenderloin, but it was still unadulterated all-white breast meat.