What Is Simple Simons Alpine Sauce? The Complete Guide

Are you a fan of pizza and Italian dressing? Then you might have heard of Simple Simon’s Alpine Sauce.

This homemade sauce is not only delicious, but also versatile and can be used as a marinade, salad dressing, dip, or even on pasta.

But what exactly is Alpine Sauce and how did it come to be? In this article, we’ll explore the origins of Alpine Sauce and take a closer look at Simple Simon’s version.

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds!

What Is Simple Simons Alpine Sauce?

Simple Simon’s Alpine Sauce is a homemade sauce that is made with a blend of vegan mayonnaise, mustard seed, lemon juice, garlic, dill relish, sweet relish, crushed chili peppers, black pepper, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, dried onion, grape seed oil, light soybean oil and distilled white vinegar. This unique combination of ingredients delivers a flavor profile that is not comparable to any other sauce.

What sets Simple Simon’s Alpine Sauce apart from other sauces is its versatility. It can be used as a marinade for meats or vegetables, as a salad dressing, or as a dip for fresh vegetables. It can even be used as a sauce for pasta dishes.

The Origins Of Alpine Sauce

The origins of Alpine Sauce can be traced back to Swiss Chalet, a now-defunct brand that created a dressing called Alpine Italian Dressing. It is believed that this dressing served as the inspiration for the various Alpine Sauce variations and recipes that exist today. The recipe for Alpine Italian Dressing was later acquired by Sara Lee’s Bonne Chere brand and is now sold as Creamy Italian Dressing, but only at food service stores in one-gallon quantities for $60.

Simple Simon’s Pizza, a popular pizza chain, has also incorporated Alpine Sauce into some of their dishes. Their original calzone is stuffed with pepperoni, sausage, cheese, and Alpine Sauce, and is large enough to feed four people. Additionally, they offer a bottled version of the Italian dressing at some locations.

What Makes Simple Simon’s Alpine Sauce Unique?

Simple Simon’s Alpine Sauce is unique because of the blend of ingredients that are used to create it. The vegan mayonnaise, mustard seed, and lemon juice provide a creamy and tangy base, while the garlic, dill relish, and sweet relish add a depth of flavor. The crushed chili peppers and black pepper give the sauce a slight kick, while the sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and dried onion add texture and complexity. The grape seed oil and light soybean oil provide a smooth consistency, while the distilled white vinegar adds a slight tanginess.

The combination of these ingredients creates a flavor profile that is truly one-of-a-kind. It is not too spicy or too sweet but strikes the perfect balance between different flavors. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to add a touch of excitement to their meals without overwhelming their taste buds.

Another unique aspect of Simple Simon’s Alpine Sauce is its versatility. It can be used in a variety of dishes, making it an essential ingredient in any kitchen. Whether you want to use it as a marinade for meats or vegetables, as a salad dressing, or as a dip for fresh vegetables, this sauce will add a burst of flavor to any dish.

How To Use Alpine Sauce In Your Cooking

If you’re wondering how to incorporate Simple Simon’s Alpine Sauce into your cooking, there are many ways to do so. Here are some ideas:

1. As a marinade: Brush Alpine Sauce onto chicken, beef, or vegetables before grilling or roasting. The combination of flavors will enhance the taste of your dish.

2. As a salad dressing: Mix Alpine Sauce with a little bit of olive oil and drizzle it over your favorite salad. The sauce adds a unique flavor and creaminess to any salad.

3. As a dip: Serve Alpine Sauce as a dip for fresh vegetables like carrots, celery, and cucumber. It’s also great with potato chips or crackers.

4. As a sandwich spread: Use Alpine Sauce as a spread on sandwiches instead of mayonnaise or mustard. It adds a tangy and flavorful kick to any sandwich.

5. As a pasta sauce: Cook your favorite pasta and toss it with Alpine Sauce for a quick and easy meal. The sauce adds a creamy texture and bold flavor to any pasta dish.

No matter how you choose to use Simple Simon’s Alpine Sauce in your cooking, it’s sure to add a unique and delicious flavor to any dish. Just remember to refrigerate the sauce for at least 3 hours before using it to let all the flavors meet, mix and marry!

Making Your Own Alpine Sauce At Home

Making your own Alpine Sauce at home is easy and can be done with just a few simple ingredients. Here is a recipe to try:


– 1 cup vegan mayonnaise

– 1 tablespoon mustard seed

– 1 tablespoon lemon juice

– 1 teaspoon garlic powder

– 1 tablespoon dill relish

– 1 tablespoon sweet relish

– 1/4 teaspoon crushed chili peppers

– 1/4 teaspoon black pepper

– 1 teaspoon sesame seeds

– 1 teaspoon poppy seeds

– 1 teaspoon dried onion

– 2 tablespoons grape seed oil

– 2 tablespoons light soybean oil

– 2 tablespoons distilled white vinegar


1. In a mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients and whisk until thoroughly blended and smooth.

2. Refrigerate the sauce for at least an hour before serving to allow the flavors to meld together.

3. Serve as a dip for fresh vegetables, use as a salad dressing, or as a marinade for meats or vegetables.

The beauty of making your own Alpine Sauce is that you can adjust the ingredients to suit your taste preferences. For example, if you like your sauce spicier, you can add more crushed chili peppers. If you prefer a sweeter sauce, you can add more sweet relish.

Where To Find Simple Simon’s Alpine Sauce

If you’re interested in trying Simple Simon’s Alpine Sauce, you may be wondering where to find it. Unfortunately, Simple Simon’s Alpine Sauce is not currently available for purchase in stores or online.

However, you can easily make your own batch of this delicious sauce at home by following the recipe provided above. All the ingredients are readily available at your local grocery store, and the recipe is simple enough for even novice cooks to follow.

Alternatively, you can try reaching out to Simple Simon’s directly to inquire about purchasing their sauce. They may be able to provide more information on where and how to obtain it.