Does Costco Sell Tzatziki Sauce? The Complete Guide

Are you a fan of Tzatziki sauce? Do you love the tangy taste of yogurt mixed with cucumber and garlic?

If so, you might be wondering if Costco sells this delicious dip. Well, the answer is yes! And not only do they sell it, but they also have a great option that many customers rave about.

In this article, we’ll explore the different types of Tzatziki sauce available at Costco, what customers have to say about them, and some tips on how to use this versatile dip.

So, let’s dive in and discover the world of Tzatziki at Costco!

Does Costco Sell Tzatziki Sauce?

Yes, Costco does sell Tzatziki sauce! In fact, they have a few different options available for customers to choose from.

One popular brand that customers love is the Hannah Foods Organic Tzatziki Yogurt Dip. This dip comes in a 30oz jar and costs $7.49. Customers have raved about the authentic taste of this dip, with many saying it tastes just as good as the Tzatziki sauce served in restaurants.

Another option available at Costco is the Cedars Cucumber Garlic Dill Tzatziki. This dip has 35 calories per 2 tablespoons and is a great option for those looking for a lower calorie option. It’s also more cost-efficient for those who don’t want to buy individual ingredients that might not get used in future meals.

The Different Types Of Tzatziki Sauce Available At Costco

If you’re a fan of Tzatziki sauce, you’ll be happy to know that Costco offers a variety of options to choose from. One popular choice is the Hannah Foods Organic Tzatziki Yogurt Dip, which is made with tangy yogurt, pieces of cucumber, and a hint of lemon juice and garlic. Customers have praised the authentic taste of this dip, with many saying it tastes just as good as the Tzatziki sauce served in restaurants. This dip comes in a 30oz jar and costs $7.49.

Another option available at Costco is the Cedars Cucumber Garlic Dill Tzatziki. This dip is a great choice for those looking for a lower calorie option, with only 35 calories per 2 tablespoons. It’s made with fresh ingredients like cucumber, garlic, and dill and has a creamy texture that pairs well with pita bread or veggies.

Costco also offers a variety of other refrigerated dips that can be used as a Tzatziki substitute or paired with Tzatziki for a delicious snack or appetizer. Some of these dips include hummus, pimento cheese, and more. Customers can easily create a “sampler” plate by adding different dips to their plate and dipping crackers, veggies, or chips into them.

Whether you prefer the classic taste of Tzatziki or want to try something new, Costco has plenty of options to choose from. With affordable prices and high-quality ingredients, it’s no wonder why so many customers love their Tzatziki sauce selection.

Customer Reviews: What Do Costco Shoppers Say About Tzatziki Sauce?

Many Costco shoppers have shared their thoughts on the Tzatziki sauce options available at the store. One customer shared their disappointment with the GoodFoods Tzatziki Style Chicken Salad, stating that it was a little high in fat and sodium and didn’t wow their taste buds. However, they did appreciate the convenience and low calorie count of the product.

On the other hand, another customer raved about the Hannah Foods Organic Tzatziki Yogurt Dip, stating that it was delicious and perfect for a Greek brunch board. They loved that it was organic, keto-friendly, and made from Greek yogurt with natural probiotics and calcium. They also enjoyed how versatile it was, as it could be paired with vegetables, salad, BBQ, or anything that needed a little sauce.

Another customer recommended the Cedars Cucumber Garlic Dill Tzatziki as a great low-calorie option. They appreciated that it was cost-efficient and didn’t require them to buy individual ingredients that they might not use in future meals.

Creative Ways To Use Tzatziki Sauce In Your Cooking

Tzatziki sauce is not just a delicious dip for gyros, but it can also be used in many creative ways to add a bright and tangy flavor to your cooking. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Dipping Sauce for Fried Foods: If you’re not a fan of tartar sauce, tzatziki dip can be substituted as a dipping sauce for fried fish or even chicken tenders.

2. Grilled Meat Topping: Tzatziki sauce tastes great with all sorts of meat – chicken, beef, pork, and lamb. It’s especially great with grilled meat, as it can make any plain chicken breast or steak taste amazing.

3. Burger or Sandwich Topping: Tzatziki sauce is a great alternative to mayo or ketchup as a topping for burgers, especially veggie burgers! It also works well as a spread for sandwiches.

4. Pita Wrap Filling: This sauce is perfect for the filling of a pita wrap with grilled chicken or falafel.

5. Mashed Potato Add-In: When making mashed potatoes, add tzatziki sauce to the potatoes when mashing them for a flavorful and unique twist on the classic side dish.

6. Baked Potato Topping: Use tzatziki sauce as a topping for baked potatoes instead of sour cream.

7. Salad Dressing: Mix tzatziki sauce with some lemon juice or vinegar for a tangy salad dressing that pairs well with crispy greens.

8. Veggie Dip: Tzatziki sauce tastes delicious as a dip for carrot sticks, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, and cucumber slices. It’s a great way to get more vegetables in your diet!

9. Chip Dip: Tzatziki sauce makes a great chip dip, especially with pita chips.

Whether you buy it at Costco or make your own at home, tzatziki sauce is a versatile ingredient that can add flavor and excitement to many dishes. Give these ideas a try and let us know in the comments if you have any other creative ways to use tzatziki sauce in your cooking!

Tips For Storing Tzatziki Sauce And Making It Last Longer.

If you’ve purchased Tzatziki sauce from Costco or made it at home, it’s important to store it properly to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Here are some tips for storing Tzatziki sauce and making it last longer:

1. Refrigerate immediately: After making or buying Tzatziki sauce, it’s essential to store it in the refrigerator immediately. Bacteria can grow rapidly at room temperature, and leaving Tzatziki sauce out for too long can cause it to spoil quickly.

2. Use an airtight container: When storing Tzatziki sauce in the fridge, always use an airtight container to prevent the absorption of odors and flavors from other foods. This will help preserve the taste and quality of the sauce.

3. Label the container: It’s essential to label the container with the date it was made or stored so you can track how long it’s been in the fridge.

4. Keep it in the back of the fridge: The back of the fridge is the coldest part and the best place to store Tzatziki sauce. This will help keep it fresh for longer.

5. Stir before serving: Tzatziki sauce can separate in the fridge, so it’s essential to give it a good stir before serving to ensure it’s well-mixed.

6. Don’t freeze: Freezing Tzatziki sauce is not recommended as it can change the texture and flavor. It’s best to make a fresh batch when needed.

7. Use fresh ingredients: The quality of your ingredients will affect how long your Tzatziki sauce lasts. Use fresh cucumbers, yogurt, and herbs for the best results.

By following these tips, you can extend the shelf life of your Tzatziki sauce and enjoy its delicious flavor for longer.