Where To Buy Miso Paste In Montreal? A Detailed Guide

Are you a fan of miso soup or looking to experiment with new flavors in your cooking?

Look no further than Montreal for all your miso paste needs! With a variety of stores carrying this delicious and versatile ingredient, you’re sure to find the perfect type of miso paste to suit your taste buds.

From mild and sweet shiro miso to pungent and savory aka miso, the world of miso is vast and varied.

In this article, we’ll explore the best places to buy miso paste in Montreal, so you can elevate your cooking game and enjoy the rich, salty-tangy flavor of miso in all your favorite dishes.

Where To Buy Miso Paste In Montreal?

There are several options for buying miso paste in Montreal.

Firstly, you can check out your local big box stores such as Walmart, where you’ll find miso paste stocked in the refrigerated area near tofu. They also carry shelf-stable miso paste in the international food aisle.

If you prefer to shop at health food stores, you’re in luck! Most health food stores carry miso paste, so you’re sure to find it there.

Another great option is to visit your nearest Asian grocery store. They will likely have a wide variety of miso paste options, and if they don’t have it stocked, they will certainly know where you can find it.

When shopping for miso paste, keep in mind that most stores will carry three types: white, red, and yellow miso paste. White miso paste is the mildest of all the pastes and is commonly called sweet or mellow miso. Yellow miso, also called Shinshu miso, is the most commonly used because of its versatile flavor. Red miso, also known as Aka miso paste, has a longer fermenting process which gives it the most pungent taste.

Asian Grocery Stores In Montreal

Montreal is home to several Asian grocery stores that offer a wide range of ingredients for cooking Japanese, Chinese, and Korean dishes. Here are some of the top Asian grocery stores in Montreal:

1. Marché d’Alimentation: This store is located on Ste. Catherine Street, two blocks east of the old Forum. It is the go-to place for all your basic Japanese ingredients such as miso, sake, dashi, okonomiyaki sauce, tofu, shiitake mushrooms, konyaku, and cooking sake. They also have a decent selection of kitchenware and rice-cookers. The friendly Korean staff will do what they can to help you find what you’re looking for in English or French.

2. Fujiya: They offer free delivery for orders over $100 in the downtown core and for a fee elsewhere. They stock many Japanese groceries that are hard to find anywhere else, and their products are always more reasonably priced than at other grocery stores. Besides packaged products, they have a fresh fish section and a counter making sushi which is extremely fresh and cheap. They get twice daily deliveries from the main store of freshly made sushi and the line-up is out the door every day starting around 11:30 and doesn’t thin out until after 1PM.

3. Komatsu Japanese Market: This small Japanese grocery store is located in Kelowna BC Canada and has many basic Japanese ingredients such as pickled daikon, sushi ginger, miso paste, konnyaku noodles, and other fridge items. They also have a sushi kitchen in the back where you can order sushi made fresh.

4. Oriental Supermarket: This store has tons of ethnic food items such as Mexican, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese. They have a large freezer section, a good sized fresh grocery department, lots of dry goods and a sushi bar that makes the only good bubble tea available in Kelowna (that I know of). Prices at this store are considerably lower than Komatsu but make sure to check the expiration date on food products.

5. Kim Phat Supermarket: This supermarket is located in Montreal’s Chinatown and has an extensive selection of Asian ingredients including miso paste. They also carry fresh produce such as exotic fruits and vegetables that are not commonly found in regular grocery stores.

Health Food Stores With Miso Paste Options

If you’re looking for a specific type of miso paste or want to explore different brands, health food stores are a great option. Not only do they carry a wider variety of miso paste, but they often prioritize organic and non-GMO options.

One health food store to check out is Rachelle Béry, which has several locations throughout Montreal. They carry several brands of miso paste, including organic and non-GMO options. You can find white, yellow, and red miso paste here.

Another option is Tau, a health food store located in the Plateau-Mont-Royal neighborhood. They carry several types of miso paste, including red miso paste from the brand Eden Foods. They also have organic and non-GMO options available.

If you’re in the West Island area, you can check out Avril Supermarché Santé. They carry several brands of miso paste, including Marukome and Mitoku. They also have a wide variety of organic and non-GMO options available.

Lastly, you can visit Marché Bleuet, a health food store located in the Mile End neighborhood. They carry several brands of miso paste, including Miso Master and South River Miso Company. They also have organic and non-GMO options available.

Specialty Food Shops With Unique Miso Varieties

If you’re looking for unique and authentic miso paste varieties, specialty food shops are your best bet. One such shop in Montreal is the Kuradai Miso select shop, which offers a range of specialty miso pastes and products from the warehouses of miso producers nationwide. In-store, they sell over 30 different kinds of miso, each sourced from various producers across Japan.

Kuradai Miso offers white miso, red miso, salty miso, and sweet miso, each with their own unique flavors and aromas. This specialty shop is perfect for those who want to explore different types of miso paste or are looking for a specific type that may not be available in regular grocery stores.

Another option for finding unique miso paste varieties is to visit local farmer’s markets. Many local vendors may offer homemade miso paste that cannot be found in stores. This is a great way to support local businesses while also trying out new and unique flavors of miso paste.

Online Retailers For Miso Paste Delivery

If you can’t find miso paste in your local grocery store or Asian grocery store, consider purchasing it online. Online retailers such as Amazon offer a wide variety of miso paste, including red miso paste. Many Japanese miso brands also ship worldwide, so you can enjoy authentic miso paste from the comfort of your own home.

When buying miso paste online, make sure to read reviews and check the expiration date to ensure that you’re getting a high-quality product. It’s also important to factor in shipping costs and delivery time when making your purchase.

Tips For Choosing The Best Miso Paste For Your Needs

Choosing the best miso paste can be overwhelming with so many options available. Here are some tips to help you choose the right one for your needs:

1. Look for unpasteurized miso paste that is aged using traditional methods. This type of miso paste is healthier and has a better taste.

2. Check the ingredient label and avoid miso paste that contains unnecessary additives. Miso paste should contain soybeans, koji, salt, and sometimes other natural ingredients like vegetables or wheat. If there are preservatives on the ingredients list, consider choosing a different brand.

3. Consider the flavor profile you want to achieve. White miso paste has a sweeter and lighter taste, while yellow miso paste is more versatile and commonly used in many recipes. Red miso paste has a pungent taste and is great for adding depth to dishes.

4. If you’re following a recipe that calls for a specific type of miso paste, try to use that exact type to get the intended flavor and texture.

5. Don’t be afraid to try different brands of miso paste as they can have unique flavors and characters that may suit your taste better.

6. Inspect the texture of the miso paste before purchasing it. Cheaper types of miso paste are heavily milled, resulting in a smooth and almost sticky texture. Natural miso paste should have a bit of texture and graininess to it.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to choose the best miso paste for your needs and create delicious dishes with authentic Japanese flavors right in your own kitchen!