Is Argan Oil Bad For Colored Hair? What You Need To Know

Are you someone who loves to experiment with hair colors but worries about the damage it might cause?

If yes, then you’re not alone. Coloring your hair can be a fun way to switch up your look, but it can also lead to dryness, frizz, and split ends.

That’s where Argan Oil comes in. This ancient Moroccan Beauty Elixir has been used for centuries by women in Morocco to nourish and protect their hair.

But is Argan Oil bad for colored hair? In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using Argan Oil on colored hair and how it can help revitalize and protect your strands.

So, let’s dive in!

Is Argan Oil Bad For Colored Hair?

The short answer is no, Argan Oil is not bad for colored hair. In fact, it can be extremely beneficial for maintaining the health and vibrancy of your colored locks.

When you color your hair, it can become dry and brittle due to the chemicals used in the dyeing process. Argan Oil is rich in nutrients and phytochemicals that can help revitalize color-treated and processed hair. It is nature’s remedy for beautiful hair and skin that has been used for centuries by the women of Morocco.

Argan Oil can help prevent your hair from becoming dry, brittle, and lustreless post-coloring. The natural and safe ingredients in the dye provide a soft, shiny, and smooth texture to your hair, leaving it all lively and vibrant. It is a relatively safe permanent hair color, which lasts up to 30 washes when compared with other permanent hair colors in the market.

Using an Argan Oil shampoo is the best way to hydrate and cleanse your strands. This shampoo is devoid of harmful chemicals and is extremely beneficial as it will cleanse and protect colored hair. Moisturized hair takes color best when you’re ready to make the change. Dyed hair needs specific maintenance for color and tint preservation, and using Argan Oil before you dye your hair can strengthen and prep your hair. Easily add moisture and prevent further damage from hair dye by using Argan Oil as a pre-treatment.

Argan Oil can generally be used on most hair types, however, you may need to apply it differently or use a different type of Argan Oil depending on your needs. If you have fine hair or hair that tends to get oily, full-strength Argan Oil can weigh your hair down if you don’t apply it sparingly. You can also look for products with Argan Oil instead of the pure oil. A blended or lightweight version is ideal on most types of hair.

In addition to using Argan Oil shampoo and pre-treatment, you can also try a deep-conditioning treatment like OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Intense Moisturizing Treatment. This will help keep your colored hair moisturized and healthy.

The Benefits Of Argan Oil For Colored Hair

Argan Oil is packed with nutrients and phytochemicals that can benefit colored hair in numerous ways. Here are some of the benefits of using Argan Oil for colored hair:

1. Hydration: Colored hair can become dry and brittle due to the chemicals used in the dyeing process. Argan Oil is a great natural moisturizer that can hydrate your hair, making it soft, smooth, and shiny.

2. Protection: Argan Oil can protect your colored hair from damage and dryness. It forms a layer around the hair shaft that adds smoothness and shine while protecting your hair from breakage and environmental damage.

3. Color Preservation: Argan Oil can help preserve the color of your hair by preventing it from fading or becoming dull. It helps to seal in the color, ensuring that it lasts longer and looks vibrant.

4. Restoration: If you have colored your hair multiple times or used bleach, it can become damaged and lifeless. Argan Oil can help restore your hair’s health by revitalizing over-processed hair from the inside out.

5. Scalp Health: A healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair growth. Argan Oil is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin E, which have been shown to have benefits for your scalp and hair. By massaging Argan Oil into your scalp, you can promote healthy hair growth while keeping your scalp moisturized.

How Argan Oil Can Help Revitalize And Protect Your Strands

Argan Oil is packed with natural ingredients that can protect your hair from damage and dryness. It’s advisable to use a mild shampoo like Argan Oil shampoo if you have colored hair. The benefits of Argan Oil are numerous and can help revitalize and protect your strands.

One of the main benefits of Argan Oil is its ability to hydrate and soften hair. It contains essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin E that can increase hair elasticity and restore shine to dull, lifeless hair. These properties make it an excellent choice for those with color-treated hair.

Argan Oil can also prevent breakage by neutralizing hair damage from free radicals and other elements. Hair is exposed to a lot of damage from everyday pollution, chemical treatments, and hot tools, but Argan Oil can help keep your follicles free from damage while preventing splitting and breakage.

In addition to protecting your hair from mechanical stress, Argan Oil can also increase shine, smoothness, and definition. It promotes healthy hair growth by softening and moisturizing the hair, preventing breakage, and soothing the scalp.

If you have bleached hair, Argan Oil can help recover from damage by filling in the gaps in your hair cuticle more easily. This helps restore the protein structure of your hair, reducing damage.

The Science Behind Argan Oil And Hair Color

The protective properties of Argan Oil have been shown to reduce damage caused by hair dye, according to a 2013 study. The medium-chain fatty acids in Argan Oil create a protective layer on the hair that improves combing force and protects the hair from breakage during heat styling. This protective layer can also help prevent damage from washing and styling. Other oils that are rich in linoleic acid, oleic acid, and palmitic acid have also been shown to add a protective layer to the hair that improves combing force and protects the hair from breakage during heat styling.

While there is no scientific evidence to show that Argan Oil can help with hair growth, compounds called phenols found in Argan Oil have been shown to be stimulating for the scalp and promote hair growth. However, using Argan Oil in combination with other proven hair loss treatments may be necessary for desired results.

Argan Oil is rich in essential fatty acids like oleic acid and linoleic acid, which make up only 2-6% of the hair’s overall weight but have a major influence on the shine, feel, manageability, and strength of your locks. These fatty acids can help boost the luster and elasticity of colored hair, bringing you closer to your healthy hair goals. Additionally, Argan Oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and bioactive molecules like polyphenols, tocopherols, squalene, xanthophyll, CoQ10, and sterols that provide unique nutritional and cosmetic properties.

Tips For Using Argan Oil On Colored Hair

If you have colored hair and want to use Argan Oil, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Use a light touch when applying Argan Oil and focus it on the ends of your hair and away from your scalp. This will prevent your hair from becoming too oily or weighed down.

2. Massage a few drops of Argan Oil into your scalp in a circular motion 30 minutes before you take a shower. Comb it through from scalp to tip and rinse out with shampoo/conditioner.

3. Try using a hair mask for colored hair like OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Intense Moisturizing Treatment. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes after washing, rinse and style.

4. If you’re using Argan Oil as a pre-treatment before dyeing your hair, make sure to apply it evenly throughout your hair and leave it on for at least 30 minutes before washing it out.

5. When dyeing your hair with Argan Oil hair color, make sure to mix the color cream and developer in the right ratio as stated on the product packaging or website. For medium-length hair, 1 oz. of hair color mixed with 2 oz. of developer for a total formula mixture of three oz. will be enough to get the right result.

By following these tips, you can safely use Argan Oil on your colored hair and enjoy its many benefits without damaging your locks.

Common Myths About Argan Oil And Colored Hair Debunked

There are some common myths surrounding the use of Argan Oil on colored hair that need to be debunked. Let’s take a closer look at these myths and the truth behind them.

Myth #

Other Natural Oils That Are Good For Colored Hair

Aside from Argan Oil, there are several other natural oils that are good for colored hair. Coconut oil, Sesame oil, Olive Oil, and Almond Oil are all excellent options for maintaining the health and vibrancy of your colored locks.

Coconut oil is a versatile oil that can benefit all hair types – especially dry, damaged, and color-treated hair. It nourishes and hydrates your hair, stimulates hair growth, repairs damage, and won’t fade your color. Simply apply a few drops of coconut oil to your hair, leave on overnight, and wash it off in the morning. Your color-treated hair will certainly thank you.

Sesame oil is often your one-stop solution to treating scalp dryness and dull hair. Its occlusive nature creates a natural barrier on your hair and scalp, trapping moisture to keep your hair hydrated. It prevents scalp irritations that can occur due to certain hair colors.

Olive Oil is another great option for colored hair. It contains antioxidants that help protect the hair from environmental damage and helps to repair damaged hair. It also helps to strengthen the hair strands and promotes healthy growth.

Almond Oil is rich in vitamins E and D, which help to nourish and strengthen the hair strands. It also contains fatty acids that help to moisturize the hair and prevent breakage. Simply warm the oil by rubbing it in your palms and applying from root to tips. You can leave the oil for a few hours or even overnight and rinse it off with some lukewarm water.