Can You Buy Cheese Curds In Australia? What You Need To Know

Are you a cheese lover living in Australia, wondering if you can get your hands on some delicious cheese curds?

Look no further!

Cheese curds, the moist and rubbery pieces of curdled milk that are a by-product of cheddar cheese making, have become increasingly popular worldwide. Originally a Wisconsin delicacy, cheese curds are now enjoyed in many countries and have even made their way to Australia.

But where can you find them?

In this article, we’ll explore the history of cheese curds, their popularity in Australia, and where you can buy the best quality cheese curds in bulk.

So get ready to satisfy your cheesy cravings and discover the world of cheese curds!

Can You Buy Cheese Curds In Australia?

Yes, you can buy cheese curds in Australia! While it was previously difficult to find them due to safety concerns, raw cheeses are no longer banned in Australia, making it easier to get your hands on this delicious snack.

However, not all cheese curds are created equal. The best quality cheese curds are sourced from Wisconsin, where they are made at small, family-owned cheese factories. These cheese curds have a mild cheddar-like flavour and come in white, yellow, or orange colours.

But where can you buy them in Australia?

Pure Dairy is a company that sells cheese curds through their wholesale foodservice distributors around Australia. Their cheese curds are individually quick frozen to preserve their taste, texture, nutritional value, and squeak. This also allows for better portion control and reduces wastage.

You can buy Pure Dairy cheese curds in bulk and store them for up to 210 days. If you’re unsure if your local distributor stocks Pure Dairy Cheese Curds, you can contact the company’s head office for more information.