Is Natural Bliss Almond Milk Creamer Healthy?

Natural bliss is a healthier option to most coffee creamers, especially non-dairy types, when used in moderation. However, the creamer still contains certain potentially harmful components, so it should be used with caution.

Is the Natural Bliss almond milk creamer no longer available?

Unfortunately, Natural Bliss Plant Based Half and Half appears to have been discontinued. Almond Milk Creamers, Oat Milk Creamer, Cashew Milk Creamer, and Coconut Creme Creamer from Natural Bliss are still available. Silk Half & Half and Ripple Half & Half are two dairy-free half and half options.

This dairy-free creamer, which is half almond milk and half coconut milk, offers a more neutral flavor and few to no added sugars. In reality, the original unsweetened version is sugar-free and includes no sweeteners. This implies more options for adding richness to baked products, sweets, and savory dishes, in addition to coffee.

Is there sugar in Natural Bliss creamer?

Details. Real milk and cream are used in this recipe. 35 calories per 1 TBSP; 1 g saturated fat (5 percent DV); 5 mg sodium (0 percent DV); 5 g total sugars It’s gluten-free.

Is almond milk suitable for coffee?

Almond milk’s popularity has been continuously increasing. Nut milk, which is available in sweetened and unsweetened forms, adds variety to the final flavor of a coffee.

Without mentioning almonds, it has a nutty flavor with a little bitter aftertaste, which is why some people prefer the sweetened form of almond milk, depending on the coffee roast.

If you want to add a layer of flavor to your coffee, almond milk is the way to go. However, because it lacks the protein content of dairy milk, it may leave a layer of wateriness beneath the foam formed in your coffee. Because almond milk, like soy milk, might split, it’s vital to test it beforehand.

It is nutritious

Although almond milk does not compare to cow’s milk in terms of nutrition, enhanced products get close.

They usually contain extra vitamin D, calcium, and protein, making them nutritionally comparable to ordinary milk.

Almond milk, on the other hand, is naturally high in various vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin E.

The table below compares the amounts of a few nutrients, vitamins, and minerals found in a cup of enriched commercial almond milk versus a cup of low-fat cow’s milk, as well as some daily values (DV) (2, 3).

What is the flavor of natural bliss creamer’s natural flavor?

Product Specifications Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Vanilla flavor coffee creamer infuses each cup with naturally wonderful sweetness. We start with real milk and cream from cows that haven’t been given any growth hormones, then add natural vanilla flavor, including extract from Madagascar vanilla beans.

What is natural happiness creamer, and how does it work?

Natural Bliss creamer is created with real milk and cream and is gluten-free. Pour and swirl all-natural coffee creamer into each cup for the perfect amount of taste. Keep the flavored creamer refrigerated. To brighten up your cup, try Natural Bliss coffee creamer, which has wonderful, all-natural ingredients.

Natural Bliss Coffee Creamer is made by who?

The Coffee-mate Natural Bliss brand from Nestl USA, Arlington, Va., now includes functional creamers. The two new functional products are prepared with a combination of oat “milk” and almond “milk,” as well as inulin, pea protein, and MCT Oil. Natural Bliss claimed the creamers come in two flavors: Vanilla with prebiotic fiber and Sweet Almond with 5 grams of protein and MCT oil.

The Vanilla flavor from Natural Bliss has 3 grams of fiber per 4-tablespoon serving. According to Natural Bliss, the prebiotic fiber in the creamer comes from inulin, a vegetable fiber produced from chicory root. Each 4-tablespoon serving of Sweet Almond creamer has 5 grams of plant-based protein. Peas and oats provide the plant-based protein in this creamer. Both creamers come in a 28-ounce bottle that costs $5.49 at the suggested retail price.

So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Coffee Creamer

This dairy-free coffee creamer is so popular that it’s also available in conventional pint and quart volumes. This popular product line, which comes in the flavors listed below, just underwent a carrageenan-free recipe makeover. You’ll have to try the new blend to determine if it fits your expectations, but we thought it offered a wonderful dash of flavor. It’s vegan and soy-free, just like the rest of the list, but it’s also tree nut-free. A new review will be published soon!

So Delicious Dairy Free Almond Milk Creamer

I’m a great admirer of almonds, so this mellow dairy-free coffee creamer appealed to me. Although it wasn’t quite as thick as I’d hoped, this slightly rich dairy alternative immediately adds body and a smooth finish to any hot beverage. This vegan creamer has always been soy-free, as well as free of carrageenan. However, it is only available in quart sizes. Check out our full review of So Delicious Almond Milk Creamer for more information.

Ripple Half & Half

Original and a sweeter Vanilla flavor are available in these small bottles of light cream. These are top allergen-free, unlike most brands, and they perform great in recipes. When the heat is turned on, they do not “break.” My entire review of this product can be found here.

Silk Soy Creamer

Many former admirers are upset about a recent formula adjustment that makes this dairy-free coffee creamer even creamier and carrageenan-free. We’ll have to wait and watch how the shakeout goes. Meanwhile, here is a nut-free option that is non-GMO confirmed and manufactured with whole soy (not isolates), and is relatively easy to get refrigerated in supermarkets. Original, Vanilla, and Hazelnut flavors are available in pint and quart quantities.

Refrigerated Silk Almond Creamer This newest Silk option is soy-free, carrageenan-free, and starting to get wonderful reviews. It comes in appealing Vanilla, Hazelnut, Sweet & Creamy (not seen), and Caramel tastes. All four contain zero to one gram of fat per tablespoon and are sweetened with cane sugar.

Silk Dairy-Free Creamer Singles

Consumers won’t be able to buy these yet, but you might see them in some coffee shops and restaurants. Since they are available wholesale, it wouldn’t hurt to ask a favorite spot to order some in. Interestingly, unlike their other creamers, they are not made with nuts or soy. They’re created with an oil emulsion and don’t appear to contain any allergens. The following is a list of the ingredients: DF: natural flavor, xanthan gum, sea salt, filtered water, cane sugar, sunflower oil, acacia gum, includes 2% or less DF: natural flavor, xanthan gum, acacia gum

Califia Farms Almondmilk Creamer

Several types of Califia creamers are available in the refrigerated department, however the bottles must be kept cool at all times. Their shelf-stable choices are listed in the following section. These chilled bottles come in a variety of tastes, including some that are only available during certain seasons. Unsweetened, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Pecan Caramel, Mexican Cocoa, Irish Creme, and Dulce de Leche are available all year.

Wildwood Soymilk Creamer

This lesser-known choice has been around for a while and is said to be the only creamer prepared from organic soymilk. It’s only available in Original, and while it’s not as widely available as the other dairy-free creamers, you might find it in stores.

Coffee Rich Non-Dairy Creamer

This alternative is likely to be more like other non-dairy creamers you’re familiar to, but it is kosher pareve and so dairy-free, despite its far from virtuous contents (corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, soy protein isolate, and more). Original and Fat-Free varieties are available.

Natural Bliss Almond Milk & Coconut Milk Coffee Creamers

Coffee-mate has finally introduced dairy-free alternatives. They’re all part of their Natural Bliss collection, and they come in a variety of flavors. These look to be carrageenan-free, vegan, and pea protein-enriched. For more information, see Sarah’s full review.

Nutpods Dairy-Free Creamer

On top of its shelf-stable line, this well-known company introduced a refrigerated line. More on Nutpods can be found in the shelf-stable section that follows. The unsweetened refrigerated versions are available in the same terrific, everyday tastes as the frozen variants.

Kineret Coffee Whitener

Kayco, a kosher manufacturer, makes this vintage creamer. It’s dairy-free and kosher parve certified. It is sold frozen, however you must defrost it and shake it before usage. This brand is mostly available at large supermarkets in the United States.

Mocha Mix

“You forgot the old staple, Mocha Mix,” Carla B. wrote on Facebook about this brand. I have to say, it tastes more like half and half than any of the other dairy-free creamers I’ve tried.” It is dairy-free, according to the ingredients and the kosher pareve labeling (and therefore casein-free).

Store Brands of Refrigerated Dairy-Free Coffee Creamer

Some are getting in on the action with OEM versions of dairy-free coffee creamer the dairy-free creamer is produced by another firm, such as So Delicious or Silk, but the retail brand’s label is added. This is the case with Trader Joe’s current coconut creamer, and we’ve seen a few other stores follow suit – perhaps you’ve seen one?