Will Apple Cider Vinegar Make Your Penis Grow?

Some guys will do anything to enlarge their penis.

There are some methods for achieving penile enlargement that have been professionally shown to be safe and successful, and then there are others that are just plain foolish!

Men are prepared to try to enlarge their penis since it sometimes seems like there is no shortage of odd stuff. This has spawned a lot of internet urban legends and dubious methods for enhancing male characteristics.

The majority of these are ineffective but generally safe, but there are other purported domestic penis growth methods that can seriously hurt your member. Using apple cider vinegar for penis enlargement is one of these that has been around for a long but is once again trending on social media for an unknown cause.

If you’ve heard about the apple cider vinegar trick for a bigger penis and were considering giving it a shot, DON’T! Not only are the claims untrue, but if you try it, you could severely burn your penis.

The most recent Facebook and other social media advertisements for “apple cider vinegar increases your penis size” feature images of cartoon men pouring apple cider vinegar on their penisors and stuffing the entire shaft into the bottle because, according to the advertisements, “this weird trick makes any penis increase by 65%.”

If you click on these advertisements, strangely enough, they’re not actually pushing apple cider vinegar but rather another medication that, like the other one, claims to make genitals bigger and harder—which is also essentially BS. But what if you choose not to click on the advertisement and instead use the trick that the internet claims may boost your penis by 65%? Will the size of your penis increase?

Sorry, but the answer is no. Additionally, putting apple cider vinegar on your genitalia could really damage you.

According to urologists, using apple cider vinegar to any part of the genitalia is strongly discouraged because it may result in skin infections, burning, pain, and irritation. Our own physicians have stated that there is no proof that using apple cider vinegar may increase penis size or lessen the effects of erectile dysfunction.

Furthermore, saying, “Oh, OK, I’ll just drink it instead,” won’t accomplish much either.

There is no proof at all that drinking apple cider vinegar diluted with water has any positive effects on penis growth or sexual function, despite the fact that many people do it for health and weight loss reasons.

Is it feasible to increase the size of Pennis?

Many guys think that making their penises bigger will make them better lovers or more handsome. However, it’s likely that your penis falls within the normal size range. Your lover might not care if your penis is smaller than average. Additionally, there is no known means to enlarge the penis.