Where To Sell Maple Syrup Stardew Valley?

Maple seeds will fall from other maple trees in Stardew Valley when shaken or cut down if players are at least at foraging level 1, in case they need to grow another tree for any reason. If the site where it will grow needs to be altered, they can also be dug up adjacent to other trees using an axe or pickaxe. And last, you can occasionally find them in trash cans all across the city. However, searching through trash cans when other villagers are present would result in the villagers concerned losing friendship points.

The tapper needs to be created, as was already described. After achieving Foraging level 3, the tapper’s crafting recipe can be found. It can be made using 40 pieces of wood and two copper bars, which may be melted in a furnace and for which Clint provides the crafting formula after discovering copper ore in the mines. Once a tapper has been created, all that is left to do is hang it from a maple tree and wait for the sap to flow. It can be applied to pine or oak trees, respectively, for pine tar and oak resin. In particular, the maple syrup will be available in around 9 days.

A hefty tapper was added in the Stardew Valley 1.5 update, which is only accessible on PC right now and will cut production time in half. It’s a very late-game item, but once the player has access to the new Ginger Island and has gathered 100 golden walnuts, they can enter a chamber with Mr. Qi. He will give the player Qi Gems for fulfilling several of his requests, and the player can reach this area by collecting 100 golden walnuts. For 20 Qi Gems, the heavy tapper recipe can be purchased.

The Chef’s Bundle and the Exotic Foraging Bundle at the Community Center both employ maple syrup as an optional ingredient. Additionally, it may be used to create a bee house that produces honey every 3 to 4 days by combining it with 1 iron bar, 40 wood, and 8 coal. At Farming level 3, the bee house crafting recipe can be found. It can also be used to make a maple bar, the recipe for which can be found by watching The Queen of Sauce on television on the 14th day of summer in year two. The floppy beanie is made by sewing with maple syrup.

How much Maple Syrup does Stardew sell for?

The player must first locate a maple tree, as is only fitting. The player’s farm is initially a forest, therefore there are maple trees growing there when the game first starts. Maple, oak, and pine trees are the three species of native trees that may be found on the property. The trees on the left in the image above are maple trees for reference.

The players must build a tapper, which takes 40 wood and 2 copper bars to complete, in order to extract maple syrup. Once the player has achieved level 3 in foraging, the recipe becomes available. Gaining foraging experience involves cutting down trees and obtaining wild foods like leeks or salmonberries. It shouldn’t take long for players to reach Foraging level 3, as they will already have to cut down some trees because they require space to farm.

It will take the player about nine days after adding the tapper to the maple tree before they may gather the maple sap. It could be a good idea to tap several trees because this process takes so long. Players could even stagger them if they wanted to receive one (or more) bottles of maple syrup each day.

A heavy tapper, which may be created out of 30 hardwood and a radioactive bar, was added in version 1.5. The recipe costs 20 Qi Gems and can be acquired from Mr. Qi on Ginger Island. It operates twice as quickly as the standard tapper.

The tappers don’t have to be put on trees on the player’s farm, it’s vital to remember that. In the natural, they can be hung from trees, but not in urban areas. Players that want to make the most of their farm’s available space for other purposes can benefit from this.

Although Maru doesn’t enjoy it, maple syrup can be offered as a gift to many people in Pelican Town or purchased for 200g. It is required for some of the Community Center bundles. Its employment as a component in the construction of the Bee House is arguably its most significant use. It seems like a big oversight that it cannot be utilized for its most obvious application, which is dripping it on pancakes.

The maple syrup stardew is not wanted.

Blackberries and salmonberries’ selling prices are tripled thanks to Bear’s Knowledge. Salmonberries and blackberries used in artisan goods are not going to change their sell prices.

The player must locate Secret Note #23, then bring Maple Syrup with them to the Secret Woods between the hours of 6am and 7pm in order to gain Bear’s Knowledge. After a short cutscene, a bear accepts the maple syrup and thanks the player by sharing his extensive knowledge of berries.

Once acquired, it may be found in the wallet under the Skills tab in The Player’s Menu.

How do I market Stardew accessories?

Sadly, there isn’t a way to do it in the game. Your products won’t be able to be sold, but you can store them if your taste changes or you simply need more space.

To make the most of your circumstance, simply place stuff in your inventory, chest, or other locations if you need more room. You can transfer quite a few things outside to beautify the sides of your property. Who wouldn’t desire a tiny extra garden?

In Stardew, you can “get rid of it by putting it away” even though you can’t sell furniture. Make sure you still have enough room, though!

Where in Stardew Valley is the Cindersap Forest?

Southwest of Stardew Valley is the Cindersap Forest, a sizable area with a lot of structures and space for activities. It is littered with rocks, twigs, and other debris, all of which can be removed but emerge each Spring 1.

What happened to Linus’ basket?

Through the east door, head toward the bus stop to leave the property. Next, proceed to the bus’s location and turn left to travel west. Travel north of the property along the paved road into the Backwoods. Linus’ blackberry basket is adjacent to some shrubs and just before the next tunnel mouth. Simply give it back to Linus, who is probably relaxing by his tent or the alpine lake.

The player receives cash rewards for completing many Stardew Valley tasks, often thousands of gold, however there is no cash reward for completing this quest. Instead, people who return Linus’ blackberry basket will gain his gratitude by gaining a friendship heart.

What in Stardew Valley Does Marnie Love?

Marnie lives in the Stardew Valley village. She’s at Marnie’s ranch, which is south of the farm. She enjoys caring for her farm and animals.

What interests Stardew Valley’s Sebastian?

Sebastian, a rebel in Stardew Valley, resides in his parents’ cellar in the mountains to the north of Pelican Town. Although he has been known to isolate himself from the outside world and become completely engrossed in his interests, he enjoys video games, comic books, and science fiction publications.

You might need some assistance if you aspire to marry this disobedient villager in the future. Here, we’ll tell you everything about Sebastian from Stardew Valley that he likes, dislikes, or feels ambivalent about, as well as give you a thorough rundown of his schedule and instructions on how to propose to him.

Is Poppy Stardew popular?

In just 7 days, you may grow the poppy flower from poppy seeds. Poppies, in contrast to all other flowers, are almost universally despised as gifts; Penny is the sole exception to this rule.

Has bear knowledge an impact on wine?

In Stardew Valley, during Salmonberry Season, bushes bear the foraged fruit known as the Salmonberry (Spring 15-18). Using the Check action, you can shake bushes to release berries. Outside of those days, it won’t be discovered in the wild. If the fruit bat option is selected, it can be located at any time (randomly) in the Farm Cave.

Salmonberry is one of the few fruits that is worth more as a Jelly than a Wine since it has the lowest sell value of any foraged commodity. Processing salmonberries into wine can potentially cost money with Bear’s Knowledge.


There aren’t many “older” bachelors in town, and they’re all flawed in some way. I know Harvey would make a devoted and obedient husband despite his extreme nervousness and weakness. He enjoys pickles and coffee.

Elliott has a lovely chin but is a little theatrical and foppish. He enjoys pomegranates and crab cakes.

Shane is unkempt and introverted. But I believe that his tough exterior is a coping strategy that shields his tenderness from the outside world. He enjoys pizza, beer, and pepper poppers.

I hope all is okay with you two! Your chosen presents have been shipped to you, including pink cake and sunflowers for Haley and gemstones and wool for Emily.

Alex’s Diet for Strength Training:

Full Breakfast, Salmon for Dinner


The “Cryptic Note” mission is added to the journal after reading Secret Note #10. The Skull Cavern must be level 100 in order to complete the task. When you arrive, a cutscene will start and Mr. Qi will either reprimand you for using stairs or congratulate you on achieving level 100 “the honorable way.” In either instance, he gives you a “Iridium Snake Milk,” which raises your Health by 25 over time.

(picture of a young Marnie embracing a childlike person while being surrounded by farm animals)

Midday, 12 o’clock STRAIGHT. Season’s final day. Look up at the bushes over the playground.


Interact with the bush over the playground at 12 o’clock on day 28 of any season to get a Junimo plush.

A Stone Junimo statue can be found using a pickaxe behind the Community Center, behind the wooden fence to the right, and concealed by the roof. Even if you paid for the Joja membership, you can still obtain the statue. In this instance, Secret Note #14 will only serve to complete the collection of Secret Notes.

To begin the Mermaid Show during the Night Market, step inside the boat on your far right. To earn a Pearl after the performance, click on the shells in the numbered left-to-right order.

To find a treasure chest, dig one spot to the right of the enormous bolder that is located north of the railroad lines.

Dig the farthest north tile on the eastern side to find a Strange Doll by going to the location north of JojaMart beside the river (green)

Use a hoe in the Calico Desert to uncover a Strange Doll in the area to the south-west of the bench in the map’s southernmost region (yellow).

This image of 1 Willow Lane features numerous arrows. Follow each direction starting at the green square shown, which is just in front of the house’s door, until your character is rendered immobile. Walk left first until you come to a persistent obstruction. Then proceed up till you run against a barrier, and so forth.

You can follow the trail around the home, through the village, and eventually behind Mayor Lewis’ house to a hidden Solid Gold Lewis statue. Simply stand on the target tile and right-click anywhere on the ground to locate the statue and add it to your inventory.

Anywhere in Pelican Town where the statue is placed will reveal a new secret.

Additional Secret

Anywhere in Pelican Town is suitable for placing the Solid Gold Lewis statue. The following day, a Rotten Plant will take the place of the statue if a villager doesn’t walk through it, and the player will also get an unsigned letter in the mail with 750g:

“In the future, I’d really prefer it if you didn’t leave my PRIVATE possessions on display for everyone to view!

The statue will then show either in Marnie’s or Lewis’ bedroom (90% probability each).

The statue can be taken out and put back in Pelican Town repeatedly, and each time a Rotten Plant will take its place. The unsigned letter will only be given to the player once, though.

The town square is shown in this illustration. Follow the directional arrows from the center of the eye in the town square until your character encounters a permanent barrier. This route will take you through the town, up the bridge to JojaMart, and finally to a truck that is parked next to JojaMart. When you interact with the truck, you can talk to the driver, who asks for a Rabbit’s Foot. If you have one in your possession, you can exchange it for a Special Charm that boosts daily luck permanently.

Interact with the sizable bush to the north-west of the bridge leading from Pelican Town to The Beach at precisely 12:40 in the evening. Lewis and Marnie leap from the bushes. What on earth were they doing inside!?

Bring a battery pack with you to the bus stop, and then ride the bus into the tunnel to the west. To begin The Mysterious Qi quest, insert the Battery Pack into the box on the wall at the Tunnel’s middle.

It should be noted that beginning the Mysterious Qi quest does not involve locating Secret Note #22.

The “Strange Note” mission is added to the journal when Secret Note #23 is read. To complete the mission, visit the Secret Woods between 6 and 7 o’clock with Maple Syrup in your possession to start a cutscene in which a bear divulges his unique understanding of berries. This triples the selling price of salmonberries and blackberries throughout perpetuity.

Following the cutscene, the player’s wallet will display a bear’s paw icon with the label “Bear’s Knowledge.”

I ‘borrowed’ a jewelry from my mother, but I misplaced it somewhere around the restroom. If she discovers it’s missing, she’ll go crazy!