Where To Find Sugar Cane In Animal Crossing?

Leif sells sugarcane beginnings for 280 Bells or 1,400 Bells for a pack of five (there is no save, FYI). This can be purchased from him when he comes to your island or when you’ve acquired his shop on Harv’s island.

Remember that Leif’s inventory on Harv’s island changes every Monday; if he is out of Sugarcane, check again in a week.

Where is sugarcane cultivated ACNH?

  • By planting sugarcane beginnings that may be acquired from Leif, the sloth vendor, players can produce sugarcane.
  • Aside from that, you can meet him on Harv’s island. He will show up at your island on any given day. Though Leif won’t arrive on that island right away, you must finish the contribution procedure to construct up vendor shops in the plaza.
  • Once you’ve done that, you can easily buy sugarcane starts from Leif there. You’ll only have to pay 260 Bells per person. Additionally, you can buy them in quantity (5 of them cost 1400 Bells).

How to Grow Sugarcane?

You must either plant the sugarcane begins directly in the ground or create a hole in the earth with your shovel in order to cultivate sugarcane. After choosing a start from your inventory, choose the Planting option, and give the start daily water. Your sugarcane plant will mature in a few days, at which point you can harvest it for other purposes.

How to Get Sugar in ACNH?

Let’s look at how to make sugar now that you know where to find it in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

To manufacture 1 sugar, you’ll need 5 sugarcane. So make sure you have a whole area set up for different crops, including one for sugarcane. Utilizing cooking instructions, you can prepare a wide variety of dishes using sugar.

Sugarcane Cooking Recipes List

  • Sugarcane5 Sugar
  • sugarcane, brown sugar, and
  • cupcakes with brown sugar
  • One whole grain flour and one brown sugar
  • 2 flour, 2 sugar pancakes

In ACNH 2.0, you can buy sugarcane here and make sugar that way. Get Brewster and The Roost cafe on your island right away. While you’re here, be sure to look over our ACNH Guides for additional useful advice.

Leif sells sugarcane how often?

Once you’ve updated Animal Crossing: New Horizons to version 2.0, there are two ways to obtain sugarcane crops:

The first option is to buy sugarcane from Leif, either when he visits your island or from his vendor stand on Harv’s Island, for 280 Bells per cane or 1,400 Bells for a bundle of five. If you can’t find the sugarcane seeds, Leif replenishes the inventory in his Harv’s Island shop every Monday.

Additionally, if you travel with Kapp’n, you might come across an island with sugarcane that is ready for harvest. Then, using a shovel, you can easily harvest them or dig up the plants and take them home.

How to plant seeds for sugarcane:

  • Create a hole in your farmland.
  • Select the sugarcane seed from your inventory, then click “Plant 1” to begin.
  • For best results, use the Watering Can to daily water your sugarcane.

How can you persuade Leif to open a store?

Operation hours are from 5am to 11pm (closed if Leif is visiting your island)

Speaking to the third Lloid on the right will allow you to summon a “botany specialist with the greenest of thumbs,” which will unlock Leif’s store on Harv’s Island. Leif frequently brings plants that are appropriate for the present season to your island. Leif, however, sells a variety of fruits, bushes, and seeds on Harv’s Island. Weekly updates are made to these items. He also provides the same weeding services!

On Your Island!

Leif can currently be found on your island. He is welcome to come to your island any day of the week between 5AM and 10PM. To find out how to purchase bushes and shrubs from Leif, see the section on his garden shop below!

Harv’s Island

It was announced in the October 15th Direct that Leif, a frequent island visitor, will open a store in Harv’s Plaza.

As we provide you with the most recent information and updates regarding what we can accomplish with Leif and his business on Harv’s Island, keep an eye out for them and remember to check this page!

When does Leif buy and sell sugarcane?

Leif’s stall on Harv’s Island or when he comes to your island are the best places to get sugarcane beginnings in New Horizons.

Remember that his Harv’s Island inventory changes every Monday; if he isn’t currently selling sugarcane, try returning in a week to see if he still has it available.

You will pay 280 Bells for a single sugarcane start, and 1,400 Bells for five sugarcane starts purchased in bulk.

But if you’re lucky, one of the islands that Kapp’n takes you to might have sugarcane growing there! The sugarcane will already be ready for harvest on these unique islands, and you may either bring the entire plant or simply the crop back home.

Only those who have downloaded the free Ver.2.0 patch for New Horizons will be able to cultivate sugarcane.

In New Leaf

Leif oversees the Gardening Store in New Leaf, which sells seeds (including flower and sapling seeds), fertilizer, and indoor plants. His shop eventually merges with Timmy and Tommy’s, where you can find him on the first floor of T&T Emporium or in the lower-right corner of the gardening part of T.I.Y.

He occasionally wanders around the town when 50 or more weeds have appeared in the player’s town. He occasionally offers to remove some of the town’s weeds when approached. Except while he’s nodding off, in which case he’ll ask the player to gather the weeds.

In Pocket Camp

He makes an appearance in Pocket Camp during “Leif’s Spring Flower Event” in order to rebuild an ecosystem by collecting rare pink, yellow, purple, and navy flower ladybugs. To draw these ladybugs, the player must plant white clovers in their garden, along with yellow and pink sleeping beauties. Leif will give the player a variety of bonuses, such as new furnishings, new clothes, essences, leaf tickets, and even a foreground and middleground of spring flowers.

In New Horizons

Leif was added to New Horizons in the 1.2.0 update as a mobile vendor. From the beginning of the game until 10 p.m., he is available and may be found in the Resident Services plaza. Leif is assured that he will visit the island that week after Nature Day.

Leif offers a variety of flower seeds and bushes that Nook’s Cranny does not typically carry. In addition, he offers to buy weeds for 20 bells each, which is twice the going rate.

Leif is the one who provides you the HedgeDIY Recipe following the Nature Day event. Leif will offer you the DIY if you have purchased enough stuff from him, which appears to be at random.

Leif offers pumpkin begins in October for 140 bells each, which is less expensive than Nook’s Cranny.

If you only had enough money for one bush, Leif would sell you five. Some claim that this is an Easter Egg rather than a bug.

Leif’s weed-pulling service is back as of the 2.0 update for the games. To use the service, the player must first have a particular quantity of weeds on the island. It takes one day and costs 100,000 bells to pull weeds.

On Harv’s Island

On Harv’s Island, Leif may also emerge in the plaza. You must first talk to Harvey after hosting three residents on your island in order to access Harv’s Island. After that, you will receive a letter from Harvey inviting you to visit his island the next day. You will have the choice to donate 100,000 bells to bring Leif to the plaza after speaking with Harriet and Harvey. Leif will visit the island the following day after attaining this objective. Then he will offer you the choice of selling him weeds, purchasing his goods, or having all weeds removed from your island for 100,000 bells.

How can I buy sugar and flour in ACNH?

a recipe for sugar and flour

  • You will need to combine five elements from wheat to make flour, and five from sugarcane to make sugar.
  • Nook’s Cranny sells wheat starts and sugarcane seeds.
  • Bring them back to your island, create a hole for them, then hydrate them so they can grow.

Are there crops on the Mystery islands?

To experience Kapp’n and his boat trips, which were recently added in the enormous Version 2.0 Update that was made available on November 3rd, you’ll need to have Animal Crossing: New Horizons completely updated.

What Are Kapp’n Boat Tours In Animal Crossing?

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a new method of exploring strange islands from a great distance is provided by Kapp’n Boat Tours as opposed to the mystery islands that Dodo Airline has been able to transport you to since the game’s release.

New unusual goods, such as new varieties of flora like vines and bushes, that aren’t present on your own island can frequently be found on these strange, brand-new islands. There may even be new varieties of fruits, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Furthermore, Kapp’n can take you to islands with a climate or season that differs from your native island. For instance, if your trip is scheduled for July in the Northern Hemisphere, you may visit an island during the winter to capture a variety of fish or bugs!

In actuality, these islands can include objects from a different time of day, such as yearning for Star Fragments, or specific seasonal resources like Snowflakes.

How To Take Kapp’n Boat Tours & Visit Islands

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can take a boat tour with Kapp’n by going to your island’s Pier, which can be found in the bottom left or bottom right of the map, depending on the layout.

Simply approach Kapp’n on the pier, and he will want a little payment of 1,000 Nook Miles for a round-trip ticket to an enigmatic island! Nook Miles Tickets are not required to be purchased for Kapp’n.

Unfortunately, you can only set sail with Kapp’n for a mystery island one time each day in the game. Of course, if they so want, impatient players can travel through time.

Kapp’n Island Materials

You can come across some new plants and resources while exploring the Mystery Islands that Kapp’n leads you to in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! This is due to the introduction of some extremely intriguing new objects on the Kapp’n Boat Tour Islands.


Vines are a very helpful new kind of item that can be obtained on the Kapp’n Islands and used to climb up the cliffs on your island as a makeshift ladder that looks much cooler.

In Version 2.0, there are also numerous new DIY Recipes that call for vines as a crafting component to produce goods.

see here for all of the newest recipes.

Glowing Moss

Glowing Moss, a novel kind of plant that grows on Kapp’n Islands and resembles weeds and flowers, is ideal for nighttime décor. But unlike other plants, Glowing Moss emits a soft glow at night, creating a fantastic nighttime impression!

In Version 2.0, there are new DIY Recipes that call for Glowing Moss as a crafting material to build goods, just like with Vines.

see here for all of the newest recipes.

Plumeria Bushes

On the Kapp’n Islands, a novel kind of bush called Plumeria can be discovered in two different Pink and White color variants! From June 1 to September 20 is when they bloom in the Northern Hemisphere. Here is more information regarding Bushes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Kapp’n Boat Tour Islands

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 2.0, you can take a Kapp’n Boat Tour to a variety of strange islands. All of them are currently the subject of research, and we will update this list as we go.

Although the precise contents of each island can differ, we’ve discovered that a Gyroid Fragment is always hidden in the ground.

Vine & Glowing Moss Island

Vines, Glowing Moss, and Plumeria Bushes are just a few of the brand-new materials that can be found on this unique island that was featured in the Animal Crossing Direct.

Vegetable Farm Islands

There are numerous islands that can be found that have ruined farms on them. All of the new vegetable crops in Version 2.0, such as carrots, wheat, sugarcane, tomatoes, potatoes, and pumpkins, can be found on these fields.

Star Fragment Island

Beautiful shooting stars will soar across the sky on this glittering island! You can find star fragments all over the place, including on the beach and even inside rocks if you use a spade to break them open. Make sure to look for a suitable DIY Crafting recipe in a message bottle on the beach as well!

Seasonal Islands

Each significant season is represented by a number of distinct islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! You may locate both the unique seasonal ingredients and crafting instructions for a variety of seasons, such as Spring cherry blossoms, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, on these islands.

Does Leif exclusively market one kind of produce?

To experience the newest Vegetables, aside from Pumpkins, you must have Animal Crossing: New Horizons completely updated. The newest Vegetables were included in the big Version 2.0 Update released on November 5.

Vegetable & Crop Types

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons with Version 2.0, you can cultivate and raise six various kinds of vegetables, including tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, wheat, sugarcane, and pumpkins.

How To Get & Buy Vegetable Seeds

Leif is the main source of vegetable seeds, and you can buy them from him at his kiosk at Resident Services on your island or at his permanent store inside Harvey’s Shopping Plaza.

Leif will sell two different random sorts of produce seeds at a time from the Carrot Start, Pumpkin Start, Seed Potato, Sugarcane Start, Tomato Start, and Wheat Start varieties, according to our study thus far. Costs for each vegetable start are 280 Bells, or 1400 Bells for five in bulk.