Where To Buy Slush Syrup Near Me?

Do I have to use Shave Ice syrups or may I use Slush syrups? is an easy query to make when considering getting involved in the Shave Ice product selling business.

People have reportedly tried everything over the years, including drink concentrates and slush syrups. In actuality, Shave Ice syrups are specialized goods created to serve a particular purpose. They have an entirely different formulation from Slush syrups, which are made to be diluted and frozen. Small ice crystals are created when slush syrups are frozen down, but since the syrup itself does not freeze, when slush is drunk through a straw, the consumer swallows a syrup instead of simply plain ice. Shave Ice syrup is so actually absorbed. You won’t get that with slush since each flake of syrup doesn’t separate, and eating it tastes just as nice at the finish as it did at the beginning.

Syrups for shaving ice are designed to be poured immediately on top of the shaving ice product. The viscosity of syrups containing sugar is measured in Brix, and suffice it to say that the Brix ratio of shave ice syrups is significantly higher than that of slush syrups. Shave Ice syrups are designed such that the flavors and colors are magically maintained in suspension by the ice crystals in the product, in addition to viscosity, or the thickness of the syrup.

Our goods are 100% authentic since we are the ONLY producer in Europe who imports real Shave Ice concentrates from the USA to make our delectable syrups. The products used by ALL other providers are slush-based and simply run through the ice, as is their intended use.

Any syrup can be used in a slush machine.

Create fancy slushies by playing with syrups and flavors! You can use a variety of flavoring syrups, but unless your machine is rated to handle dairy, stay away from anything that contains dairy products.

It’s simple to build your own taste combinations with neutral slush syrup. The slushie base is made by combining the neutral syrup and water. The flavors are then added. Use a refractometer to check the mixture’s sugar content before introducing it to your machine. The slushie will freeze to the ideal consistency as long as your Brix value is between 13% and 15%.

Can you make slushies with shaved ice syrup?

Snow cones, shaved ice, and even slush may be made with a wide range of flavor syrups from 1-800-Shaved-Ice that are all reasonably priced.

How is slushy syrup used?

Bring the famous Slush Puppie machine indoors. This vintage slushie machine copy has been meticulously created to resemble the original. To obtain the coveted blue tongue effect, simply pour in your preferred Slush Puppie syrup or a comparable beverage, turn on the machine, and then pour out your ice-cold slushies. When you used to stand in line for a Slush Puppie, you used to hang around in corner stores and watch the vibrant liquid swirl. You can now produce as many slushies as you want in the comfort of your own home with your very own machine. This incredible frozen drink machine was created to resemble the vintage Slush Puppie machines from your youth. The Slush Puppie machine comes with comprehensive instructions and a link to an online video that is simple to follow. You will be guided through the entire process of making slushies at home. Simply get a bottle of your preferred syrup, some vintage Slush Puppie cups, and spoon straws, then adhere to the straightforward directions to make your own own Slush Puppie at home. Ideal vintage Slush Puppie machine for events and long, sweltering summers.

Authentic Slush Puppie apparel Authentic styling that evokes the vintage Slush Puppie appearance. Base and mixer are two parts that snap together. a slide-out tray for your beverage Powered by electricity, with a wire and a British plug To select mix/dispense or off, turn the switch. The mixer’s maximum fill line a manual with simple instructions approximately 46.5 x 19.5 x 17 cm in size. About 1 litre of slushie syrups are produced, but cups are not included. For usage instructions, look for “Slush Puppie Machine IFU” on YouTube. Please be very careful to adhere to the usage directions.

Is that a slush puppy or a slush pup? It’s a Slush Puppie Machine, in reality. made alone with a license.

Home Slushy Puppy Syrup Official Slush Puppie Cola Frozen Ice Slushie 500ml Drink Maker With the help of this official Slush Puppie Cola-flavored syrup, you may enjoy the true retro Slush Puppie experience with a brand-new flavor. This brand-new Slush Puppie Syrup with cola flavor is just as tasty as the classic syrups with blue raspberry, red cherry, and green apple flavors. The authentic Slush Puppie syrups have a rich flavor and dazzling flavoring. The ideal cola slush puppies are made with the cola-flavored syrup. The 500ml bottle makes up to 4 liters of cola-flavored slush. Simply combine 1 part syrup with 5 parts water. The Slush Puppie Maker Cup or Slush Puppie Machine go perfectly with this new Cola flavor! This syrup will instantly transport you to the long, sweltering summers when a Slush Puppie was the only thing that could cool you off. Authentic Slush Puppies, Authentic Slush Puppies, Authentic Slush Puppies

Official Cola flavor of Slush Puppies Excellent flavoring with a thick palate Each 500ml container has enough flavoring to flavor up to 4 liters of slush. 5 parts water to 1 part syrup in a mixture Ingredients: Sugar, water, fructose, acid (citric acid), flavors, preservatives (sodium benzoate), and color. Ideal for use with our slush puppy machine (e150d, e122).

Can I make slushies with snow cone syrup?

For making homemade slushies, try this two-ingredient Kool-Aid Shaved Ice with Snow Cone Syrup! Check out this recipe for Party Slush for another another mouthwatering homemade beverage perfect for a party or hot summer day.

I adore snow cones and shaved ice a lot! So much so that when I was younger, my greatest life goal was to work at a shave ice stand!

At twenty-four, my dreams at last come true. About a year into our marriage, my husband and I were completing our undergraduate degrees at Utah State University. We both had jobs while we were in school, but after classes were out for the summer, we each made the decision to take on a second job in order to supplement our income.

Where does slush syrup come from?

The key components are a slush base and a flavoring syrup. A sweet, silky syrup serves as the slush’s basis. These are combined with flavoring syrup to make the delicious slushies we enjoy drinking. The binding component that gives the slush its ideal consistency is sugar, or fructose.

Can you simply add water to a slush maker?

Consider speaking with professionals like bartenders or someone who has used the equipment before rather than attempting to determine the proper approach alone. You need to gather as much information as you can to create the finest slushy.

Step 1: Learn Everything About The Machine

You must be aware of a number of the machine’s components. The sticker is attached to the plastic bowl, lid, slush supply, mixing motor, drip tray, and selection switch.

Around the machine are numerous stickers that serve as labels, symbols, and safety signals. The slushie maker even has some installation requirements.

The prerequisites for safety include:

  • preventing it from being near a heat source, moisture, dust, water, or combustible gases;
  • Keep the device indoors.
  • washing it frequently

Step 2: Fill up the Slushy Machine

Be careful not to overfill the canister as you initially begin to fill it with liquid. The ideal amount will be written on the canister. The liquid must be diluted; else, the slush supply will become obstructed.

Use the foundation created specifically for the slush machine for improved performance. The base has a sugar level of 34, which equals 64 Brix. Use water to dilute the base 1 to 5.5 for creating soft drinks.

In the event of other soft drink recipes or granite, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Remember to avoid using fruit nectar with fruit particles and low-calorie beverages when using the machine.

Step 3: Turn On The Machine

The Frozen Slushy Maker uses switches just like any other machine. Smoothie or slushie canisters include separate controls that can be used for both soft refrigeration and granite.

The fan motor will begin to run as soon as you flip on the power switch. To make slush, choose the freezing setting and wait for at least an hour.

The granite viscosity for drinks has already been pre-set by the manufacturer. However, you can turn the control bolt if you wish to alter the viscosity. Rotate right, or clockwise, to create a thicker slushie.

That completes the process; the frozen drink maker will now take over and make the ideal slushy for you.

Can regular juice be used in a slush machine?

Is it okay to run the machine with any juice or cordial and hope for the best? You can, of course. However, you run the danger of causing harm to your computer if the bowl’s contents freeze solid. If you’re lucky, your beverage might contain some frosty bits and be cold.

What is slush syrup mixed with?

You pre-mix the syrup and water in a suitable container (1 part syrup to 4 parts water), and then pour the mixture into the slush machine. One part syrup to four parts water is the mix ratio.

Even if you don’t wish to add alcohol, the cocktail syrups have particular flavoring essences added to replicate the original cocktails (mocktails).

Any of our flavors, including COCKTAIL and STANDARD, can have alcohol added to them, however to shorten the freezing time, do it after the slush mix has been frozen.

No, do not alter the combination in any way; it should remain 1 part syrup to 4 parts water. Once the liquid has frozen, add the alcohol, and it will mix in.

Typically, put 700–1000 ml per full bowl of frozen slush in the machine; a typical machine bowl holds 1015 l.

The majority of sugar-free slushies are packed with gas to froth them, making them unsuitable for counter top machines, which our syrups were created for. This is because the sugar is what prevents complete solid freezing.

Our syrups are created especially for slushie machines with the appropriate brix levels. The proportion of sugar to water is that. To keep your machine from being harmed, these values must be precise.

The sugar to water ratio is measured in brix. A syrup that is overly sweet won’t freeze properly and will instead be too soft or runny. Too much water causes the ice to become too thick and solid, breaking the equipment.

Undiluted, our syrups have a two-year shelf life; diluted, they have a six-week shelf life. Not need to be kept cold.

Yes, all of our syrups do contain sugar because the ratio of sugar to water is what makes soft ice slush.

Anywhere for any event, functions, parties, fairs, and fetes employ them. Slushies are always popular due to the wide variety of flavors available.

  • To save time, you can pre-mix syrup and store it in the refrigerator so that it can freeze more rapidly when needed. This is useful when big quantities are likely to be used, such as at events like parties and fairs.
  • If adding alcohol, do it after the syrup has frozen. Mix the syrup thoroughly and load the machine. Once the syrup has solidified, stir in the necessary amount of alcohol.
  • Keep your machine well-ventilated; if you don’t allow it enough space, it will overheat and refuse to freeze. It needs space on either side to “breathe.”
  • Water should always be used in its place; alcohol is an addition.

How are snow slushies made?

Check out this entertaining recipe for SNOW SLUSHIES from our sister publication, Macaroni Kid Lowell (Publisher Barbara)!

Slushies are a favorite of my kids, but I try to limit our consumption because of the added sugar and artificial colors. (What exactly is a blue raspberry, and why is it neon blue?) I wondered if there was a method to make a snow slushie at home because of all the recent, fluffy snow that Greater Lowell has received. After some testing, I developed a recipe that my MacKids approved of.

What you’ll need for one 8–10 oz. slushie is:


Stir after each 1/2 cup of snow addition. The snow will instantly melt and get smaller.

The slush will begin to build after around 2 cups of snow. Once you’ve reached the desired level of slushiness, keep adding snow. For a 10 oz serve, which we prefer particularly thick and to eat with a spoon, it required roughly 3 cups of snow.

Enjoy! If only I could figure out a method to make slushies out of all this fresh snow in the midst of the summer.

How do you make a syrup-based slush puppy?

It’s a set that makes it incredibly simple to produce slushies at home without a machine!

This Slush Puppie set is legally licensed and comes with a cup for producing slushies, a stirring straw, and a bottle of raspberry-flavored slush syrup.

Simply place the cup in the freezer and let it stay there until completely frozen to produce a Slush Puppie. Then, pour in the mixture, which should be 1 part syrup to 5 parts water, and stir. Continue until you have a wonderful slush with the ideal consistency. Exactly like that

One litre of slush can be produced from a 180 ml bottle of syrup. So that’s three cups’ worth with some left over!

At-home Slush Puppies that are delicious without having to purchase a machine? We’ll toast that with a drink (slushie)!