Where To Buy Proof Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup?

Despite our considerable growth, we still mix, cook, and bottle each batch of Proof Syrup (and, as of recently, Proof Bitters) by hand in a facility in Atlanta, Georgia, our hometown.

Can pre-mixed Old Fashioned be purchased?

In the cocktail business, premixed, ready-to-drink (RTD) drinks are all the rage. No bartending expertise of any type, including shaking or stirring, is required. Pre-batched beverages in bottles are as simple to enjoy as a can of beer. The Old Fashioned is one of the most well-known American cocktails that has lately undergone an RTD upgrade. You may sell your collection of vintage bar spoons and mixing glasses on Ebay if you try one of these four methods.

How is an Old Fashioned proven?

This cocktail, which is potent, alcoholic, and expertly balanced, is where Proof Syrup all began.

Use any syrup from our Old Fashioned collection, including Traditional, Black Walnut, Maple Bacon, Orange, Pecan, and Pumpkin Spice, to make this traditional spirit-forward drink. Use your preferred old spirit to make it uniquely yours, such as aged bourbon, rye, or any other whiskey, but also aged rum, tequila, or mezcal.

In what kind of syrup are cocktails made?

A number of agave species are used to make agave syrup, a commercially available syrup. There’s no need to DIY anything because agave syrup is readily available and typically reasonably priced at any grocery shop.

The modernized version of the traditional tequila cocktail, Tommy’s Margarita, contains a lot of agave syrup. If you enjoy tequila or mezcal, agave syrup is an excellent sweetener to keep on hand as it is used in many modern margarita recipes.

Let’s try some more complex recipes using fruits and herbs in Part Two now that we’ve mastered the fundamentals of cocktail syrups!

What ingredients make up proof syrup?

Old-fashioned Proof Syrup This syrup IS the “real” components because it is made from organic cane sugar, genuine citrus oils, and the greatest aromatic bitters available.

What kind of Cherries are appropriate for an Old Fashioned?

  • Whisky Canadian Club I’ve prepared these drinks with the majority of the whiskeys in my collection, which I’d consider to be very sizable, but nothing compares to the sweetness and smoothness of Canadian Club when used in this drink. In actuality, I solely utilize Canadian Club at that time.
  • Maraschino Luxardo Cherries
  • If you want your drink to be ideal, only use Luxardo cherries. Less expensive maraschino cherries are inappropriate for an authentic old fashioned.
  • One orange
  • Because you’ll be slicing and blending the orange in your drink, wash it first.
  • The bitters of Scrappy
  • This is where, if you’d like, you can change things up a little. Although Angostura Bitters or other bitter brands are acceptable to test, I prefer using Scrappy’s bitters. Just just happens to be my personal favorite.

Can you get a good Old Fashioned at Buffalo Trace?

Each of the premium bourbons on our list is easily accessible. But most importantly, any of the bourbons on this list will up your Old Fashioned game! You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking for the best bourbon for an Old Fashioned.

Buffalo Trace

The world’s most prestigious distillery produces Buffalo Trace Bourbon. The whiskey has all the qualities you might want in a premium inexpensive bourbon: only the best ingredients and a skilled maturing technique were used to create a tough spirit with rich and nuanced fragrances.

Buffalo Trace has so produced a genuine classic. The bourbon’s distinctive blend of flavors, which includes vanilla, mint, molasses, toffee, dark fruit, and anise, makes it a good match for an Old Fashioned. This premium bourbon is a de facto must-try. You won’t be sorry.

How long do Old Fashioneds in batches last?

Here are three methods for making the Old Fashioned in large quantities. Each formula will yield fifteen cocktails, but with a little bit of arithmetic, the recipe may easily be scaled up or down depending on the number of people. Additionally, don’t worry about preparing too much because the beverage keeps well in the refrigerator when sealed. Simply place the pre-batched drink in the freezer an hour or two prior to the arrival of your guests if you desire an extra-cold beverage.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of these, don’t be afraid to experiment with other spirits, bitters, and sweeteners. You won’t know till you give aged rum with Boker’s Bitters and muscovado simple syrup a try, but it might be amazing. Additionally, depending on the proof, the length of time in the barrel, and other variables, some spirits brands may need more or less sugar.

What is the shelf life of handmade old fashioned mix?

Old Fashioned Mix Storage. For up to three weeks, Old Fashioned Mix can be kept in the refrigerator in a glass jar or bottle. Although I always err on the side of caution and recommend refrigeration, it would probably be acceptable at room temperature for a shorter period of time.

Try shaking an old-fashioned instead.

First off, avoid filling the glass with ice in the manner shown in the picture above. Doing so will waste a lot of fine whiskey.

Always stir an Old Fashioned; never shake one. This is entirely a textural issue and has nothing to do with temperature. Shaking it will swiftly liquefy the cocktail by introducing air and water. Since the drink’s main component is spirit, all that’s required to create a smooth, velvety texture is a gentle stir with ice.

A maraschino cherry SHOULD NOT be muddled in your beverage. I’m not sure when this started or why people think you should follow this rule. Nobody likes sugary cherry chunks floating around in their beverage. Yuck!

DON’T anticipate fantastic results if you use a cheap spirit. It may seem apparent, but you should pick at least a passable spirit for a cocktail that consists primarily of one. You won’t enjoy an Old Fashioned with a liquor that you don’t enjoy on its own.

REMOVE the soda water. I’m not sure why people started adding this to Old Fashioneds in the first place, but this is another strange one. Why dilute a fine spirit with bubbles when you’re ideally utilizing one here?

Here, only basic ingredients and equipment are required (note: affiliate links ahead).

Technically, you could make the cocktail in a rocks glass without a mixing glass or strainer if you’d choose. You’ll see that I didn’t recommend a muddler. The traditional method of mixing a sugar cube with a tiny amount of water (not soda water) is perfectly OK. Just because it mixes better with the rest of your drink, I prefer creating a simple syrup in advance.

How much bitters does a dash equal?

Bitters are measured in dashes, which range from 1/8 teaspoon to 1/4 teaspoon. Typically, 1 to 2 dashes are used. Pour the bottle of bitters directly into the beverage, then give it a good, firm shaking.