Where To Buy Hawaiian Shaved Ice Syrup?

We have more than 90 unique premium flavors for shaved ice and snow cones. View the complete list of flavors.

A “Use By” date is printed on each syrup bottle. Up until that time, we guarantee that the quality and flavor will be nothing less than exceptional. You can anticipate that the shelf life will have at least 1 year, if not more, left when it is delivered to your door.

No. The syrup does not require refrigeration, but you can do so if you’d like. We advise keeping the syrup in a cool, dark location.

The amount varies depending on how much food is served. Here are some amounts that are suggested. Remember that a pint weighs 16 ounces, a quart 32 ounces, and a gallon 128 ounces.

Weight, dimensions, and the distance from our facility to the destination all factor into shipping costs. You can add the items to your cart and our website will calculate postage depending on your items and location, or we are happy to provide shipping prices over the phone.

Unfortunately, we encounter this inquiry frequently. Depending on the products you order, shipping can get pricey. We never overstate the expenses and only charge UPS rates. Syrups have a tendency to accumulate weight and take up a lot of room in boxes. We are unable to ever provide free shipping or shipping at a reduced rate in order to maintain our affordable costs. Please be aware that we always work to keep both our product prices and shipping expenses as low as possible.

Your order will normally ship the same business day if it is received by 2:00 pm Eastern Time. Orders placed after 2:00 PM will be shipped the following business day. Based on the distance between our warehouse and the shipment address, transit times are calculated. Every product we offer ships from our North Carolina location. It can take 1-6 business days for UPS Ground. If you require speedy shipping, you can always select a different shipping option. We provide service for 3-Day Select, 2nd Day Air, and Next Day Air. You receive a tracking number through email so you can follow your package (s).

Our goods can be ordered over the phone or online, and they are sent from North Carolina. None of our products are offered for sale in physical stores.

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What is the Hawaiian shaved ice’s cream made of?

Everyone has a personal preference for the ideal method to eat shaved ice and snow cones. Others prefer the workssyrup and a combination of all different kinds of additional toppings, like fresh fruits and ice cream, while some people prefer their shaved ice with only basic flavored syrups poured on top. You can discover quite distinct and occasionally strange toppings that are normally associated with each location all around the United States and the rest of the world.

You can try these at home or offer them at your own shaved ice kiosk. These are just a handful of our favorite and most well-liked toppings for shaved ice.

sour cream (Condensed Milk) Whole milk is blended with cane sugar and condensed, with the majority of the water removed. Owners of shaved ice businesses frequently offer this as a topping. After making your shaved ice, carefully pour a small amount on top because it might get dirty very soon. By diluting your sweet cream with evaporated milk, you can extend its shelf life. Usually, 2 cans of evaporated milk are used for every 1 can of condensed milk (this can be adjusted as necessary). Shaved ice acquires the smoothness of handmade ice cream when sweet cream is added to a sweeter flavor. We’ve discovered that condensed milk goes well with flavors of shaved ice syrup like vanilla, banana, strawberry cheesecake, coconut, chocolate, butterscotch, and egg custard. Conversely, acidic flavors often cause cream to curdle when combined.

Sweet Spray We advise adding the tangy sour spray to the top of your shaved ice if you’re feeling a little more bold and want to give your taste senses a sweet AND sour combination. You and/or your shaved ice clients will become completely speechless with only a few sprays of this tart spray! We carry small 2-ounce bottles of sour spray that can make enough for 100–150 servings of shaved ice. Before adding sour spray to your shaved ice, if you are brave enough, consider pouring some Sour Grape or Sour Cherry syrup flavors over it. VERY SOUR

What distinguishes shaved ice from Hawaiian shaved ice?

In its most basic form, shave ice is made comprised of thinly sliced ice and syrup that is served in a cup, paper cone, or bowl.



[8][9][10] Hawaiian shave ice employs thinly shaved ice instead of crushed ice, which gives it a distinctive texture that is more powdered and snow-like. [4] [7] [11] The fine ice shavings can also better absorb syrups than broken ice. [5] [8] The ice can be produced at home by slowly freezing pure water in containers over the course of many days while stirring the mixture regularly to prevent the incorporation of impurities. [12]

Traditional syrups are created using sugar, acid to improve preservation, flavoring extracts, and additional coloring ingredients.

[7]Local flavors, including banana, pineapple, lilikoi (passionfruit), guava, lychee, kiwifruit, mango, and coconut cream, are frequently used to flavor syrups.




Shave ice syrups have also included flavors like bubble gum, vanilla, lemon-lime, green tea, strawberry, cherry, grape, watermelon, Coke, root beer, and fruit punch.

[7] Li hing mui (salty dried Chinese plums), melona, ginger, and pickled mango are a some of the more unique syrup flavors that are continuously being developed. [7] [6][14] These syrups are frequently highly colorful, with some hues typically denoting particular flavors, such blue for coconut. [7] In the 1950s, these color-taste correlations made it possible for customers to purchase syrups based on color rather than flavor. [7] When several various colored syrups are blended, the result is known as “kalakoa,” which is Hawaiian for calico. [7]

Does snow cone syrup get diluted?

Most items will be shipped from our warehouse in North Carolina. We occasionally drop ship specific products from other states, though.

Our website accepts purchases from anyone. You are not required to get a business license or operate a snow cone or shaved ice stand. Our items are used at home by many of our clients.

But if you’re a company in North Carolina and want to buy things to resell them, you can fill out a North Carolina resale certificate and fax it to 770-234-6333 or mail it to:

This form will be kept on file for any purchases that are tax-exempt. Businesses based outside of North Carolina are exempt from filling out the application.

Do you need to modify or cancel an order that hasn’t started delivering yet?

Pay a visit to our (Snow Cone Machine Help) Center. Examine the details there to select the device that is ideal for your professional or personal requirements. Additionally, we would be delighted to help you if you called us at 1-888-632-2938.

We advise starting with our ready-to-use syrups if you are just getting started or if you want to test the market before investing. They are a great place to start if you want to sell snow cones. Our ready-to-use syrups, which come in all varieties, don’t require mixing. We take care of all the grunt work. Simply crack open the syrup bottle and pour the contents onto the snow cones. No lengthy mixing or measurement will be required. No need to stress about keeping the syrups fresh! Our ready-to-use syrups are created according to your precise requirements.

Nearly all of our flavors are available as concentrates if ready-to-use syrups are not what you are looking for. For businesses with bigger volume, this is a considerably more cost-effective method to operate. Making your own snow cone syrup at home can reduce the cost of your syrup when utilizing flavor concentrates by roughly 70% to 80%. Simply buy the flavor concentrates you want, mix in some simple syrup, and they’re ready to pour over snow cones. Eight gallons of syrup can be flavored with one quart of snow cone flavoring (32 quarts). 32 gallons of syrup can be flavored with one gallon of snow cone concentrate (128 quarts).

What is the shelf life of your flavor concentrates and ready-to-use syrups?

For all of the varieties, the shelf life of our ready-to-use syrups will be between 6 and 9 months. The label’s lower right corner contains a “use by” date. We advise keeping syrups at room temperature and out of direct sunlight to extend shelf life. The syrups don’t need to be kept in the fridge. Regarding the shelf life of snow cone syrup, we have a whole article.

From the date of purchase, our concentrates have a shelf life of roughly two years. The label’s lower right corner contains a “use by” date. We advise keeping concentrates at room temperature and away of direct sunlight to extend shelf life. Concentrates don’t need to be kept in the fridge.

Depending on the size, texture, and blade setting of the machine, a different amount of syrup will be used for each serving. Less syrup will be needed for coarser ice than for fluffy ice. A typical snow cone weighs 6 ounces, but only needs about 1.5 ounces of syrup.

Do you need to refrigerate your syrup? How should syrups and concentrates be stored?

We advise keeping our syrups and concentrates at room temperature and out of direct sunlight to extend shelf life. Concentrates don’t need to be kept in the fridge.

Preservatives should be added to products to extend their shelf life. The batch of simple syrup should be preserved by adding sodium benzoate, citric acid, and other preservatives. Simple syrup that hasn’t been preserved will only stay fresh for 7 to 14 days. Your syrup’s shelf life can be increased by up to six months by properly adjusting the proportions of citric acid and sodium benzoate.

For every gallon of simple syrup you want to preserve, start by adding one ounce of sodium benzoate to the preservative mixture. Next, thoroughly mix the simple syrup. For each gallon in the container, add 1/4 ounce of citric acid at this point. Lastly, thoroughly stir. ADDING EACH PRESERVATIVE SEPARATELY IS IMPERATIVE. MAKE SURE TO THOROUGHLY MIX THE SYRUP AFTER EACH INGREDIENT ADDITION. Both chemicals must be added at the same time to prevent the preservative from solidifying.

You will have control over your business’s administration, pricing, and product line if you own it independently. Franchise owners frequently restrict what you can sell or impose constraints on your company. For the privilege of using their brand name, you might even need to pay the franchiser annual franchise fees or even a percentage of your sales. In addition, we discovered that many franchise businesses demanded that you pay exorbitant amounts for practically all of your supplies and equipment through them. Most franchise owners wind up making twice as much money from your hard-earned business.

For further details, please check the page on our entire snow cone and shaved ice business packages.

The handling and storage of food in any restaurant should be done with extreme caution. This is crucial to meet regional health regulations, but it will also help you earn the respect of your clients.

For shops selling snow cones and shaved ice, each state has its own regulations. Some states seldom ever inspect or control snow cone shops. Other states call for inspections every three months. You are required to have hot running water and a sewage drain in several states. There is no necessity for running water in other states.

Before spending any money on your business, it is crucial that you speak with the experts from your state’s health department. This could be an inspector from the county office in your area. Try looking for your local Department of Health in your phone book if you’re unsure who to call. You might try going to a nearby restaurant and asking the management whose government department, office, or agency oversees and inspects the establishment.

It will be crucial for you to check with your state and local regulatory bodies to find out what regulations your new firm must adhere to before investing any money in it. Since every state is unique, the more research you conduct, the better off you will be overall.

If you want to open a business in your community, the town board or zoning administrator will almost certainly need to give their approval. The standards vary depending on the city. Before starting your firm, you may need to take into account any zoning regulations or local business license requirements. You might need to be aware of your county’s regulations if you choose to situate your firm outside of local jurisdiction.

You will probably need to speak with your local building inspectors to find out what permissions you would need if you plan to have electricity or water at your location. You can check your local white pages or ask your city or county officials to send you in the appropriate direction.

According to the proverb, death and taxes are two things that cannot be avoided. You must obtain an employer identification number in order to withhold and report payroll taxes if you want to hire employees, in addition to filing your tax returns on a yearly basis. To learn more about the IRS requirements, contact your neighborhood accountant or tax office.

For almost every sale of an item, states mandate the collection of sales tax. These taxes might be anywhere from 2 and 9% of the total sale, depending on your state and municipal governments. For rules that are particular to your state or local area, contact the department of revenue in your state. There might be a state tax office close by.

Additionally, find out from your state’s Department of Revenue how you can buy things tax-free if you intend to sell them (sugar, cups, ice, flavor etc.) Most likely, you’ll receive a tax-exempt number that you can use in the future to make tax-free purchases.