Where To Buy Sazon Seasoning Near Me?

  • A UNIQUE SEASONING | In this box, you’ll find the formula for making Latino cuisine’s genuine flavors. With its potent combination of Coriander, Garlic, Cumin, and Annatto, this tiny packet of Sazn GOYA with Coriander & Annatto rapidly improves the flavor and color of your food.
  • AUTHENTIC & Tasty | Latin chefs call it the “Foolproof” method for making foods that are flavorful and authentic. Imagine it as a little culinary magic in tiny foil packets—a particular blend of seasonings that elevates the flavor of every meal it graces. One packet alone makes a significant difference.
  • VARIABLE | Simply use your usual method of cooking, using the same ingredients and seasonings. Just add one pack of Sazn Goya for every 4 persons your recipe is meant to feed. You’ll be left wondering how you survived before. Use it for everything, including meats, stews, soups, poultry, pasta, rice, beans, and vegetables.
  • ULTRA PREMIUM | If it’s Goya, it must be good! | If it’s Goya, it better be good!


1.41 ounces of Sazn Goya with Coriander & Annatto Seasoning | You can find the recipe for making Latino cuisine’s genuine flavors inside this box. With its potent combination of Coriander, Garlic, Cumin, and Annatto, this tiny packet of Sazn GOYA with Coriander & Annatto rapidly elevates the flavor and color of your food, adding an enticing flavor. Latin chefs refer to it as the “Foolproof” method for making foods that are truly tasty. Imagine it as a little culinary magic in tiny foil packets—a particular blend of seasonings that elevates the flavor of every meal it graces. One package can make a huge difference. Simply use your usual method of cooking, using the same ingredients and seasonings. Just add one pack of Sazn Goya for every 4 persons your recipe is meant to feed. You’ll be left wondering how you survived before. Use it for everything, including meats, stews, soups, poultry, pasta, rice, beans, and vegetables. Trans Fat: 0g It must be nice if it’s Goya!

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What stores sell Sazon seasoning?

Where To Purchase Sazon Spice. Many markets in Mexico or South America sell Goya Sazon. Many other stocked grocery stores, like Walmart and Safeway, carry this very popular seasoning. In the aisle with other Hispanic cuisine, look for it.

What can be used in place of Sazon seasoning?

A well-known and well-liked brand of ingredients and spices used in Latin and Mexican cookery is Goya. Without the use of MSG, food coloring, or added salt, I tried my best to create what I believe to be a fantastic equivalent for Goya sazon.

LARGE BONUS: You won’t ever need to be concerned about what’s in that bottle. When you produce your own sazon seasoning blend, there is no MSG, artificial flavors, or food dyes!

Ingredient Notes

The majority of the ingredients for sazon spice might already be in your cabinet if you frequently create Latin and Mexican dishes.

Ground coriander, cumin, garlic, and onion powders are among the more popular spices. Achote powder is the essential component that gives sazon its deep red color.

You can use a healthy pinch of saffron threads or an equivalent amount of turmeric as a substitute if annatto seeds or achiote powder are not readily accessible.

If saffron is not available or is not to your taste, you can also use a mixture of 1 part turmeric and 2 parts paprika in place of achiote powder. You can proceed after adding them to the bowl along with the other spices.

Uses for Sazon

Use the Latin seasoning mix to give virtually any dish made with Mexican or Latin American ingredients flavor and a stunning crimson hue. Chicken, fish, beef, pork, soups, stews, and even breakfast foods! Here are some concepts.

  • seasoned steak Use it to season steaks for the grill, particularly seasoned bavette steaks from Latin America or Mexico or even Southwest flap steak.
  • rice dishes
  • In my dishes for Puerto Rican chicken and rice and arroz amarillo, I utilize the Sazon seasoning blend.
  • Beans Borracho beans have a fantastic sazon flavor, despite the fact that the red hue won’t be as bright.

The best Sazon is…

The top Latin chefs all agree that Sazn GOYA is the key to delicious meals. All of our salt-free or full-flavored variants are made to bring out the flavor and color of your food. Simply rip the packet open and add the contents to rice, beans, soups, stews, and sauces. 6.33 oz.

Is Sazon comparable to Goya?

The secret ingredient that transforms bland cuisine into “this is great!” meal is sazn spice. Use this achiote spice blend on meat, in stews, soups, on the grill, and anywhere else you want to add flavor.

What is Sazn?

A seasoning blend called sazn is used in Hispanic cookery, particularly in Puerto Rican food.

It takes inspiration from achiote, which is produced by frying annatto seeds in oil to extract their color.

Then, the orange oil is utilized to give foods like arroz con gandules a lovely yellow tint.

The food industry developed a dried version in spice packs that may be immediately sprinkled in meals to speed up the infusing and filtering of oil.

They also include flavors that are absent from achiote oil, such as cumin, coriander, and garlic, for added taste.

You can avoid using MSG while still get the flavor and color benefits of sazn by creating it at home.

MSG is available in the grocery store’s spice aisle or under the Accent brand name.

So, if you want to be in charge of your sazn’s ingredients or if you can’t get to the packets, keep reading!

Sazn con Culantro y Achiote

The “Sazn with Coriander and Annatto” flavor is the most popular Goya flavor. With cilantro and achiote, according to the Spanish label.

Since coriander and culantro (not cilantro) are two different herbs, there is considerable disagreement regarding the components in sazn.

While culantro is another name for recao or sawtooth coriander, coriander is used exclusively to describe cilantro seeds in the United States.

It has long leaves and is one of the herbs used in sofrito; it belongs to the same family as cilantro.

What then is utilized in sazn? I’m not sure, but I have a hunch that it’s ground coriander seed. Culantro and cilantro dried are quite uncommon.

Although you might have to crush the coriander seed yourself, it is quite simple to find.

How to make Sazn seasoning:

  • Without using synthetic dyes, the color is provided from annatto. Here you may purchase ground annatto. Saffron threads or paprika can be used as a substitute for annatto if necessary (not hot paprika).
  • If on a low-sodium diet, avoid salt.
  • Cumin imparts a slight smokiness.
  • Coriander brightens things up with its delicate, fresh flavor.
  • Powdered or granulated garlic can be used.
  • MSG
  • You can certainly omit this, but if you don’t mind MSG, I strongly advise it.

I use Mason jars, and I discovered these lids with tiny shaker holes on Amazon that look like spice jars you can buy at the store.

Uses for sazn seasoning:

One of our favorites is pernil, which is also the secret ingredient in our carne asada and chuletas guisadas. Even his sandwiches with tuna salad include it, my hubby!

Use it whenever you want more color and taste, such as in soups and stews like habichuelas guisdadas.

The amount of sazn in one Goya package is roughly 1 1/4 teaspoons, but handmade is more potent. If you need more, you can always add more.

To what does Goya Sazon compare?

If you merely want to give your food color, annato oil might be a decent alternative to sazon seasoning mix. This is what? Oil and achiote (annato) seeds are the sole components used in achiote oil. Here is where you can find the achiote oil preparation instructions.

What ingredients are in Sazon seasoning?

Many Hispanic grocers carry the famed Puerto Rican spice sazon. My mother, who is Puerto Rican, sazons practically everything. With good reason, too! Any food gets an amazing flavor boost from it.

Coriander, cumin, achiote, garlic powder, oregano, salt, and pepper are all ingredients in traditional sazon. I like to make my own sazon spices using ingredients I usually have on hand because many pre-packaged versions contain MSG. With a few substitutions of pantry ingredients you might already have on hand, it tastes almost just like the genuine thing.

What distinguishes Sazon seasoning from adobo?

Sazon and adobo are two crucial seasoning mixtures used in Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, and other Latin American cuisines. While they both start from the same place, Sazon takes things a step farther. This adobo partner may benefit from the addition of coriander, dried onion, and cumin, depending on the brand. To make the savory components stand out, MSG and other herbs may also be included in the mixture.

Sazon regularly gives food a golden tint, in contrast to ordinary adobo (especially combinations that contain turmeric). By using some of these peppers plus annatto/achiote, you may give your cuisine a deep, rich color that appears just as savoury as it does.

What is the purpose of Sazon seasoning?

The main distinction between the two is that Sazon Seasoning is more commonly used in Puerto Rican cuisine and adds flavor without adding heat, whereas Adobo Seasoning is more frequently used in Mexican recipes and, although highly flavorful, has a mild amount of heat.

Beans, grilled meats, soups, and stews can all be seasoned with sazon to give flavor to a variety of regional dishes.

Adobo seasoning is a general-purpose seasoning that is frequently added to beans, cattle, chicken, eggs, fish, pork, rice, and soups. It is used for traditional Mexican recipes.

What might succeed Goya?

Even while it’s easier to purchase a bottle of pre-mixed spices, there are instances when making your own is preferable.

I grew up eating Goya adobo, but when I moved abroad, I learned not everyone could.

Fortunately, the components are not difficult to locate separately, and you may create your own Goya adobo seasoning replacement.

Making your own seasonings allows you to customize the ingredients to your tastes, which is excellent.

Even the low sodium varieties of store-bought adobo are off-limits to my mum because she follows an extremely low sodium diet.

With my special blend, I can add a lot of garlic while still allowing my mother to enjoy her favorite adobo without salt.

Adobo Ingredients

Garlic, salt, pepper, and oregano are the three essential ingredients. Everything else is up to you and optional.

  • Garlic Garlic powder works just as well, though I prefer granulated.
  • You can use table salt or saltkosher.
  • Freshly ground black pepper has the best flavor.
  • Oregano
  • Both dried and powdered oregano are acceptable. (Oregano powder is used in the Goya brand.) Since powdered oregano is quite concentrated, you should only use half as much as you would if using fresh.
  • Turmeric gives the dish a lovely yellow tint and improves the flavors of the other components.
  • Cumin gives food a slight savory, smokey flavor.
  • To add a bit savory sweetness, use onion powder.

You must keep this in an airtight container. You can use a glass jar or repurpose an old spice shaker.

I adore the numerous mason jar lids available, especially the orange one in the image.

What makes Sazon so great?

*I published this article a few days before the CEO of the largest Hispanic food distributor in the world made divisive remarks. Images therefore feature the original item. You may certainly find a box of Sazn in the kitchen of any Black or Hispanic individual. Favorite among many, especially among residents of the Caribbean, is this spice blend that enhances flavor. Sazn is the favorite spice for anything from rice to meats and everything in between due to its capacity to enhance the flavor and color of most foods. However, the fact that it includes MSG may be its major drawback (for some). I want to be clear that I don’t have an issue with MSG before we continue. However, in my version of sazn, it is removed for those who do.

Sazon Goya has a shelf life.

A spice is said to have gone bad when the majority of its flavor, intensity, and color have been lost. Fortunately, it’s rare that eating a spoiled spice can make you ill.

There are best-by dates listed on a lot of store-bought spices, which show how long they’ll keep their best flavor and quality (4).

Even though dried herbs and spices that are past their prime won’t taste nearly as good as fresh ones, it’s still typically safe to eat them.

If you’re not sure how long you’ve had your spices, you can determine whether they need to be replaced by smelling and tasting them. Put a small amount in the palm of your hand and crush or rub it. It’s generally a good idea to change them if the flavor and aroma are subpar.

Dried spices that are past their expiration date won’t likely make you ill, but they will gradually lose most of their flavor and perfume.