Where To Buy Dan O’s Seasoning Near Me?

What components are in Dan O seasoning?

You won’t need any other all-purpose seasoning except Dan- O’s! Rosemary, garlic, onion, lemon peel, orange peel, and a number of other delectable spices are included in this blend. It is all natural, has no salt, sugar, or additives.

Is Dan O’s available in shops?

Dan-Seasoning O’s is fast growing around the country in all different kinds of establishments, including big and small grocery stores, hardware stores, butcher shops, boutiques, and more! Currently, a few national merchants offer our seasoning.

What amount of salt is in Danos seasoning?

Priority is given to spices and herbs, not to phony ingredients like gluten, synthetic chemicals, sugar, or GMOs. Dan-is O’s a low sodium seasoning, in contrast to other seasoning mixes. To help you maintain your health while enjoying the food you make, we’ve reduced the sodium in each serving to only 50 mg.

When was Danos seasoning first released?

As he removed the sugar, he became aware of the potential of his creation. On June 1, 2017, the newly enhanced (and healthier) Dan-Seasoning O’s was released, following an additional 1.5 years of development.

Who is the owner of Dan O’s spice?

Dan Oliver started Dan-Seasoning O’s in June 2017. Many of the products were offered on sale at flea markets and trade shows before the Covid-19 epidemic. Oliver moved to TikTok after realizing he needed to find a new source of income and has now amassed over a million fans there.