How To Make Dixie Dirt Seasoning?


  • 1 tablespoon of crushed dry rosemary, thyme, and basil.
  • sugar, 1 1/2 teaspoons.
  • 1-and-a-half teaspoons of dried oregano.
  • 1-and-a-half teaspoons of dried marjoram.
  • a single salt tsp.
  • A quarter-teaspoon of garlic powder
  • half a teaspoon of pepper.
  • A quarter teaspoon of onion powder

Dixie mix dirt – what is it?

In Andalusia, Alabama, Jeff Grimes has been combining and recombining the components of rub seasoning for many years. Jeff “played around with different ingredients trying to find a rub that would give Boston butts the best flavor and not dry them out,” says Jeff. “Every time Auburn tailgating season rolled around, he pulled out his favorite butt rubbins recipes and experimented combining them, deleting ingredients and adding new ones till he finally got the perfect butt rubbins mixture which he proudly calls “Dixie Dirt.”

A recipe this wonderful, however, just could not be kept a secret. Since 1999, Jeff Grimes has made it a point to bring lots of Boston butts and his signature rub to every tailgate event in order to satisfy the crowds of people who wanted to eat the best Boston butt they had ever tasted.

People eventually wanted the formula for themselves, but Jeff was adamant about keeping it a secret. Although he never divulged the complete list of ingredients, he still wanted his pals to be able to taste Dixie Dirt Boston butts at their own tailgating parties and get-togethers. So, Jeff started looking for someone to mix and market Dixie Dirt with the aid of his wife Laquetta. Finally, they located a top-notch food producer in North Alabama and handed them the project.

As word spread that Dixie Dirt was available for purchase, consumers started to purchase the rub that clotted and looked exactly like dirt but tasted too delicious to be true. If you order now for the first time, you’ll never want to cook your Boston butts with any other marinade again, and if you’re a regular customer, you already know this.

Dixie Dirt is produced where?

In Andalusia, Alabama, Jeff Grimes has been combining and recombining the components for butt rub seasoning for many years. The product of Jeff honing his renowned butt rub is Dixie Dirt!

Can you season with dirt?

finest All-Purpose Seasoning received a 2016 Gold Scovie Gold Medal. received the prestigious prize for best All-Purpose Seasoning for 2016 after competing against many other seasonings and rubs from across the nation.

a 14-spice seasoning that is truly exquisite. This seasoning is GLUTEN FREE, 100% NATURAL, and MSG FREE. The flavor of the meal it is on is improved by the ORIGINAL TODD’S DIRT, a mild savory seasoning. Whether cooked on the grill, in the oven, or in the crock pot, ORIGINAL TODD’S DIRT transforms a regular piece of steak into a terrific steak.

Utilize ORIGINAL TODD’S DIRT everywhere! Rice, spaghetti, corn on the cob, eggs, stuffing, potatoes, all vegetables, beef, pig, chicken, turkey, fish, crab meat, and more. With DIRT, anything is improved that you would sprinkle salt and pepper on. Try adding it to your favorite sauces, soups, and gravies. There are numerous applications for Todd’s DIRT. Simply sprinkle it on your meat’s two sides before grilling it!

Can dirt be used to season meat?

Red meats are the ideal food for DIRT. Elk, deer, bison, burgers, steaks, brisket, and other meats are all good candidates for dirty companions. Before grilling, smoking, or pan searing, give DIRT a good shake.

What’s in BBQ rub made of dirt?

You only need this mixture for your pulled pork and slow-cooked ribs. Lillie’s sugar-based barbecue sauce, CAROLINA DIRT, is appropriately called for the clay-colored soil of Carolina. Up to 24 hours before cooking, apply it for authentic Southern flavor. For all you Yankees, I have this advice: This seasoning is ideal for French fries.

-Ingredients: sugar, brown sugar, salt, dehydrated onion, and garlic; paprika and other spices.

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How much time should pass between layers of Dixie Belle Paint?

Learn more from Crys’Dawna of Belle Renovare in this How to Use Gator Hide video guide.

  • Low sheen; a smooth feeling
  • Use to strengthen the durability of outdoor furniture, cupboards, or high-traffic table tops.
  • Do not apply for 12 days to painted surfaces. Wait 34 days before applying to surfaces that have gel staining. Do not apply for a week to surfaces that have been waxed.
  • Utilize a sponge applicator to apply.
  • Three light coatings are advised. Before utilizing the piece, let it cure for 23 days, 2 hours in between applications.

Prior to clear coat, how long should Dixie Belle Paint have dried?

I use a spoon to scoop the top coat into the dish after stirring it. Since it will take up any residue on the jar’s rim, I don’t pour the Clear Satin into the bowl. I always pour it into a dish to prevent paint from getting into my jar of Gator Hide or Clear Coat.

Then I use the blue sponge to apply it. The blue sponge gets damp but not completely wet. I start pulling the sponge in one direction approximately six inches from the edge.

In order to prevent drips from the top coat beginning on the edge, I start 6 inches in. I apply consistent pressure throughout the entire piece as I draw the Clear Coat Satin in one direction.

Starting at the right end of the piece allows me to avoid moving back and forth by starting each new stroke there. After each use, wash your blue sponge in hot water and dish soap. Never put it in a baggie.

I softly rub over the Clear Satin with a finishing pad once to remove any debris once it has dried (it should take about an hour, depending on your weather conditions). After that, I add another layer of Clear Satin. I use this finishing pad between sealer coats.

Gator Hide

Time for the gator hide now! Heat and water resistance make gator hide extremely durable. Every top I own has that on it.

The ideal temperature for Gator Hide is just above room temperature, so before using it, I like to place the container in a bowl of warm (not hot) water for about 10 minutes.

Then I apply it exactly as I applied the Clear Coat. Applying 1-3 applications of Gator Hide is possible. I advise using no more than three coats.

There are more opportunities for streaks the more you build it up. It’s okay for some streaks! It’s just how doing it by hand is. For light use, give your top coat at least 7 days to cure, and for full use, 30 days.

I hope these guidelines for manually adding a top coat to chalk mineral paint were useful.

Does Dixie Belle Paint require the use of primer?

Water-based Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint has adhesive properties that make it unnecessary to sand, prime, or prepare surfaces.

Choose your preferred color from our pallet of 64 gorgeous hues—ideal for furniture and DIY projects—clean your creation with White Lightning, then begin painting with a moist brush.

Our chalk mineral paint self-levels, self-seals, and has excellent coverage. The top-ranking company for chalk mineral paint in the USA is Dixie Belle Paint.