Why Is Ahmad Gardner Called Sauce?

4 overall selection for the New York Jets There are several tales of how Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner came to adopt the moniker, and he takes great pride in it. Sauce is so obsessed with his moniker that he wears both a chain with his nickname engraved on it and a diamond sauce chain that can actually hold sauce.

The cornerback explained briefly the meaning of his given name, saying:

My burger, my chicken nuggets, and my fries would all be dipped in one of the roughly three Sriracha sauces I would purchase.

Additionally, Gardner has also stated that it originated from his time playing little league football and his aptitude on the field even as a young athlete.

“I could move. My position was running back. I had some sassy juke moves “He told NFL Network that the name came from the minor league football coach Curtez Harris.

According to legend, Harris informed Gardner when he was a young player, “To be the man, you have to inherit this sauce.”

Gardner had the moniker A1 until his coach started calling him “A1 Sauce Sweet Feet Gardner” one day.

He obviously liked the moniker, so it stuck. Later, Sauce shortened it to become what it is today and developed a persona for the name.

The 21-year-old claimed that while off the field he does not always live the “Sauce” way of life, he always makes sure to have the sauce on.

“For me, it refers to a degree of confidence. I make sure I have the sauce both on and off the field. That only motivates me further “said Gardner. “When I’m in my small peaceful mood, Ahmad is Ahmad. I’m always Sauce because The Sauce is inside of me. I need to be aware of when to flip the switch up and off.”

Gardner played his entire collegiate career at Cincinnati, where he was a consensus all-American, the 2021 AAC Defensive Player of the Year, and never allowed a touchdown.

Why is he referred to as Sauce?

Therefore, Sauce has gained traction. Although it wasn’t Gardner’s initial on-field moniker, it was one of them.


The majority of the East Side Bengals players had nicknames given to them by Gardner’s coach during his formative years, better known as Coach Tez. He admitted to Yahoo Sports that he initially gave Gardner the moniker “A1.” After Coach Tez saw Gardner execute a stunning cutback move during a game, that was extended to “A1 Sauce Sweet Feet Gardner.”

The moniker changed from A1 to just Sauce over time. Gardner has accepted the nickname “Sauce,” but he has also made references to A1 while playing. Before the 2021 season, he moved up from No. 12 to No. 1, in part due to that nickname.

What is the nick name of Ahmad Gardner?

The Jets selected Ahmad Gardner with the fourth overall pick in Thursday night’s NFL Draft, but you won’t hear many people refer to him by that name. He goes by the name “Sauce Gardner.”

He recently gave the NFL Network a history lesson on the moniker. He claimed that one of his youth football instructors, Curtez Harris, gave him the moniker.

Football in the little league, Gardner remarked. “I knew how to move. My position was running back. I had some sassy juke movements.

Who is known as Sauce?

Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, a cornerback with the National Football League’s New York Jets, was born on August 31, 2000. (NFL). In the 2022 NFL Draft, the Jets selected him as the fourth overall pick after playing college football for Cincinnati.

What is known about Sauce Gardner?

When it comes to cornerbacks, Gardner is about as tall and long as they come, measuring just under 6 feet 3 and having 33 1/2 arms. He has enormous 9 5/8-inch hands and a 79 3/8-inch wingspan. He may not be the biggest at 190 pounds, but he plays quite physically.

Gardner just took part in the 40-yard dash portion of the athletic testing. He ran well, clocking a 4.41. Gardner’s splits at 10 and 20 yards were 1.51 and 2.56, respectively.

Gardner had a very successful college career, going 33 games without surrendering a touchdown while playing for Cincinnati (2019-21). In his career, he has 16 passes defended, 5.5 tackles for loss, and nine interceptions (three each season). Three of the sacks and five other tackles for loss occurred in 2021.

How quickly is Gardner Sauce?

At the 2022 combining, Sauce Gardner runs a timed 40-yard dash of 4.41 seconds. At the 2022 NFL Scouting Combine, defensive back Sauce Gardner of the Cincinnati Bearcats runs the 40-yard dash.

What happened to Sauce?

The New York Jets selected Cincinnati cornerback Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner with the fourth overall choice in the 2022 NFL Draft on Thursday night in Las Vegas, adding a talented player to a developing position group.

For the Bearcats, Gardner started all three years. His last season’s great play, coupled with Cincinnati’s run to the College Football Playoff semifinals, helped elevate him above other cornerbacks in the draft, placing him among the finest players overall.

After being chosen, he told NFL Network, “This was the goal all along.” “I’m incredibly fortunate. Going to the Jets, I’m going to make sure I’m the best teammate there. The Sauce is something the Jets’ supporters are aware of. There is never too much sauce.”

Added him: “Being a New York Jet is a blessing and allows me to be a part of something great, therefore this is where I want to be. I went to the place and spoke with the personnel. and realizing that my followers adore me. These are the key factors that make me glad to be here. After speaking with the coaches, I had a gut feeling all along “.

In addition to leading the FBS with a 26.1 QB rating when targeted last season, he recorded 35 tackles along with 3 interceptions, 3 sacks, and 4 breakups. Many people think of him as a lockdown corner in the same vein as Darrelle Revis and others. Gardner (6-3, 200) has the height and quickness necessary to establish himself as the No. 1 CB in the league (4.41 in the 40 at the NFL Combine).

Dane Brugler of The Athletic remarked, “He plays with a huge amount of confidence. “There are many positive aspects to what he recently demonstrated on tape, but teams simply chose not to pursue him, which made it initially challenging to assess him because you didn’t witness many one-on-one encounters. By the time you’ve watched the entire tape, what is there to dislike about this man? One of the better players selected in this round was Ahmad Gardner. He might end up being a top five choice in this draft, which wouldn’t surprise me.”

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Where was Sauce Gardner’s upbringing?

Indio, Indiana On Detroit’s Near East Side, Ahmad Gardner was raised. Back then, he was still known as Ahmad, despite the beginnings of his “A youth football coach who found it amusing to witness a 6-year-old with a fondness for dipping sauces had already planted the germ of the sauce alter ego.

“He said that he didn’t have much growing up in Detroit. “I did have a mother, though, who was always able to make the improbable happen.

On the Martin Luther King High School football field, Sauce, on the other hand, turned into a dog.

I would say it’s just me being Ahmad when I’m in my little tranquil mood, he remarked.

But I contain the Sauce. I therefore go by Sauce. But I eventually learned when to flip the switch on and off.

At MLK, where he once caught four receptions for 126 yards and two scores in the Division 3 state championship game at Ford Field, Sauce understood how to turn it up. Not even his day job was that. As a first-team all-state cornerback, he began attracting some interest from college recruiters.

However, the entire circuit is expensive. The tools, the journey, and every camp that exposes them to colleges. Gardner then informed his mother that he had to go to those camps. But things were difficult.

“She would frequently ask, “Do you have to go to this camp?” “Do you have to?” stated Gardner. “Mom, hurry up. I just want to be able to demonstrate my abilities to the instructors. She always ended up footing the bill so I could show off my skills.

So Ahmad struck a deal with his mum. He would look after her once Sauce became successful in the NFL.

He later transferred to Cincinnati, where he established himself as one of the most feared lock-down cornerbacks in the country. Throughout his career, he covered 1,059 snaps without surrendering a score, and at the NFL combine, he is currently the front-runner to be selected in the first round.

And he was able to have that discussion with his mother, who is still employed by a plant in Detroit.

“Gardner remarked, “Man, it’s a blessing.” “No one in my family has ever experienced what I’m going through, so this is the first time it’s happening to me, my parents, and the rest of my family. Although my mother is quite modest, I can already tell that she will be overcome with emotion on that day.

Gardner is modest off the field, but when he crosses the goal line, the Sauce appears. ProFootballFocus claims that because of his size and length, he possesses a “pterodactyl structure. And he is adept at using it. He roughed up receivers while playing bully ball with them. More than any other cornerback in this class, he played 851 press man repetitions in college while allowing zero touchdowns.

He also never gave up a score when playing any other sort of coverage, though. And he particularly enjoys zone because it allows him to pursue the quarterback.

“I like being able to make hits in the flat and make plays up on the ball, he added. We played some different zones. “because I am invisible to the QB. You know, the best part about cornerback is that.

The Sauce is back again. He has been around a lot lately. Just the previous season, he gave up 131 yards.

“Gardner asserted, “I genuinely think I’m the best cornerback (in this draft).” “I put in the work—unseen work, extra hours. I take care to set a good example. I don’t consume alcohol or smoke. not now and never will. Simply put, I watch out for the details.

“Gardner asserted that nobody can simply move to Detroit and live there. “You must have a strong mind or you will simply lose interest. Like I mentioned, everyone in Detroit is out and about, drinking, smoking, and there is violence. But because my parents were strict, they simply made sure I went a different path.

Does Gardner consume alcohol?

Gardner doesn’t consume alcohol. He doesn’t even occasionally smoke a victory cigar. He admires and values his mother’s sacrifices. He succeeded in escaping Detroit’s dangerous streets. He enjoys media attention. He is articulate and self-assured without a hint of conceit. Oh, and he has a cool moniker.

It was challenging not to imagine how well Gardner would fit into Wink Martindale’s New York Giants defense when listening to him Saturday morning at the NFL Scouting Combine. Additionally in the Giants locker room, where the team’s new general manager Joe Schoen is emphasizing “educated, tough, dependable players.

My Little League coach gave me the moniker when I was six years old,” Gardner recalled. He claimed to have seen a vision that I did not see. I really appreciate it. From the age of six until the present, it has remained with me. I’ll make sure to take it farther.

What does the moniker mean to the Cincinnati cornerback, who is projected to go in the top 10 of the NFL Draft in 2022?

Gardner stated: “My personal meaning, what I can say is a sense of confidence. “I always make sure I have the Sauce with me both on and off the field.

Gardner claimed that he spoke with the Giants on Friday. Should they be required to move James Bradberry in order to relieve salary cap pressure, they may be in dire need of assistance at cornerback.

How would he react if given the chance to play for a defense that frequently asks cornerbacks to be on an island, such as Martindale’s?

“I enjoy being abandoned on an island. Gardner stated, “I don’t have to worry about anyone else but my man.” ” I am proficient at man and zone, but push man is my favorite.

“My love of the game and my competitive nature. I put in the effort. Unnoticed labour, unneeded hours. I make care to provide an excellent example. I don’t consume alcohol or smoke. Never and never will I. Gardner stated, “I simply make sure I do the little things well.

“Only my ability to enter the field and switch teams. Making my presence known. even though they are older than me, people being able to look up to me My devotion to the game. My capacity for intense competition. The best receiver on the field appears to be a candidate for elimination.

Gardner stated, “I’m simply a guy, intrinsic motivation, I naturally just be turned up. “I don’t require anything to elicit a certain emotion.

Growing up in Detroit wasn’t all that great. I did have a mother, though, who was always able to make the impossible happen. When I asked for things from her, she would be difficult. She used to tell me that the game cost $300 around Christmas. However, when Christmas arrived, the game would be there. Gardner proclaimed, “She’s my hero.”

“Anyone cannot just move to Detroit and live. You must possess a strong will. In Detroit, there is constant drinking, smoking, loitering, and violence. My parents were strict. They merely saw to it that I went a different path.

According to Gardner, his mother worked in a Detroit factory until he persuaded her to retire a few months ago so he could take care of her.

“She would ask if I had to attend this camp when I asked her to pay for football camps. C’mon, I just want to be allowed to demonstrate my abilities to the coaches. She always ended up footing the bill so I could show off my skills. It brought me here.

In 33 games over three seasons at Cincinnati, Gardner did not allow a touchdown.

Unknown work. hours not required. When no one is looking, do something. When the lights turn on, all of it becomes clear, he remarked.

In the NFL, he will eventually forfeit one, possibly several. What will he do about that?

Gardner stated, “I don’t intend to give one up in the NFL. But I don’t tend to think too much on the previous play. Being a cornerback requires having short-term memory. Short-term memory loss is the only disorder I can think of.