Where Is Frank’s Red Hot Sauce Made?

In Cincinnati, Ohio, the Frank Tea and Spice Company was established. Adam Estilette and owner Jacob Frank collaborated on a business venture at the Estilette Pepper Farm in Louisiana in 1917. In order to create the original blend of Frank’s RedHot, which hit the market in 1920, they combined spices, vinegar, garlic, and cayenne peppers. They then aged the mixture. [3]

Although Frank’s RedHot is a key component in many Buffalo wing recipes, it was probably not present in the Anchor Bar recipe from 1964.


Frank’s RedHot was bought by Durkee Famous Foods in 1977.

[3] Reckitt Benckiser owned the Durkee brand until 2017 after purchasing it in 1995. The food for Frank’s is made in Springfield, Missouri. Beef jerky and meat snacks with licensed Frank’s RedHot flavors were first marketed by Thanasi Foods in 2007. [Reference needed] French’s Mustard and Frank’s RedHot Sauce were part of a $4.2 billion purchase that the spice manufacturer McCormick completed in August 2017. [6]

In what country is Frank’s Red Hot produced?

Jacob Frank made the decision to leave his job as a traveling salesman in 1896 and start a business in Cincinnati. He established a business at 20 W. Second St. with his brothers, Emil and Charles, selling whole and ground spices in tiny, shelf-sized containers as opposed to in bulk.

The business diversified as it rose to become the fourth-largest producer of spices in the country. Frank’s Jumbo Brand Peanut Butter, a well-known regional brand that was debuted in 1906, allowed the business to grow and move into a bigger building at Culvert and Third streets.

Jacob Frank later visited Louisiana in 1918 to learn how to make hot sauce using cayenne peppers rather than the tabasco pepper that is used in Tabasco sauce.

In order to prepare and cure cayenne peppers before they were delivered to Cincinnati, Frank established a pickling business in New Iberia, Louisiana, with the help of Adam Estilette, a Cajun. The peppers were then matured in oak barrels with additional spices, salts, garlic, and vinegar.

“According to a 1940s advertisement for Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, the key of the sauce’s fame lies in its unique formula, which was inspired by the vibrant flavor of the cuisine served in the early days of New Orleans.

The procedure in 1980, as reported by an operational manager to The Enquirer, was as follows:

“For this Red Hot sauce alone, we purchase 4-6 million pounds of fresh cayenne peppers every year from Mexico, North Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Texas, California, and Venezuela. In New Iberia, Louisiana, we transport them and wash, crush, and mix them with salt. Then we give them a lengthy period of aging in oak barrels. They are sent to Cincinnati in a mash stage once they have ripened long enough. Then, we blend them with other components in accordance with our exclusive recipe before adding them right away to our cookers.

The sauce is piped to a finisher, which removes the seeds, after which it is delivered to a cooling system and assembly line dispensers pour the sauce into bottles. The sauce is cooked in 4,000-gallon tanks. The business was filling and labeling 72,000 bottles of the popular substance daily at the time.

Frank’s RedHot was used for the first time in history on October 24, 1964, at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York. For her son and his friends’ late-night snack, bar owner Teressa Bellissimo deep-fried some chicken wings she used as stock, added a little bit of red sauce, and then served them with celery and bleu cheese dressing.

The popularity of Frank’s RedHot increased when Buffalo wings gained popularity as a standard football snack.

But it’s not the only sporting legacy of the sauce. The Reds used to offer a fiery brown Dusseldorf-style mustard at Crosley Field that was produced especially for them by the Frank Tea and Spice Co. and blended with Frank’s RedHot sauce. Consumers were not able to purchase the unique condiment, but Frank did offer Mister Mustard, a Dijon mustard, in stores.

Thirty years after the Reds relocated to Riverfront Stadium without using Crosley’s mustard, Enquirer columnist Cliff Radel could still recall the flavor of it. When Great American Ball Park opened in 2003, he assisted in persuading the team to provide a comparable characteristic spicy brown mustard.

Uncle Phil’s Dusseldorf Mustard was first preferred, but in 2013 the group switched to two varieties produced by the Springfield, Ohio-based Woeber Mustard Co.

Frank had produced Mister Mustard and Woeber’s Dusseldorf Mustard in 1939 using a cousin’s recipe.

The Frank Tea and Spice Co. changed hands many times after relocating to a facility near Sharonville in 1968. Frank Foods acquired it in 1969, followed by Durkee Foods in 1977, and then Reckitt & Colman in 1986. The production of hot sauce was shifted to a plant in Springfield, Missouri, after the spice division of the company was sold to Specialty Brands in 1992.

In 2017, McCormick & Co. acquired Reckitt Benckiser Group for $4.2 billion, bringing Frank’s RedHot and French’s mustard to its portfolio of brands.

After being sold for more than a century, Frank’s RedHot has a devoted following.

“One person stated in an essay for the National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival, “I suppose my blood is 50% Frank’s.” One more wrote: “Without the delicious taste of Frank’s going down my throat, no meal is complete. The feeling of pure elation is only comparable to entering heaven. Frank’s completes me, and I am the ultimate Red Hot fan, I know it.

“According to Lawrence Kurzius, chairman, president, and CEO of McCormick, it’s a lifestyle brand in particular for millennials. ” Literally, your likelihood of being a consumer increases as you get younger.

Franks Red hot sauce is produced by whom?

2017. McCormick purchases both French’s and Frank’s RedHot. We are now pleased to provide our foodservice partners with a variety of tabletop and back-of-house formats in 13 distinct flavor profiles.

What state is Frank’s Red Hot from?

Although Frank’s Redhot was created in Louisiana in 1920, it is probably best recognized as the ingredient in the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York’s original recipe for Buffalo wings. Even though some websites state that the Scoville grade is roughly the same, it seems softer and has a greater vinegar kick than Louisiana. Garlic powder, which offers a rounder, sweeter base, is likely to blame for this. Why this sauce pairs so well with chicken wings is simple to understand.

Where do the peppers for Frank’s Red Hot come from?

In 1920, Frank’s RedHot sauce made its debut on the market. The recipe is straightforward but yields a standout flavor that is recognizable anywhere. It is understandable why the formula has remained same for the past 100 years.

The peppers are the main component of any hot sauce. In “Unwrapped,” it is said that Frank’s employs only red cayenne peppers cultivated in New Mexico for their usage in pepper sauce, paying homage to the co-founder and pepper farmer Adam Estilette. Frank’s is able to maintain a constant flavor thanks to its control over the crops. After being harvested, the peppers are sorted before being cleaned, cut up, and added to enormous fermenting tanks that appear more at home on a farm than in a factory making peppers. However, this is where the trick lies.

When the fermentation process is complete, the peppers are transferred to the final processing facility where vinegar and the top-secret Frank’s spice blend are added. The peppers are aged for an unspecified period of time. The Frank’s RedHot spice blend is still made according to the original recipe. Frank’s RedHot sauce is unchanged since 1920, with the exception of certain processing modifications.

Is Frank’s Red Hot bad for you?

It benefits you. Capsaicin (which is what makes peppers hot) possesses antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer effects. However, it works best when paired with fats, making Buffalo wings essentially a healthy food.

After opening, should Frank’s Red Hot Sauce be refrigerated?

Do Frank’s RedHot sauces need to be chilled before use? All other sauces do not need to be refrigerated after opening, but doing so will keep the product fresher for a longer amount of time in the case of Frank’s RedHot Sweet Chili.

What hot sauce is the hottest in the world?

What is the hottest hot sauce available today, then? The strongest heat that money can buy?

The Scoville Heat Index of Mad Dog 357 Plutonium No. 9, the hottest hot sauce in the world, is 9 million (SHUs).

One of the hottest and cleanest pepper extracts in the entire world is this one. This is NOT the extract to use if you only want a little heat in your food. This tiny bottle is intended for the true pepper enthusiast who wants to push the envelope and discover just how potent pepper heat can be. blow something up tonight at dinner. However, proceed with caution as the spice in this sauce is practically fatal.

What region produces Tabasco?

For more than 5 generations, the McIlhenny family has produced TABASCO Sauce on Avery Island in Louisiana. It’s a wonderfully lovely site, built on a salt dome, where the factory hums, red peppers thrive, and plenty of wildlife may be observed in Jungle Gardens.

What hot sauce is most favored in America?

More than 2,000 American adults (18 and older) who participated in a Harris Poll poll revealed that 74% of them add hot sauce to their food. Furthermore, 67 percent of respondents claim to only use their preferred hot sauce brand.

Let’s look at the most well-known hot sauce brand in the nation in honor of National Hot Sauce Day on January 22.

According to Instacart, Sriracha is the most widely consumed condiment in 31 of the country’s 50 states, including California.

Tapatio was ranked as California’s most popular spicy sauce in Instacart’s survey from the previous year.

Instacart compiled a list of the top 10 hot sauces in the country from December 2020 to November 2021 based on how much each brand was sold per weight.

Franks or Tabasco, which is hotter?

Frank’s Red Hot and Tabasco are frequently mistaken for one another. They are actually pretty dissimilar.

These two hot sauces couldn’t be more dissimilar from one another, despite the fact that they are both produced in the US.

Frank’s is a single-note firebomb of tomato and habanero peppers, whereas Tabasco is a smooth and well-balanced combination of red peppers, vinegar, salt, and garlic.

Compared to Tabasco, Frank’s is more sharper and more acidic, with a rich tomato flavor that remains after each bite. Your spice rack can accommodate both sauces.

Frank’s for providing a wallop of heat to anything it touches, Tabasco for blending into creamy sauces or making up marinades for fish or chicken.

You can shop with confidence the next time you’re at the grocery store now that you are aware of the distinctions between Tabasco and Frank’s Red Hot sauce.

Which is sexier, Texas Pete or Franks?

Another popular among lovers of hot sauce is Texas Pete. Texas Pete hot sauce is hotter than Louisiana hot sauce and Frank’s RedHot at 747 Scoville units.