Where Can I Buy Mr. Yoshida Sauce?

Who makes Yoshida sauce?

With only $500 in his pocket, 19-year-old Junki Yoshida traveled from Kyoto, Japan, to Seattle in 1968 in search of a slice of the American dream. Mr. Yoshida sought solace in karate after experiencing difficulties acclimating to a new place and culture, eventually rising to become the chief instructor of the Japan Karate Federation for the State of Washington.

How is Yoshida sauce made?

It has been announced that Yoshida’s North America will be purchased by H. J. Heinz Company. Asian sauce variants produced by Portland, Oregon-based Yoshida Food Products Company Limited Partnership include stir-fry, gourmet, soy-based, teriyaki, and Hawaiian. The company’s annual sales top $20 million.

According to H. J. Heinz President and CEO William Johnson, “Yoshida’s is a well-known brand and a prominent participant in the Asian sauces market, which is growing in the U.S. at a rate of more than 6% yearly.” Asian sauces are significant contributions to our company’s global product line. We purchased ABC Indonesia, the second-largest soy sauce company in the world, last year. In March, we also engaged into a joint venture with Nutri Asia, the leading ketchup manufacturer in the Philippines.

Yoshida’s Gourmet Sauce, an Asian sauce with a soy base, is the company’s best-selling item. According to Joe Jimenez, president and chief executive officer of Heinz North America, “The Yoshida’s brand is also a leader in the fast growing club store segment, where it holds a 75% market share of its category.” Prepared sauces are crucial additions to Americans’ cupboards as they continue to experiment with international cuisine.

The Yoshida’s brand was established in 1982 by Junki Yoshida. Mr. Yoshida and Heinz will work together to promote the sauces across North America.

Yoshida Food Products Company will keep up its business outside of North America, including the rights to the Yoshida’s brand, and will continue to co-pack sauces at its factory in Portland.

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