What Is Taco Bell Diablo Sauce Made Of?

  • Diablo Sauce from Taco Bell gives you the spicy flavor of the restaurant at home.
  • This taco sauce has a high heat level, making it tasty and strong.
  • tomato puree, onion powder, dehydrated garlic, and paprika extractives are used in this dish.
  • Use as a topping for nachos, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and other Mexican-inspired dishes.
  • Zero calories per serving.
  • A resealable bottle preserves flavor.


The distinctive restaurant-quality flavor of Taco Bell sauce is faithfully reproduced in Taco Bell Diablo Sauce. When you want to add the potent Taco Bell heat to your favorite items at home, this hot sauce is ideal. The hot sauce is no joke and gives foods like taco salad or layered taco dip a genuine kick. This sauce, which is made with tomato puree, onion powder, dehydrated garlic, and paprika extractives, tastes fantastic on tacos, burritos, fajitas, and anything else you feel could need a boost of Taco Bell flavor. You can readily determine how much of the potent and mouthwatering sauce is left thanks to the bottle’s see-through construction. After opening, store the 7.5 ounce bottle of Diablo sauce in the refrigerator.

A product that satisfies Target’s criteria for “nutritious” under the “food wellness standard.”

What kind of pepper is in the Diablo sauce at Taco Bell?

With a unique blend of peppers for genuine chili connoisseurs, the hottest of Taco Bell’s five hot sauces turns up the heat meter. On Cinco de Mayo of 2015, Diablo Sauce was released as a limited-edition item and quickly withdrawn from the market. But after persistent customers begged the restaurant business to bring the sauce back, Diablo Sauce was given a permanent place in the Taco Bell hot-sauce lineup on May 5 of the following year.

Taco Bell claims that the sauce contains chipotle, which is smoked red jalapeo, and aji panca, a delicious Peruvian red pepper. We’ll substitute ground ancho, which has a similar flavor to aji panca, as aji panca can be difficult to locate. Although the identity of some of the other peppers in Diablo Sauce is unknown, it is certain that at least one of them packs a potent heat punch. The sauce has the ideal amount of kick after I added cayenne and habanero.

Blend it all up in a blender, then 10 minutes of cooking. Once it has cooled, you’ll have a simple homemade version of Taco Bell’s Diablo sauce, complete with a terrific flavor and heat that will make your face red.

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  • 3 cups of water, split
  • 1 can of tomato paste, 6 ounces

Although I haven’t tasted it, I believe the mystery pepper may be Bhut Jolokia. The peppers you used for the kick are typically mouth forward, burn quickly, and linger longer than other peppers. I’ve found that the Diablo Sauce has the opposite effect (much like the Bhut Jolokia—slower build and back mouth burn). The Diablo Sauce burns off rather quickly, but that is undoubtedly due to its relative mildness when compared to some of the sauces I frequently use, so I still don’t think that will be exactly perfect. (Reference: I have a ton of hot sauce.)

How does Diablo sauce taste?

Hell’s gate has been unlocked by Taco Bell. Proof: Bell and hell rhyme. Convenient. Burrito with seven layers? Hell’s nine circles. And if you include the tortilla and the Pepto Bismol, which is absolutely necessary, there are nine layers altogether. The most recent addition is Diablo sauce. Diablo is Spanish for the mother-bleeping Devil, for those of you who are Latin-impaired. Diablo may be familiar to some of you “For non-nerds, they aren’t even making an effort to hide it, so stop playing that video game and go to bed. It is known as Devil Sauce. Taco Bell has summoned the devil and is supplying us with his fiery fluids.

Other connections to hell include: “run for the (south) border can be shortened to “run south and south (down) is where hell is,” “cinnamon Cheetos are somehow considered a dessert,” and “the Devil is, like, half goat.” Taco Bell does not serve goat because then we would be eating the Devil’s relatives. Unholy.

II. Verde: Fan Fiction with Dialogue Based on Slogans Found on Taco Bell Sauce Packets

Grimace knelt to his knees. “Ask her, go ahead,” Fry Guy mumbled. Grimace breathed out loud. “Do it passionately or don’t do it at all. On me, you may rely. The phrase ended with a period that hung in the air. He showed a ring before continuing. “Come on, let’s flee together. Wed me. Birdie the Early Bird gasped, acting like she was witnessing a reality show rather than herself being proposed to in a busy fast food establishment. This was a surprise. She lostly regarded the future.

Then, in a classic case of fight or flight, she took off. She had left. Grimace spoke while still knelt. “You’ll not… His speech became halting. Fry Guy’s face dropped. “Grimace mourned, “Not my first time.” He began devouring the celebratory hamburgers on the table like they were pies. His face was covered with tears, which mixed with the food.

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An employee approached me as I was gazing into a Sangrita Blast machine and asked, “Kevin, do you want sauce? When I regained consciousness, I replied, “Do you possess the newest one? Only four bins containing the standard sauces were visible. I wished I didn’t have to visit another Taco Bell. His eyes glowed.” He mentioned Diablo. He returned after entering the back “They are scalding hot. You shouldn’t utilize more than three, as I did.” Thank you, I grinned. Before placing the packets in my bag, he paused. “a maximum of three. Or negative things will occur. terrible stuff Ensure me. Assurance Diablo. I blinked. He had a cat eye in one of his eyes. I turned to go, then I turned around. He had left. He had left to attend to another client, which is why he was gone.

Everything about the Diablo sauce is excellent. It has a numbing quality that the other alternatives don’t have and is hotter. The other sauces at Taco Bell, which have been generally underwhelming for as long as anyone can remember, are as follows: Verde tastes like green, Hot tastes like tomato sauce combined with ground pepper, and Mild tastes like sour salsa. Although it possesses stinging properties that stab at the mouth, Fire, the hottest sauce before Diablo, actually tastes like a watered-down Tabasco.

The flavor of tomato in Diablo sauce is initially nice and smokey. It gives place to a scratchy hum that intensifies into a heat crescendo before abruptly fading away, possibly after a minute or two. The heat does not linger as long as any of those strange spicy sauces available in specialty shops. However, the numbness is still present and cradles the mouth with a light heat that is not entirely embarrassing for people who enjoy hot sauce.

The sauce plateaus and doesn’t appear to seriously harm the face or senses. For an experiment, I did taste three packets with a cheesy bean and rice tortilla (as per my agreement). The initial package provided a considerable spice high. My mouth was so completely numb after taking the second packet that it didn’t really matter what I was eating. My nose started to run, but it wasn’t much. The third packet did not advance on the first. I didn’t sob or try to get some milk. Even though it was hotter than Taco Bell’s offerings, there was no danger. This wasn’t hot sauce for a stunt.

The main criticism is that it probably doesn’t go well with the majority of Taco Bell menu items. My burrito was simply walloped by it. Taco Bell food is already relatively bland in the sense of fast food, so adding a sauce of this magnitude eliminates whatever flavor complexity the item may have had. It might pair better, in my opinion, with foods that have sour cream, meat, or stronger flavors to balance it out. However, the majority of products will probably end up tasting spicy soft or spicy crunchy.

The sauce’s highlights are the liftoff and lingering tingle, thus I advise consuming one to two packets each meal or taking breaks to let the heat pass so you can ride Diablo once more. Diablo, hail thee.

Item: Diablo Sauce from Taco Bell Cost of purchasing: Free with purchase Amount: N/A bought at Taco Bell Eight out of ten Excellent heat and new dimensions. stays just long enough. Tingly sensation. Cons: Taco Bell cuisine is challenging to pair with.

Using his precision sauce dropping abilities, Trey manages to drop only two morsels of the Flashbang onto his taco. “I can’t take hot things very well. Trey admitted. Surprisingly, Trey proceeded with the challenge.

We filmed the exact moment the sauce began its thing on Trey after taking his first bite.

The next half hour that went by was a whirlwind of frenzied motions, choking sounds, and the desperate flapping of arms that all belonged to a suffering Trey Owens. Just a few droplets of Flashbang were all it took to throw Trey into a disarray. His eggnog swiftly disappeared down his throat, but the heat came on stronger and more furious, increasing the scorching anguish in Trey’s mouth with passing second.

Trey hurried to the soda machine for ice cubes, only to discover tragically that the ice machine was, unhappily for him, out of ice.

Eventually, after consuming a cup full of ice and stepping outside, Trey had finally regained his composure and will to keep living.

The ultimate results:

Taco Bell’s Diablo Sauce can be good and tasty if you only want a little kick in the consumption of your floppy cheap tacos, but it is far from the actual spice of life people want in spicy cuisine. If you’re looking for a truly scorching sauce, go no further than Flashbang.