How To Make Playdough Without Tartar Sauce?

I also like to keep my play dough in the refrigerator in these inexpensive airtight containers.

Making the Play Dough:

  • In a medium nonstick pot, combine the water, oil, and lemon juice and cook over medium heat (maybe even slightly lower heat depending on your stove).
  • Combine the flour, salt, and any other dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.
  • Slowly add the dry ingredients to the pot once the water is heated but not boiling, while mixing to blend. A wooden or plastic cooking spoon is what I use.
  • Stir continuously until the ingredients have combined, have dried out, and are beginning to form a ball. If any sections of the dough remain sticky, simply flatten it out and place the sticky side down on the bottom of the saucepan for a few seconds. Flip it back and forth a few times until it no longer appears sticky. Â However, do not overcook it. It’s preferable to be slightly undercooked since it will firm up as it cools.
  • Place on a layer of wax paper to cool for a few minutes. Then, for a minute or two, knead the dough to bring it all together.

This everything happens in a flash. I can prepare a batch of play dough in less than 5 minutes, despite the fact that I have never made play dough before.

Play Dough Recipe Tips and Information

To produce the blue and purple play dough, we used these neon gel food colors. I then added a few drops of the candy flavored oils to them. My daughter requested a grape in her purple play dough, while my son requested a cherry in his blue play dough.

I only used the oils because they were on sale, but I’ll use Kool-Aid to fragrance and color my play dough in the future. You can also add a few drops of food coloring to make the colors even more brilliant.

Because my kid combined my red apple play dough with the vanilla pastry play dough we used for our apple pie play dough exercise, the pinkish color smelled like apple pie.

One recipe will fill one of these 16-ounce plastic airtight containers. My favorite play dough hack is using these containers! I use them to keep my play dough fresh in the fridge for longer.

I hope you now feel confident in your ability to manufacture scented and colored play dough for your children!

If you’d rather try a no-cook play dough recipe, here’s one that doesn’t call for cream of tartar.

How do you make simple playdough?

In a large pot, combine the flour, salt, and cream of tartar. After that, pour in the water and oil. If you’re just going to make one color, do so now as well. Cook, stirring regularly, over medium heat. Continue to whisk until the dough thickens and starts to form a ball. Remove from the heat and place in a gallon-sized bag or on wax paper to cool. Allow to cool somewhat before kneading until the dough is smooth. If you want to add colors later, split the dough into balls (depending on how many colors you want) and place the dough in quart-sized bags. Start with roughly 5 drops of color (my favorite brands are listed above) and gradually increase the amount to brighten it. To avoid staining your hands, knead the dough inside the bag. You’re ready to play once you’ve mixed everything together.

Once the play dough is finished, store it in the bags to keep it soft. It can last up to three months in the refrigerator.

How do you make playdough with 3 ingredients?

This play dough recipe just calls for three ingredients, as the name implies. You can make excellent white play dough with just these three ingredients. If you want your play dough to be colored, you’ll need to add food coloring as the fourth component.

If you wanted to make it smell nice, you could use spices or essential oils to add a scent. I enjoy flavoring play dough with essential oils and spices. For examples of adding spices to play dough, see my Pumpkin Pie Play Dough or Apple Pie Play Dough.

How do you make playdough with flour water and salt?

2 c. liquid flour (two cups) 1 pound of salt 4 tsp cream of tartar 2 tbsp frying oil Colored food (optional) If you want to color the dough, mix food coloring with water. Combine the ingredients in a mixing bowl and heat until they form a ball. Knead the dough until it is smooth and store it in an airtight container.

Can u make playdough without cream of tartar?

This no-cook play dough is produced with a few easy materials that you probably already have on hand. The best part is that you can prepare homemade playdough without boiling it or adding any unusual ingredients like cream of tartar.

Warm water, salt, oil, and the food coloring of your choice make up this simple homemade playdough.

To get a printable list of ingredients, measurements, and instructions, keep reading to the end of this post.

How do you make baby playdough?

Miss G was already over the period of putting everything in her mouth when I started making play dough with her, so I never had to worry about her gobbling up bits of dough laced with salt and cream of tartar. It’s a whole new ballgame now that we have our little Sam. He observes what his older sister does and wants to do the same thing, plus he eats everything he touches, so creating a dough that is 100% edible and safe for newborns was a no-brainer.

And, while I’d been wanting to make a baby-safe dough for months, it was finding that Love Child Organics, my one-and-only go-to brand for prepared baby food, was releasing a line of infant cereals that finally convinced me to take the plunge.

Isn’t it strange that the word “infant cereal” conjures up images of baby play dough?


But I’m glad it did because it turned out even better than I had hoped, and now I have a fantastic baby play recipe that a) utilizes just things I always have on hand and b) takes less than 5 minutes to prepare.

That’s fantastic!

Love Child Organics’ Oats + Chia Organic Infant Cereal and First Apples Puree, cornstarch, coconut oil, and boiling water were used to make it. Isn’t it simple peasey? I haven’t tried other baby cereal or puree options, but I’m guessing you could use Love Child’s Buckwheat + Chia Organic Infant Cereal and First Pears Puree instead, though the color and flavor would certainly differ from the version we made. You could definitely use other brands of cereal and fruit sauce if you’re willing to tinker with the measurements to account for different consistency differences.

It’s quite easy to make the dough.

All you have to do now is measure and whisk together your dry ingredients…

However, get your hands in there and roll it up.

It’ll all fall into place in no time.

Dump the dough out on the table after you’ve made it into a ball and give it a vigorous kneading.

Then you’re all set to go!

You can even add some color if you wish.

I had I had some all-natural food dye on hand, but since I didn’t, I used McCormick liquid food coloring to ensure the dough didn’t turn out odd.

It didn’t work out.

It blended in perfectly and formed the most wonderful for baby pastel colors, so go ahead and use it if you don’t mind your baby eating food containing coloring.

And when I was kneading the color into my three small dough balls? My little gentleman had a lot of fun playing with his three empty fruit puree pouches.

I knelt down beside Sam and gave him a large portion of baby play dough, a plastic cookie cutter, and a little wooden rolling pin to see what he would do.

As a side note, just because this dough is created with baby-safe ingredients doesn’t mean you can give your kid a chunk and then walk away to do something else.

While it’s completely edible and safe for your baby to eat, a large bite could result in a choking crisis, so always keep an eye on your child when they’re playing.

He looked at it, turned it over in his hands, passed it from hand to hand, poked at it, and banged it with his rolling pin energetically.

I thought it was so creative that he grabbed chunks of it and used them to fill his cookie cutter.

Of course, he had a taste of it as well!

He didn’t appear to love it all that much, so he nibbled here and there but also did a lot of playing.

When we were finished, I put the dough in a zip-top bag and stored it in the fridge to see how it would hold up.

The next day, I discovered that it’s really hard while cold, but after letting it to warm up to room temperature, it’s soft and squishy again.

The only issue I had was that condensation accumulated overnight in the bag.

The two balls that were not in contact with the condensate were flawless.

They’re just as good as they were before, and they’re deserving of a second chance.

The other two balls, on the other hand, came into touch with the condensation and were overly soft and sticky as a result of the excess moisture.

I’m not sure if sucking the extra air out of the bag using a straw will help, but I’ll give it a go next time.

Even if it’s only for a day of play, our recipe makes a tiny amount of dough, and I think it’s worth creating.

In a mixing dish, stir together the infant cereal and cornstarch.

Toss the dry ingredients with the apple puree, softened coconut oil, and hot water and whisk thoroughly.

Bring the mixture together in a ball with your hands.

Place the dough on a work surface and knead it thoroughly.

That’s all there is to it — have fun!

How do you make natural playdough?

Instructions for making natural playdough:

  • cream of tartar, 2 tblsp (there is no organic cream of tartar, only non-gmo)
  • Natural food coloring or food-based powder (1-2 tablespoons) (5 drops).

How do you make playdough with two ingredients?


  • Mix everything together with your hands, gradually adding 1/2-1 cup water as you mix and knead until you obtain a dough ball.

How do you make playdough with 2 ingredients without cornstarch?

This no-bake playdough recipe from YouTuber MintChocChips just requires salt, water, food coloring, and flour. The finished product is bright and (technically) edible.