How Much Teasponful Maca Powder Should You Take?


  • In a small pot, combine all of the ingredients and heat to a moderate simmer, whisking to dissolve the maca and spices.
  • Pour into a mug once warmed, sweeten to taste, and top with extra cinnamon, if preferred.

Dosage: Take 1 teaspoon (3.1 grams) of maca powder every day for 6 to 12 weeks to observe results. The daily doses utilized in the research varied from 3 to 3.5 grams.

Is it possible to consume too much maca powder?

Risks. In most people, maca is not associated with any health risks, and moderate doses are unlikely to cause any negative effects. People with thyroid issues should avoid using maca because of its hormonal effects.

What happens if you consume an excessive amount of maca root?

Though no studies have been done on the negative consequences of too much maca, one vendor claims that a tiny proportion of consumers have reported jittery emotions, insomnia, and mild digestive issuesusually from first-time users and those still adjusting to the substance. But don’t worry: even if you put a little too much in your smoothie, you’ll probably be fine. Overdosing is virtually impossible.

Even if you unintentionally put too much maca powder in your smoothie, you’ll probably be fine. Overdosing is virtually impossible.

Still, what is the magic number for reaping the many benefits of maca? “Effective levels in studies vary from 2,000 milligrams to 3,500 milligrams daily,” says Amy Gorin, MS, RDN, proprietor of Amy Gorin Nutrition in New York City. However, once your body adjusts, you can begin slowly. However, there are a few situations in which you should consult your doctor before consuming adaptogens: “People with thyroid difficulties, hypertension, hormone-responsive cancers like breast or prostate cancer, and women on birth control pills, pregnant, or breastfeeding should check their doctors before consuming maca,” she advises.

Is 1000 mg of maca sufficient?

Most nutritionists recommend a daily maca dosage of 500 mg to 600 mg for most people; however, the exact amount for each individual is influenced by hormone levels, food, and desired health advantages.

Some people consume ten times that amount, notably in Peru, a South American country where maca is a typical food staple. The majority of users experiment with large and low doses while monitoring their body’s reactions until they find the optimum quantity through trial and error. A dose error is usually easy to recognize because small amounts produce no noticeable changes in energy or sexual health, whereas large amounts can negate the beneficial effects of maca and create acute lethargy and sexual dysfunction. Keeping a written record of their body’s daily response while increasing or lowering in 300-mg increments every day is an effective technique for some people to identify the optimal dosage level.

How much maca should I take on a daily basis?

Maca powder, liquid, pills, and capsules are among the commercially available dosage forms. The majority of commercial websites recommend taking 1 dried maca extract 450 mg capsule three times a day, orally with food.

Is it safe to consume maca on a daily basis?

When eaten in foods, maca is probably safe for the majority of people. When consumed in bigger doses as medicine for a short period of time, maca may be considered safe. When administered for up to 4 months, doses of up to 3 grams per day appear to be safe.

What is maca 500mg used for?

To increase libido and energy, maca root is given to diet. It’s also being examined as a treatment for sexual dysfunction, depression, hair loss, hot flashes, and fertility, though additional research is needed to back up these claims.

Is it true that maca powder makes you fat?

The most important thing to remember about Maca is that it is a food, not a supplement. You are consuming a meal that has been farmed and utilized by people living high in the Andes mountains for over 2000 years when you ingest pure, certified organic Maca powder. While living in the severe conditions of very high elevations, they have taken it for health reasons without side effects to naturally raise their energy, improve their fertility, and increase their stamina (12,000 feet and above).

Maca is a nutritional powerhouse with a high vitamin content. It’s also an adaptogenic food that helps people maintain healthy hormone balance and vigor.

In terms of obtaining information, “Here’s what you need to know about acquiring “maca buttocks” from this superfood:

Maca powder is low in fat and calories. Only 35 calories and 1 gram of fat are contained in a daily intake of 3 teaspoons. This means that Maca will not cause you to gain weight.

Maca has 4 grams of bioavailable protein per daily intake. This 100 percent natural vegetable protein is easy to digest and assimilate, which is why it’s frequently included in natural bodybuilding supplements.

Maca is a well-known natural supplement “It’s anabolic.” Compounds found in anabolic meals aid in the development of muscle fibres. Of course, it only works if the muscles you wish to grow are really exercised. If you do this, Maca will help them grow normally.

Because the butt includes the largest muscles in the body (the gluteus maximus), a purposefully structured workout regimen combined with Maca root will aid in the development of a larger butt.

One of the numerous advantages of Maca is that it aids with hormone balance. That is, it promotes a healthy amount of estrogen, which is linked to the enhancement of female curves.

Is maca powder preferable to maca capsules?

Maca root is a popular supplement made from the root of a turnip-like plant native to Peru’s mountains. According to studies, maca root is a beneficial supplement for increasing libido and boosting reproductive health in both men and women. (2) Check out some of the essential aspects to look for when looking for maca root before committing to a particular brand.

Raw vs. Gelatinized

Though the name gelatinized implies that gelatin has been added, this is not the case; the product is still vegan. Before being crushed up, gelatinized maca is cooked to remove some of the starchiness. While this does reduce some of the natural nutrients, many people find it simpler to stomach. The raw maca, on the other hand, is dried before being powdered. This technique preserves all of the nutrients in the maca, however raw maca may be difficult to stomach for certain people.

Maca Color

Maca root comes in a variety of colors, with yellow, black, and red being the most popular. While some people believe that each color has its own set of characteristics, there isn’t much evidence to support this up.


While there is no universally accepted dosage for maca root, the majority of research that have been undertaken to examine its efficacy use one-and-a-half to three grams per day. (3) Of course, it’s always a good idea to talk to a doctor about what’s best for you before committing to a specific dose.

Powder vs. Capsule

Many people appreciate maca’s distinct nutty and earthy flavor, which pairs well with coffee and pastries. There are capsule versions available for individuals who aren’t interested in the taste. Although capsules are slightly more expensive per serving, they may be more handy. The benefits of maca root can be obtained in powder or capsule form, so the choice is essentially a matter of taste and application.


Before taking any supplement, it’s crucial to know what’s within the capsule or powder. Examine the contents list carefully to ensure that no unwanted additions, preservatives, or fillers have been included (assuming you want a pure or close-to-pure supplement). Although not all supplement manufacturers conduct independent third-party testing for maca root, those who do will usually include that information in their marketing.

Is it true that maca makes you acquire weight?

When considering maca as a supplement or a food, keep in mind the potential adverse effects. Always check with your doctor before starting a new diet or supplementation plan based on a new food source.

Does maca powder cause weight gain?

Maca powder can make you gain weight in two different ways. Both are concerned with how the supplement interacts with the body.

Maca powder stimulates weight growth in two ways. The first is by balancing the body’s natural hormones. Maca is a cruciferous vegetable that aids the thyroid gland in the production of hormones in the body. The body employs this system to digest foods, manage energy levels, and distribute nutrients to the body once the hormones are balanced. Your hunger may increase if your hormones are in balance and you utilize more energy.

You may gain weight if you increase your calorie consumption. Adding maca to meals could help you gain a few pounds, depending on a number of conditions.

The anabolic activity of maca powder is the second way it helps you gain weight. Maca powder aids in the efficient burning of calories by your muscles. As a result, you get more out of your workout sessions. Adding muscle mass to your body causes you to gain weight. Increasing your physical activity allows you to burn more calories, which causes you to consume more calories.

The consumption of maca powder does not necessarily result in weight gain. The weight increase is caused by what occurs to your appetite and workout after you consume maca powder. If you consume more of the correct meals and then start exercising after taking a maca pill, you can gain weight.

Higher cortisol (stress hormone) levels can cause belly fat, thus the pill can assist. Weight loss can be aided by reducing belly fat, but this is dependent on other lifestyle factors.

Enhances physical performance

When it comes to gaining muscle and getting curves, exercise is essential.

According to certain studies, maca can help you perform better at the gym and improve your training routine, which could help you get more curvy.

A tiny research of eight people indicated that taking maca extract for 14 days enhanced cycling time when compared to a placebo (4).

Similarly, giving maca extract to mice for three weeks boosted endurance and increased the time to fatigue in a swimming test by up to 41%, according to one study (5).

May support energy levels

Maca may enhance your energy levels in addition to enhancing endurance and stamina, giving your workout routine a boost.

A 12-week trial of 175 adults indicated that consuming 3 grams of maca daily improved mood and energy levels significantly (6).

Maca extract was also found to aid mice overcome weariness during a swimming test in a study (7).

In another study, concentrated maca extract alleviated fatigue in mice by lowering various markers of muscle injury during exercise (8).

Should be paired with exercise

According to the studies above, maca can aid improve physical performance and reduce weariness.

However, unless combined with regular exercise, maca is unlikely to have any influence on your body composition or curviness.

As a result, it’s critical to pair your maca pill with a balanced diet and exercise plan to get the most out of it.

When combined with regular exercise, maca may help you get curvier by improving physical performance and energy levels.