Where To Get Flour In Genshin Impact?

The restaurant Mondstadt sells flour. Just speak with Sara, the waitress at the Good Hunter.

In Genshin Impact, how do you create flour?

Players must first travel to Springvale before heading west from Windrise, which will take them to the deadly Drunken Gorge. The game’s backstory claims that this location was formerly a shopping district but was devastated when monsters and other creatures entered the planet.

You can find a lot of wheat by entering the gorge and looking through all the containers, carts, and barrels. The process of making flour requires a cooking pot after all the wheat has been gathered. Many of the cookery dishes in Genshin Impact, like Mushroom pizza, Fishy toast, Fisherman’s toast, and so on, call for flour as a key ingredient. Look for a mark of a spoon and fork in the minimap to direct you to the cooking pot area on the map. For the last step, all you have to do is interact with the cooking fire and select the Process option from the second menu tab. You can choose to turn wheat into flour by just clicking on the wheat item.

Are ingredients available in Genshin?

Some ingredients, such milk, can be purchased from Monstadt’s General Goods Shop or Liyue Harbor’s Second Life, but the majority must be foraged from the wild. Teyvat is full with materials that can be processed into ingredients for cookery, including:

  • Wildflowers and mushrooms were discovered there.
  • Fish are typically found in rivers, oceans, and even at the base of waterfalls.
  • Birds can be shot with a bow or struck with a sword and can be found everywhere across Teyvat.

Breaking boxes in enemy dungeons and camps can also produce a wealth of both common and uncommon cooking supplies.

How can I cultivate Genshin wheat?

You must be aware of where to find wheat in Genshin Impact because food is essential for healing and HP restoration. Food is the quickest way to replenish health, and there will be plenty of adversaries that are difficult to defeat.

So you must don your exploring hat in order to obtain wheat. Get out into the wild and start scavenging for wheat. However, getting it that way can be a bit of a challenge; instead, you can go to a certain place to find wheat.

The place is called Drunken Gorge. It is located northeast of Dawn Winery and northwest of Springvale. When you arrive at this location, you’ll notice that there are numerous crates, barrels, and other storage containers filled with Genshin Impact wheat. Here you can effortlessly farm and process wheat. In addition to this, you can buy it from any general store you come across.

Once you’ve got that, the following step is to use a cooking fire to turn it into flour. Utilize the cooking fire by interacting with it, then selecting Process to transform the wheat into flour. We offer a comprehensive guide on how to process ingredients that will walk you through each step.

Many different cooking dishes, including Fisherman’s toast, mushroom pizza, fishy toast, and many others, call for flour. You now know where to find wheat, so make some flour and start cooking!

Where can I find Genshin recipes?

vendors of Liyue food recipes

  • near Liyue Harbor, chef Mao.
  • In Liyue Harbor, Licai.
  • Yueshu at the port of Liyue.
  • Gui, a herbalist, is at Liyue Harbor.
  • In Qingce Village, Ms. Bai.
  • Goldet in Wangshu Inn verr.

What food products does xiangling desire?

Dialog in Media:vo xllq006 the siegfria 02.ogg Siegfria: I can’t, I have to. I am here to assist… Keep your sights on the prize, always.

Media:vo xllq006 3 xiangling 01.ogg

Xiangling: Ingredients are our primary issue. I don’t have anything appropriate here, but we need something extra to dress up the steak. Hmm…

Vo xllq006 3 xiangling 02.ogg

Xiangling: I have it! We need radish, that’s all. It will offer a hint of freshness whether it is mashed or grated.

Vo:XLLQ006 3 xiangling 03.ogg Xiangling: And as a garnish, we can carve small flowers out of it. Two birds with one stone!

vo xllq006 3 xiangling 04.ogg

Xiangling: There should be some radishes around, so go get me one. Oh, and wash it thoroughly because it will be placed in the dish!

Media:vo dialog xiangling 01.ogg (XLLQ006)

Xiangling: Bring me some radishes, please. And remember to wash them in the water as well!

vo xllq006 5 Paimon 01.ogg

Paimon: Hurry up! Let’s use the lake to wash the radish.

Vo XLLQ006 6 Paimon 01.ogg

Paimon: Oh no! Slimes! scared the living daylights out of Paimon!

Vo XLLQ006 6 Paimon 02.ogg

Paimon: This is much too near the event! What if they cause a commotion during the contest?

Vo XLLQ006 6 Paimon 03.ogg

Paimon: I don’t think we should take the chance. Get after them, traveler!

Where can I find food supplies in Mondstadt?

Unlike certain other components, salt cannot be processed by players, nor can it be found laying around in the open world. Players must instead buy salt from one of three stores:

  • General Goods in Mondstadt
  • Third Life
  • Tsukumomono Food Store

Each of these three shops offers salt for sale for 60 Mora. They all have a stockpile of 100 salt, which they replenish every day.

Mondstadt General Goods

In Mondstadt General Goods, an NPC by the name of Blanche sells salt along with other ingredients. Straight front of the entrance gate of Mondstadt, close to the water fountain, sits this shop.

Second Life

Salt is another item that Second Life’s Dongsheng sells at Liyue Harbor. His business is positioned adjacent to a teleport waypoint and a street food vendor in the southeast of the city.

Tsukumomono Groceries

Tsukumomono Groceries became available to Genshin Impact players with the addition of Inazuma in version 2.0. The NPC Aoi is here selling salt along with other food items.

Inazuma City’s Tsukumomono Groceries can be found directly in front of the teleport waypoint on the northern edge of the city.

Uses for salt in Genshin Impact

Currently, the following meals require salt as an ingredient:

  • An All-Summer Beauty (1-star recovery dish)
  • Dry-braised fish with salt (1-star recovery dish)
  • Fish stew with radish (2-star ATK dish)
  • Bright Sprat (3-star DEF dish)
  • Chazuke Unagi (3-star DEF dish)
  • Forest Dream (3-star DEF dish)
  • Stew of Black-Back Perch (3-star recovery dish)
  • Fish Boiling at Wanmin Restaurant (3-star recovery dish)
  • Chop Suey in Zhongyuan (3-star stamina dish)
  • Brown Crab (4-star DEF dish)

In addition, processing a number of other substances requires salt. Bacon, ham, and smoked poultry are all created with salt and can be used to prepare various dishes.

As Genshin Impact is updated, more meals and ingredients might need salt. With the addition of more regions to Genshin Impact’s map, there might also be more supermarkets where players can purchase salt.

How does Lisa Genshin impact your gift?

It’s crucial to consider what you already know and can infer about Lisa from her demeanor and her words as you begin this search. She is a librarian, for example, and you know it. You can use these hints to guide your decision-making in the Troublesome Work quest, or you can just choose from the options listed below.

You’re tasked with helping Lisa retrieve a book that was improperly returned to the library as part of the quest. The quest will lead you from one store and seller to the next, and at each, you can pick up a little something for Lisa.

Here are the shops and the best gift to get Lisa from each. If you don’t initially see all four possibilities, talk to Lisa or the vendor; they can give you some pointers that will make more alternatives visible.

  • You can choose between a Ragged Old Scroll, Voodoo Doll, Bloomers, or a Rusty Sword in the With Wind Comes Glory store. Remember that Lisa is a librarian, so you should present her a Ragged Old Scroll since she would appreciate its intellectual quality.
  • The Good Hunters Food stand comes next. You have the choice of a satisfying salad, steak, smoked chicken, radish vegetable soup, or at this shop. Give Lisa the Radish Veggie Soup for a favorable response because the chef will inform you that she is a vegetarian and that it is the better of the two vegetarian selections. Did you realize that all of these foods are recipes that the player may prepare? You certainly do now!
  • Finally, you pay Donna a visit at the flower shop. Here, you have a choice of four flowers to give as gifts: a dandelion, a mist flower, a rose, or a cecilia. If you ask Donna for advice, she will nudge you in the direction of purchasing the Cecilia as Lisa’s last present.

That’s all; you can now proceed to finish Lisa’s Troublesome Work quest when the last present has been provided. Like we said, your gift selection won’t affect your incentives, but Lisa will appreciate it. Yes, that is worthwhile.