Where To Get 00 Flour?

Are you anticipating pizza night or cooking a traditional Italian meal this weekend? Or perhaps you’re opening a bakery and want to market the greatest baked goods locally or online.

Choosing the right flour is the first step in creating the best baked goods. This is where the Italian 00 flour comes in. Pizza crusts, biscuits, gnocchi, ravioli, spaghetti, pancakes, lasagna, homemade pasta, focaccia, gnocchi, cookies, deep-dish pizza, tortillas, and other baked products are all great uses for Italian 00 wheat.

Because it has a similar gluten content to all-purpose flour and is finely ground, it will give your pizza dough or sourdough greater flexibility and a better flavor without becoming rubbery.

One of the top 00 brands of flour is Antimo Caputo. Although Caputo offers several varieties of 00 flour, it can be challenging to distinguish between them, including:

  • Pizza made using blue 00 flour is renowned for being thin in the center and thick around the borders.
  • Red 00 flour: The red bag is a top option for pizzas with a thinner crust.
  • Brown 00 flour: This gluten-free flour for bread and pizzas is made from a combination of rice and potato starches, soy and rice flour, thickeners, sugar, and dietary fiber.

Polselli, Molino Grassi, Casillo, Delallo, Farina, King Arthur, Classica, and Anna are further brands of 00 flour. However, 00 flour is more difficult to locate than all-purpose flour.

Short answer: Walmart, King Arthur, HEB, Jewel, Kroger, Meijer, Publix, Whole Foods, Ralphs, and Wegmans are the best stores to buy 00 flour close to me.

If you don’t feel like driving to your neighborhood 24-hour Walmart after work, you can still get 00 flour online. The top online retailers for 00 flour are igourmet, Amazon, and Ditalia.

What does “Double Zero Mean?

Wheat flours are divided into different categories in America and many other nations according on how much protein they contain. The classification is carried out a little differently in Italy and a few other European nations; it is based on how finely ground the flour is and how much of the germ and bran have been removed.

Italian grades are divided into 2, 1, 0, and 00. Since Type 2 has the coarsest grinding, it contains the most germ and bran. The grind gets finer and more bran and germ are eliminated as you travel down the system. The most refined flour is double zero, often known as doppio zero or 00 flour. Its silky soft texture is reminiscent of baby powder.

One of the most widely available brands in America, Caputo type 00, is sometimes regarded as the industry benchmark. Many chefs all around the world use it, especially those in Naples, where pizza is thought to have been invented. It is intended for household ovens with temperatures between 450 and 500F. If you have a higher-temperature oven, you might want to try their Pizzeria flour, which is made for 700F or higher ovens.

Is Double Zero Flour High in Protein?

Things start to become a little hazy at this point. Depending on the wheat variety, 00 flour’s protein level can change. You may usually find the term “soft wheat” or “hard wheat” on packets of 00 flour. American consumers can typically get soft wheat flours derived from durum wheat. They can have anywhere between 11.5% and 12.5% protein, depending on the brand.

Durum wheat has a high protein content and produces extremely potent gluten. This gluten is less elastic than that found in other types of wheat, though. As a result, the baked food you receive won’t have the prolonged chew you would get from a more elastic gluten, but it will still have a solid structure and bite to it.

How Is it Different from All-Purpose Flour?

Although American all-purpose flour and British plain flour both have about the same amount of protein as 00 flour, you’ll typically notice some variances in the completed baked good’s texture. Hard and soft wheat, frequently durum and red wheat, are combined to create all-purpose flour. This enables the manufacturer to obtain a blend with a certain protein content that results in more elastic gluten. This implies that an all-purpose flour pizza crust will be chewier.

Can You Substitute All-Purpose for 00 Flour?

Yes, you can, is the clear-cut response. When 00 flour is called for in a recipe, all-purpose flour is frequently called for as a replacement. There shouldn’t be any issues utilizing it in your preferred homemade cake, but the all-purpose will have a little chewier texture.

Taste of Home

Though 00 flour could be a little more difficult to locate, you should be able to acquire some at a reputable Italian grocery store. But expect to pay a little bit extra in the end. Does it merit it? Making your own pizza crust is well worth the cost.

Are 00 flour and plain flour interchangeable?

The majority of “00 flour sold in the US is made from durum wheat and has a moderate protein concentration of 11–12%, comparable to all-purpose white flour.

Does pizza require 00 flour?

A few highly distinct qualities of Neapolitan pizza include the use of solely straightforward, seasonal ingredients. The basic dough, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, basil, and extra virgin olive oil are all included in this. Neapolitan pizza is likewise cooked at a very high temperature for a little period of time; typically, it takes less than 90 seconds to reach 800-900 degrees F. A vital component of an authentic Neapolitan pizza is 00 flour since it bakes to the ideal consistency in a wood-fired oven.

Does 00 flour correspond to pizza flour?

Italian 00 flour, commonly referred to as doppio zero (literally, “double zero”) flour, is an extremely fine white flour that is regarded as the benchmark for producing pasta and pizza bases. Flour is rated in Italy and various other European nations based on how finely it is ground, starting with 00, the highest quality, moving through 0 and 1, and ending with 2, the coarsest grade obtainable.

Only refined grains with their nutritive but coarse-textured bran and germ removed can be used to create the finest-texturing 00 flour. After then, it is milled repeatedly until it has an extra-fine consistency akin to baby powder.

If you wish to use 00 wheat to make pizza dough or pasta, there are various varieties available. Gluten content is the primary distinction between these flours, as producing pasta calls for a little lower gluten flour than creating pizza. They will typically be identified as “00 pasta flour” or “00 pizza flour” on the label.

What can I substitute for 00 flour while making pasta?

a type of wheat flour that is generally ground in Italy, where millers assign a “zero” rating to each batch of flour. The texture of single zero flour is similar to very powdery semolina, and triple zero flour is even finer, like cornstarch. However, regular flour is typically categorized as double zero, or “00.”

After that, millers would mix several wheat strains to create flour that is suitable for a variety of uses. As a result, you can purchase both a ’00’ flour suited for ordinary white bread and a ’00’ flour suitable for pasta with a very golden color. See what usage is advised on the packet to achieve the best outcome. It can be substituted with plain flour in cake recipes and with strong white bread flour in bread, pizza, and pasta ones. Because it frequently has less protein than British flours, it creates cakes with a finer texture and bread with a more crispier crust.

Which 00 flour brand is the best?

Caputo Tipo 00 Pizza Flour is simply unbeatable in terms of quality. Antimo Caputo is a firm situated in Naples that produces a particularly distinctive form of flour called Caputo 00 flour. Caputo is renowned across the world for its premium pizza flour, which is made primarily from wheat grown nearby. One of the “authorized suppliers by the True Neapolitan Pizza Association” is Antimo Caputo (AVPN). Despite producing a variety of flours, Antimo Caputo is best known for their Tipo 00 pizza flours.

Other types of flour can certainly be used to make a delicious pizza, but Caputo 00 is the better option for pizza dough. It is manufactured by the Caputo family from a selection of the finest grains, is finely ground, and has less gluten than most other flours. Starting with Caputo Tipo 00 flour will ensure that your homemade pizza is both authentic and delicious.

Test Results

Our pizzas tasted authentic, somewhat like the pizza you might have at a real Neapolitan restaurant, as was to be expected, thanks to this flour. The amount of moisture you use determines how soft and airy the dough becomes. This is the pizza we usually order.


Professionals from all around the world agree that Caputo Tipo 00 flour is the most effective kind of flour to use for pizza dough. Our tests also supported this. [/summary]

Is pizza flour 00 alright?

If the 00 flour has a similar protein composition of 12–14% and isn’t a 00 flour better suited for pasta, it can be used in your bread and pizza recipes. You can discover that using a new 00 flour will result in a different outcome for the dough because different flours will respond in different ways in a recipe. Withholding a portion of the customary amount of water, add it gradually until the consistency resembles that of a dough that has already been combined.

Does 00 flour absorb more water?

The amount of water that must be added to flour to make it the same consistency as another dough is known as the absorption rate. To achieve the same texture, a low absorption flour requires less water than a high absorption flour.

Compared to stronger bread flours, 00 flour has a lower absorption rate since it is a finer flour. As a result, you probably won’t need as much water. Try taking the exact same amount of water and slowly adding it. When using 00 flour, you can discover that you require about 5% less hydration.

Can you use pizza flour for bread?

As long as the flour is a bread flour, which normally has greater protein and consequently gluten, you can use pizza or 00 flour for bread. Regarding the results, I predict that most home bakers won’t see much of a change unless they bake frequently. You could discover that the crust on the bread gets crispier. Additionally, the dough may be quite soft and the crumb may be very fragile due to the delicate nature of the flour.

Remember that different substances absorb water differently, so you might need to adjust your recipe. I would gradually add water until you reached a consistency you were comfortable with.

Are semolina and 00 flour the same thing?

Although both semola and 00 flour are made from wheat, their flavor and texture are very different. Italians categorize various flours according on how finely they have been ground. While “00” flour is a considerably finer powder, “1” flour is wheat flour with bigger particles and a coarser texture.

Wheat flour designated as “00” is soft and ideal for baking, especially cakes and crumbly pastries.

Due to its texture and granular nature, soft wheat flour can also be used for pasta. It is the best flour for ravioli pasta in addition to being perfect for softer pasta shapes like tagliatelle. A delicate flavor is necessary for these delicate packets so as not to overpower their decadent fillings.

Although 00 flour isn’t the most accessible kind of flour, there are a number of places to buy it. You may either order it online or find it at most specialty grocery stores. If you want to make truly authentic pasta, it’s worth the effort to buy 00 wheat, which is used in kitchens all around Italy.

What kind of flour works best for making pizza dough?

The majority of all-purpose flour has between 9 and 11% protein and, consequently, between 9 and 11% gluten. Since this proportion falls in the midway of all other flour types, all-purpose flour can be used for just about anything.

Dough produced with all-purpose flour won’t be very flexible and could risk breaking if you’re not careful because it’s neither too high in gluten nor too low.

Does King Arthur flour have a mill code of 00?

It’s common to see Italian-style or “00 flour in pizza recipes. While various “double 0s” with higher protein content are available, King Arthur’s is a particularly fine-textured, low-protein flour that works well to create mellow, manageable doughs that are perfect for thin-crust pizza, flatbreads, and focaccia.

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