Where Can I Buy Tipo 00 Flour?

Use 00 wheat from Italy whether you run a commercial bakery, bake on the side at home, or simply want to make real pizza.

Its gluten content is stronger and less elastic due to its fine grinding, giving your baked goods a robust structure and a lovely bite.

While some national and local retailers, like Walmart, Kroger, Publix, and Whole Foods, carry several 00 flour brands, most supermarket stores do not carry the Italian 00 flour. Additionally, you can get 00 flour online from stores like Amazon and Ditalia.

Consider using all-purpose flour as a 00 flour alternative if you are unable to locate 00 flour locally. Even while the final baked goods may have a slightly different texture and chewiness, it will still work perfectly.

What else is available in place of Tipo 00 flour?

Whatever properties a recipe requires in its flour, there are many fantastic alternatives to utilizing 00 flour. The top alternatives to 00 flour are:

  • Pastry flour
  • Whole Wheat Flour
  • Wheat Flour, Whole
  • Baking Flour
  • Brown Rice Flour

For example, a cuisine that needs elastic dough will work best with high protein flours like bread flour or semolina flour. Pastry flour or even all-purpose flour will work best for a recipe that calls for finely textured flour.

Some of your dish’s features will alter if you use a different flour, but they might even improve it. The finest replacement must ultimately be discovered through experimenting in order to suit your cuisine and preferences.

The qualities of various flour types have an impact on the foods they are used to make. The country or region determines how flour is labeled. Similar flours may have several different designations or go by various names.

The letter 00 in 00 flour refers to the flour’s texture. From 00, which denotes finely ground, to 2, which denotes coarsely ground,

The typical Italian flour kind, 00, is used frequently in pizza and pasta preparations. Outside of the parts of Europe where the 00 classification is in use, this type of flour could be difficult to locate.

Due to the changes in how flour is classified, it can be difficult to find 00 flour in North America.

Differentiation in North America is focused on protein content rather than texture.

There is no one type of 00 flour because different types have different characteristics, such as different levels of protein and gluten.

You can use the same proportion of the alternative flour as specified in the recipe you are following when substituting for 00 flour. If you are making a dish for the first time, stick as closely to the recipe as you can, even if you use a substitute.

Which 00 flour brand is the best?

Caputo Tipo 00 Pizza Flour is truly unbeatable in terms of quality. Antimo Caputo is a firm situated in Naples that produces a particularly distinctive form of flour called Caputo 00 flour. Caputo is renowned across the world for its premium pizza flour, which is made primarily from wheat grown nearby. One of the “authorized suppliers by the True Neapolitan Pizza Association” is Antimo Caputo (AVPN). Despite producing a variety of flours, Antimo Caputo is best known for their Tipo 00 pizza flours.

Other types of flour can certainly be used to make a delicious pizza, but Caputo 00 is the better option for pizza dough. It is manufactured by the Caputo family from a selection of the finest grains, is finely ground, and has less gluten than most other flours. Starting with Caputo Tipo 00 flour will ensure that your homemade pizza is both authentic and delicious.

Test Results

Our pizzas tasted authentic, somewhat like the pizza you might have at a real Neapolitan restaurant, as was to be expected, thanks to this flour. The amount of moisture you use determines how soft and airy the dough becomes. This is the pizza we usually order.


Professionals from all around the world agree that Caputo Tipo 00 flour is the most effective kind of flour to use for pizza dough. Our tests also supported this. [/summary]

Is Tipo 00 flour the same as bread flour?

This is crucial since the amount of gluten affects how chewy the crust will be. Gluten in moderation creates chewy, fluffy bread. Gluten is produced when the proteins glutenin and gliadin from wheat are combined with water in the ideal ratio.

Most frequently, bread flour is used to make pizza dough. Due to the high gluten content of bread flour, baked pizza crust will have a crispy outside. The presence of gluten guarantees the springiness of the crust. It will bounce back as you stretch it, which can be problematic for some people. High gluten flours like bread flour have a gluten level of up to 13 or 14.

00 flour has a reduced gluten level of about 12 percent, which is ideal and will produce a chewy crust rather than the outcomes of bread flour.

Do they carry 00 flour at Trader Joe’s?

Yes, I did go there. Have you ever bought Trader Joe’s or any other prepared pizza dough? Have you ever noticed how soft and sticky the dough was? It is manufactured with flour grade 00! So sure, 00 flour is available at Trader Joe’s, but it is used to make pre-made pizza dough. It is the ideal replacement for my grilled pizza made with 00 flour and is available in the store’s refrigerated department. a one-stop shop offering excellent quality, yes? No, Trader Joe’s is not a sponsor of this article. I simply love shopping at the grocery store and appreciate making your life a little bit simpler.

Why is pizza made using 00 wheat better?

There will always be disagreements over whether it is feasible to create a delicious pizza in a home oven without the 1,000° fire that burns inside the top pizzerias. We think it’s definitely possible, therefore let’s move on to the next issue: is it accurate to say that the sort of flour you use has just as much bearing as the oven? If our test kitchen experience is any indication, all flours are most definitely not created equal when it comes to creating pizza. The perfect pizza crust is thinner in the center and has a slightly inflated rim for that essential crunch. When testing the pizza margherita recipe, we developed a strong affection for Caputo 00, an Italian flour that has been called the “grand don” or “Godfather of flours.”

Due to its fine grinding and lower gluten concentration than most flours, Caputo 00 flour is perfect for making pizza dough. Italian flours are categorized by numbers based on how finely they are ground, starting with the coarsest “tipo1 and ending with the finest “00. The “00 denotes the texture of the flour. The elasticity you experience when you bite into a crunchy loaf of bread is due to gluten, a naturally occurring protein that is left over after the starch in wheat grains is removed. Less flexibility will be present in your dough as the protein content of the flour, gluten, and gluten all decrease (cake flour has the lowest gluten level). Different wheat strands are chosen for processing in order to control the amount of gluten produced; for example, high-gluten bread flour is produced from wheat with 14–15% gluten. While this is going on, the Caputo 00 is created using a selection of the best grains the Caputo family has been able to locate to give your dough just the right amount of stretch at 12.5% gluten.

Can you use 00 flour in place of semolina flour?

Semolina flour is next on the list. The texture of this flour, which is made from durum wheat, is a little bit coarser than that of most other types of flour. Additionally, it is usually yellow in hue.

Semolina is actually the greatest 00 flour substitute for making homemade pasta, according to any expert chef. While combining the two yields fantastic results, semolina alone will provide a flavorful and savory pasta dough. Use different flour if you want to bake bread or pizza, though.

What distinguishes 00 flour from all-purpose flour?

The behavior of the gluten in each flour, in addition to the degree of grind, is another significant distinction between “00 flour and all-purpose flour. While the gluten in red wheat flour is both robust and elastic, the gluten in durum wheat flour tends to be stronger but not as elastic. This means that when using durum wheat, our breads and pasta will have a wonderful bite but less chew. Therefore, when used in pizza dough along with bread flour, 00 flour produces a chewy, crispy crust—the ideal combination!

All things considered, using all-purpose flour in place of “00 flour is often OK. If you were raised in Europe or are highly familiar with products made from “00 flour, you’ll feel a texture change, but all of your recipes will still turn out perfectly.

The ideal flour for pizza dough?

All-purpose flour can be used for nearly anything, just as it sounds. In the majority of pizza dough recipes, it will taste nice, but it can occasionally be trickier to spread out because it might break more easily. All-purpose flour works well for thin crust, New York style, and Neapolitan-style pizzas as well as Sicilian and deep dish pizzas. Although the typical store brand is sufficient, many people swear by King Arthur Flour.

What does “Double Zero Mean?

Wheat flours are divided into different categories in America and many other nations according on how much protein they contain. The classification is carried out a little differently in Italy and a few other European nations; it is based on how finely ground the flour is and how much of the germ and bran have been removed.

Italian grades are divided into 2, 1, 0, and 00. Since Type 2 has the coarsest grinding, it contains the most germ and bran. The grind gets finer and more bran and germ are eliminated as you travel down the system. The most refined flour is double zero, often known as doppio zero or 00 flour. Its silky soft texture is reminiscent of baby powder.

Caputo type 00, one of the most commonly available kinds in America, is frequently called the gold standard. Many chefs all around the world use it, especially those in Naples, where pizza is thought to have been invented. It is intended for household ovens with temperatures between 450 and 500F. If you have a higher-temperature oven, you might want to try their Pizzeria flour, which is made for 700F or higher ovens.

Is Double Zero Flour High in Protein?

Things start to become a little hazy at this point. Depending on the wheat variety, 00 flour’s protein level can change. You may usually find the term “soft wheat” or “hard wheat” on packets of 00 flour. American consumers can typically get soft wheat flours derived from durum wheat. They can have anywhere between 11.5% and 12.5% protein, depending on the brand.

Durum wheat has a high protein content and produces extremely potent gluten. This gluten is less elastic than that found in other types of wheat, though. As a result, the baked food you receive won’t have the prolonged chew you would get from a more elastic gluten, but it will still have a solid structure and bite to it.

How Is it Different from All-Purpose Flour?

Although American all-purpose flour and British plain flour both have about the same amount of protein as 00 flour, you’ll typically notice some variances in the completed baked good’s texture. Hard and soft wheat, frequently durum and red wheat, are combined to create all-purpose flour. This enables the manufacturer to obtain a blend with a certain protein content that results in more elastic gluten. This implies that an all-purpose flour pizza crust will be chewier.

Can You Substitute All-Purpose for 00 Flour?

Yes, you can, is the clear-cut response. When 00 flour is called for in a recipe, all-purpose flour is frequently called for as a replacement. There shouldn’t be any issues utilizing it in your preferred homemade cake, but the all-purpose will have a little chewier texture.

Taste of Home

Though 00 flour could be a little more difficult to locate, you should be able to acquire some at a reputable Italian grocery store. But expect to pay a little bit extra in the end. Does it merit it? Making your own pizza crust is well worth the cost.

Does rising with 00 flour take longer?

Using both flours to make pizza dough yields comparable results. The Caputo 00 Flour has been ground much finer than All Purpose Flour, which is the primary distinction between these two flours.

Additionally, the protein content of these flours varies. Compared to all-purpose flour, 00 Flour has a higher protein level, making the dough simpler to work with and more elastic.

However, compared to using the other flour, the all-purpose flour dough will still be simple to use, but it may require more kneading to become as elastic and stretchy.

Compared to all-purpose flour and bread flour dough, Caputo 00 Flour enables you to roll your dough much thinner.

That doesn’t mean you couldn’t roll such doughs thin, but you can roll them even thinner with Caputo 00 Flour. Instead of tearing, this dough extends to the desired size and shape.

Your pizza will have a different texture if you use all-purpose flour instead of 00 flour. Dough made with 00 flour rises and proves more slowly.

This is so that the dough can rise slowly over an extended period of time when using this flour.

The benefits of using 00 flour for pasta.

Although both semola and 00 flour are made from wheat, their flavor and texture are very different. Italians categorize various flours according on how finely they have been ground. While “00” flour is a considerably finer powder, “1” flour is wheat flour with bigger particles and a coarser texture.

Wheat flour designated as “00” is soft and ideal for baking, especially cakes and crumbly pastries.

Due to its texture and granular nature, soft wheat flour can also be used for pasta. It is the best flour for ravioli pasta in addition to being perfect for softer pasta shapes like tagliatelle. A delicate flavor is necessary for these delicate packets so as not to overpower their decadent fillings.

Although 00 flour isn’t the most accessible kind of flour, there are a number of places to buy it. You may either order it online or find it at most specialty grocery stores. If you want to make truly authentic pasta, it’s worth the effort to buy 00 wheat, which is used in kitchens all around Italy.