How To Make Flour Tortillas Vegan?

A tortilla is a round, thin flatbread that is typically offered with most Mexican meals as a pleasant addition to the meal as well as a tool.

The original recipe’s foundation was corn, or maize, because it was a widely accessible grain in Mexico.

Similar to corn chips, the type of corn used in the preparation determines the color of the tortillas, which come in a variety of hues.

These days, tortillas come in a wide variety of wheat-based and gluten-free variations created with different types of flour, such as almond or coconut flour.

Tortilla ingredients

The essential ingredients for corn tortillas are masa harina corn flour, salt, and water, however many tortilla manufacturers add other ingredients for an even better outcome.

Vegan ingredients

Both maize and wheat flour tortillas are vegan because they are made from grain-based ingredients.

The specific corn flour called masa harina, which is used to make tortillas, is treated with lime water before being hulled and processed without the use of any animal products.

An earth-based mineral is salt. Although many store-bought tortillas have a high salt content, which can be harmful to your health, notably your blood pressure, vegans should avoid eating them.

The addition of water helps the mixture come together and form a dough that is workable.

Although it is not required, fat can improve flavor and give corn tortillas a creamier texture. Vegetable oil or other types of fat are frequently present in vegan flour tortillas.

A further optional component is baking powder. Your flour tortillas will be energized by the powder and become a little fluffier, more resembling the texture of a pita.

Non-vegan ingredients

Lard is not typically added to corn tortillas, but some people do it for flavor and richness. In the traditional recipes for wheat flour tortillas, animal fat is frequently used.

The classic tortillas that don’t contain lard may nevertheless be fried in lard, butter, or whey because this animal fat is a widely utilized cooking fat.

A controversial element in the vegan community is white sugar. Although sugar is made from the sugar cane plant, which is a plant, the process of generating sugar frequently uses animal products.

Frequently, animal bone char is used to bleach and filter white sugar. Many vegans don’t want to support the process by consuming white sugar, even though the bones don’t wind up in the sugar bag.

The creation of this product does not include the use of any animal products or byproducts.

While special care is made to avoid eating animals, vegans generally steer clear of exploitative farming methods overall. Many vegans also don’t want to support farming that they perceive to be bad for the environment.

Massive rainforests in Asia, Africa, America, Indonesia, and Malaysia must be cleared in order to produce palm oil, which might hurt, kill, or even wipe out entire animal species.

Is a vegan tortilla available?

Food For Life Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortillas, 365 brand Whole Wheat Tortillas, Rudis Gluten Free Fiesta Tortillas, WrawP Original Wraps, Engine 2 Sprouted Grain Wraps, and Raw Wraps Vegan Spinach Wraps are among the brands that sell vegan tortillas.

What ingredients make up flour tortillas?

What ingredients make up flour tortillas? All-purpose flour, baking powder, salt, lard, and water are used to make flour tortillas. For a simple flavor, use simple ingredients. The meats that you fill them with can really shine thanks to its straightforward flavor!

If so, can they use flour?

Due to the fact that its primary components are always plants, flour is vegan by nature. Because mass-produced flour must keep its quality over a longer period of time, there are certain possible problems. While the majority of the additives used by manufacturers to extend the shelf life of flour are vegan, some of them could contain animal products.

The most typical additions you’ll see on a bag of all-purpose flour are as follows:

  • Vegan niacin!
  • Vegan thiamine mononitrate
  • Vitamin B2 or riboflavin is vegan!
  • Usually vegan, iron or reduced iron
  • Vitamin B12 is vegan!

Is all-purpose flour vegan?

Nearly all of these ingredients are entirely vegan, yet on rare occasions some manufacturers may use livestock to obtain iron. Given that animal-based iron is typically more stable and readily absorbed by our bodies than plant-based iron sources, it is unusual but not impossible for a manufacturer to employ it.

Is wheat flour vegan?

It probably is, however there are frequently added vitamins and minerals. By contacting the company that makes the product by phone or email, you can learn whether they are plant-based.

Is bleached flour vegan?

Fortunately, the bleaching agents used to make flour are vegan. Bleaching agents result in bleached flour products.

As some oxidants used in wheat manufacturing react negatively to organic materials, such animal proteins, you might be able to quickly check your ingredients label to see if your flour is vegan. If there is one thing that contemporary manufacturers appreciate, it’s the bottom dollar! If companies put these oxidizing agents on anything containing animal products, it would cost them more!

A bag of flour is almost certainly vegan if it includes any of the following:

  • Chlorine
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • either calcium or magnesium peroxide
  • Bromates, iodates, or azodicarbonamide

Do vegans eat flour?

Most current flours are vegan by nature, therefore vegans are more than free to consume them. However, if you’re really worried, try an alternate flour you know to be secure, such oat or chickpea flour.

Do flour tortillas have lard in them?

In Mexico, Central America, and South America, corn has historically been the most significant staple food. No other food even comes close. It’s difficult to conceive where Mexican cuisine would be today if dishes that use corn as a significant ingredient weren’t present.

Despite being a staple food for millions of people, corn is sadly deficient in protein and other minerals. However, when combined with beans, which are a good source of lysine, your body is able to effectively transform the amino acids in corn into the proteins it needs. Corn also possesses a few exceptional characteristics. It’s one of the only grains that is gluten-free, along with rice and quinoa. Additionally, corn has a high fiber content and almost little fat.

Farmers in Latin America frequently plant blue or red maize in addition to the typical yellow and white kinds. Although they contain less sugar than contemporary yellow and white types, which are designed for sweetness, these colorful kinds don’t offer any novel flavors.

Whole corn kernels, regardless of hue, are a welcome addition to nearly any savory Mexican food, particularly soups and chili. They also give Mexican-inspired salsas a more vibrant texture. Atole de lote is a popular beverage made from liquidized corn that is sweet and tasty.

In many supermarkets and natural food stores, you may get blue corn tortilla chips. If you truly want to try something new, create your own tortillas with blue corn masa harina (finely ground corn flour). The two most popular corn-based snacks in Mexico are tortillas and tortilla chips, so let’s examine them in more detail.


Taco-sized corn tortillas are a common ingredient in many Mexican meals. There is at least one tortilleria in each Mexican town (a tortilla bakery). Don’t hesitate to locate one if you’re in Mexico. You may get a stack of tortillas that are still hot for about five pesos. Similar to bread, tortillas are best enjoyed warm. Since I like freshly-made tortillas, I avoid buying corn tortillas from supermarkets and natural food stores.

Since corn tortillas are made entirely of ground maize, they are always vegan. Due to their lack of gluten, corn tortillas have a limited diameter and would shatter if manufactured any larger.

Large tortillas, either whole grain or white wheat, are used to make quesadillas and burritos. Wheat tortillas often contain lard or tallow, but because to rising awareness of the dangers of trans fats, almost all tortillas produced for sale now are vegan. Organic whole wheat tortillas can be found in any reputable grocery shop or natural foods retailer.

Tortilla Chips

Organic blue or red corn tortilla chips are available in most natural food stores. These corn chips could or might not taste superior to those made from yellow or white corn, but they look cool and may contain some healthy phytochemicals that white or yellow chips do not. This is an excellent time to spend a little more on organic maize because conventional corn has a reputation for containing GMOs and making heavy use of pesticides.

What are tortillas made from plants?

The top vegan tortillas available right now are listed below. Look into the companies, see which flavors are vegan, and discover where to get them.

In order for you to locate the possibilities locally, I’ve done my best to only list those that are widely accessible. However, in case they aren’t currently available in your region, I’ve also given internet links.


The most well-known tortilla company, and their products are vegan, indeed! Mission wraps, tortillas, and chips are suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets because they don’t include any ingredients derived from animal products, according to their website.

The flavors range from flour to corn to whole wheat to spinach herb and gluten-free.

These big-box grocery stores include Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, Hy-Vee, and others.

Guerrero Tortillas

Guerrero tortillas are vegan since they are made with mono- and diglycerides derived from plants. The Guerrero pork cracklins and chicharrones are the only goods that are described as being based on animals.

Tortillas made from corn, flour, whole wheat, low-carb varieties, and vegan tostadas are also available.

They are offered by well-known grocery stores like Kroger, Target, Safeway, Sam’s Club, and Walmart.

La Banderita

The Ole Mexican Foods company’s La Banderita brand of tortillas is made without lard and with vegetable-based mono- and diglycerides. As a result, all of their tortillas are vegan.

They provide sopes (thicker corn tortillas), whole wheat, and low-carb options in addition to corn tortillas.

Old El Paso

Old El Paso is a well-known brand that offers a variety of tortilla choices. They have not specified whether the mono- and diglycerides used in their flour tortillas are derived from plant or animal sources, however their hard shells and corn tortillas are vegan. I would limit myself to only choosing their corn tortillas for this reason.

They are available at large grocery chains like Kroger, Sam’s Club, Target, and Walmart.

La Tortilla Factory

From basic corn and flour tortillas to low-carb, whole wheat, gluten-free, and grain-free tortillas (made from cauliflower or cassava), La Tortilla Factory offers a wide variety of tortillas.

Do flour tortillas contain any dairy?

Due to the fact that they are created from just two basic ingredients—flour and ground maize—flour tortillas are typically vegan.

It is important to keep in mind that these tortillas occasionally may be prepared with lard, butter, or unsuitable preservatives for vegans.

Despite this, a lot of manufacturers utilize vegetable oil to create tortillas, and since maize flour tortillas don’t contain any oil, they usually work well for both vegetarians and vegans.

You should always check the ingredients list in advance if you are unsure about the ingredients used to produce the flour tortillas.

The acceptability of the tortillas for those with certain dietary requirements will be noted on the container.

What brand of tortillas are vegan?

Due to the rising worries about the use of unhealthy fats, there are now numerous businesses that create vegan tortillas. However, this doesn’t apply to all brands, since some still utilize components that aren’t vegan-friendly.

Because they don’t include any lard, cholesterol, fats, or other components derived from animals, Guerrero tortillas are suitable for vegans.

Since no components that come from animals are used in the production of mission tortillas, they are also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The alternative is to use 100% corn masa flour. Additionally, they are gluten-free and dairy-free.

Gluten-free and vegan-friendly tortillas are also available from La Tortilla Factory.

Take a thorough look at a brand’s ingredient list if you are unsure about the precise elements that go into making their tortillas.

While some products may make the claim to be vegan-friendly, a deeper look at their components shows otherwise.

To satisfy your dietary requirements, there are currently numerous manufacturers that produce tortillas that are suitable for vegans.

Do tortillas have eggs or milk?

Typically, ingredients like milk or eggs are absent from tortillas cooked traditionally. While milk is not suited for those who are lactose intolerant, eggs are not suitable for vegans.

It is important to thoroughly examine the ingredients in advance to ensure that neither of these ingredients, nor either of them, are present. Some people use preservatives that also contain dairy.

The majority are produced with flour, salt, and ground maize; depending on the brand, they may also contain lard; however, you may also find others that include ingredients like milk and butter in their recipes.

Some companies create their tortilla wraps with dairy components. As previously said, you must examine the ingredients specified on the container to ensure that the tortillas are free of eggs or milk.

While the listing of eggs or milk is straightforward to detect, some ingredients are more difficult to pin down.

Are the tortillas at Taco Bell vegan?

Have you ever noticed how many delectable Tex-Mex meals use vegan ingredients? Everything at Taco Bell can be made vegan because the beans, potatoes, tortillas, guacamole, and rice are all free of any animal products. The chain’s simplest vegan ordering option is to ask for your meal “fresco style,” which swaps out the cheese and sour cream for some scrumptious pico de gallo. This substitution of beans for beef is free of charge.

Fast food isn’t exactly the healthiest option, but Taco Bell is a terrific spot to stop if you and your family need a quick dinner between classes and after-school activities because eating vegan there is quite simple!

And there’s even better news: Taco Bell will introduce a vegan-friendly menu later this year with intriguing new selections. So be on the lookout!

Can a vegan consume Doritos?

One of the most frequent inquiries about vegan-friendly snacks is examined in this article: Are any Doritos vegan?

Only three of the twenty-one flavors mentioned on the Doritos website are vegan. The vegan Doritos flavors are Spicy Sweet Chili, Blaze, and Toasted Corn Tortilla Chips. The remaining Doritos varieties all have components derived from poultry or milk. The “Jacked Ranch Dipped Hot Wings” and the “Salsa Verde” both include chicken as a component and are therefore not vegetarian-friendly. Additionally, the other Doritos flavors that include dairy-based components employ cheese made with animal-derived rennet, which is something that the majority of vegetarians avoid (h/t Miranda M.). As a result, we would only regard the vegan Doritos options described in this page as vegetarian options. For a detailed study of each Doritos flavor, keep reading.

Note: The Frito Lay and Doritos websites provide the nutritional data and images for each flavor of Doritos.