Why Is Oat Milk Not On Starbucks App?

The oat milk drinks at Starbucks are excellent, and I adore their creamy texture and plant-based origin. Given their adaptability with Starbucks espressos, I’m sure many other people do as well. Unfortunately, oat milk is infamously missing from the smartphone app, and I discovered that the only way I could order it was as the oat milk honey latte. This prompted me to wonder why ordering oat milk through the app is so challenging.

The absence of oat milk options in the Starbucks app isn’t specifically explained by Starbucks, but it’s likely due to the milk’s limited availability (it’s only accessible in the eastern states of the US) and issues with Oatly, the company that supplies the oat milk. Due to supply problems caused by this, oat milk alternatives have been scarce in many stores since the pandemic.

Oat milk is a fantastic method to attain this aim if, like me, you want to entirely give up dairy. Unfortunately, Starbucks only sells it in a small number of locations. Although it is frustrating that there is no option for this on their smartphone app, you can select to order in-person from some Starbucks shops, especially if you live in the Midwest or on the East Coast of the US.

Does Starbucks no longer sell oat milk?

When Starbucks announced that Oatly oat milk would be a permanent addition to its locations nationally in March 2021, it made a lot of people very pleased. However, a trending TikTok alleges that the coffee shop altered the brand of oat milk, sparking internet uproar.

Why is oat milk in low supply?

Food Dive claims that at the end of 2021, significant rain affected the rail lines in charge of transporting the oat supply, causing even more delays and subsequent price spikes. The good news is that representatives for various modes of transportation have stepped forward to reassure the public that despite some obstacles, items like oats have been packed and are prepared to leave as soon as the weather improves. Thus, companies like Oatly still intend to “reach its growth targets for 2022,” but not everything seems to be going according to plan.

Due to a scarcity of oats and underlying transportation issues that have made it difficult to keep up with the surge in demand, the alt-milk company, which experienced a major boom during the epidemic, has been forced to scale back its goals. Food Dive reports that the current value of its stocks has dropped by 80%. All of this means that if you enjoy the oat milk from Oatly, get ready to feel the financial pinch this year. Hopefully, these transportation issues will be resolved, but if you adore this kind of plant milk, you could still have to deal with oat supply issues.

Why is Oatmilk unavailable at Starbucks?

Oatmilk was momentarily removed from our app owing to US store disruptions. Don’t worry; the Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso will be available again as we refill. It is a staple of our menu.

Where is the oat milk from Starbucks?

Oatly oatmilk will be available in Starbucks outlets all around the country beginning on Tuesday, March 2 along with the company’s new spring menu. The new Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso and Honey Oatmilk Latte from Starbucks mix well with Oatly’s creamy, delectable, plant-based oatmilk. Oatly oatmilk will be a year-round option on the standard Starbucks menu in the United States.

“According to Luigi Bonini, senior vice president of global product innovation at Starbucks, “We’re happy to bring Oatly oatmilk to Starbucks locations across the country in the United States, something our customers have requested as they increasingly seek out a range of plant-based options.” “When choosing an oatmilk, we looked for a premium component that matches our coffees, is delicious, and also serves as the inspiration for new handcrafted drinks like the Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso and Honey Oatmilk Latte. Starbucks now has more options for experimenting with new drinks thanks to Oatly’s oatmilk, which has a silky, velvety texture, foams wonderfully, and matches beautifully with both our light and dark roast coffees.

Since Oatly brought its original oatmilk to the United States, oatmilk has established itself as a new norm in American coffee shops and household refrigerators. Oatly oatmilk is now available to customers in the United States as the fourth non-dairy milk alternative, joining soymilk, coconutmilk, and almondmilk, following positive Starbucks partner (employee) and customer feedback from the regional roll-outs of Oatly oatmilk across the Mid-West and California. Soymilk was the first non-dairy milk that Starbucks included on its menu in its U.S. locations in 1997. Coconutmilk and almondmilk were added in 2015 and 2016, respectively. In collaboration with the global coffee alliance, Starbucks also provides non-dairy creamers that are sold in the supermarket section.

“According to Toni Petersson, CEO of Oatly, “We know from experience that we are in the midst of a plant-based revolution.” “People all over the world are looking for healthier food and drink options for both themselves and the environment. Oatly was created to make it simple for individuals to make these decisions with each and every cup of coffee they consume. We’re thrilled to continue supporting Starbucks’ dedication to sustainability. With this next step, we can together reach an additional number of Americans with oatmilk and continue to benefit the environment.

Sustainable Choices

The business’s latest step toward maintaining its commitment to being a resource-positive company and one of the ways it is working toward its objective to lower its carbon footprint by 50% is the addition of Oatly oatmilk to Starbucks’ U.S. menu.

Since the creation of the original oatmilk in Sweden in the early 1990s, Oatly has been a pioneer in the expanding global plant-based movement. Oatly works tirelessly to educate people about the environmental effects of their regular food and beverage choices. Find out more about the business’s commitment to sustainability here.

You can learn more about Starbucks’ new spring menu and vegan alternatives here. Customers can buy from the Starbucks menu, which includes Oatly oatmilk, in participating Starbucks shops, through the drive-through using the Starbucks app with contactless payments, or from home using Starbucks Delivers with Uber Eats nationwide (check the Uber Eats app for availability and restrictions).

Starbucks 2022 uses what kind of oat milk?

the oat milk used by Starbucks. Starbucks uses oat milk from Oatly. The milk is a fantastic complement to the delicious Starbucks espressos, cappuccinos, and beverages because it is gluten-free, creamy, and velvety in texture.