Where To Buy Three Trees Almond Milk?

Jenny Eu founded Three Trees in San Francisco in 2013, and it is a line of nut milks produced with 2-5 organic ingredients that are 100 percent pure and authentic. They feature interesting flavors like pistachio and black sesame (this one is wild) and don’t use any fillers or gums! They’re quite tasty and go well with morning coffee, may be used in baking, or are simply enjoyed plain! They are light, refreshing, and creamy, with a concentration on high-quality ingredients.

Why I’m CRUSHIN’ on this brand:

Since I’m dairy-free, I’m always on the lookout for a good nut milk, which isn’t easy to come by. So many brands claim to be clean, but when you read the labels, you’ll see that they aren’t. You’ll never have to be concerned with Three Trees. They utilize no refined sugars and all of their components are real (meaning you’ll know what they are). The milk is wonderful on its own, frothed, or in recipes, making it very flexible! I drink nut milk on a regular basis and can’t get enough of these because of the taste and texture!

Flavor Roundup:

Original Almond Milk: Almonds and water are the only components in this nut milk. There aren’t many almond milk brands that can state that’s all they have in their product. When you shake this milk, it becomes incredibly frothy and light. They use the entire nut for this milk, avoiding the “pulp” that is left over when preparing almond milk at home. This results in a more sustainable product because no part of the almond is wasted, and you get more nutrients and fiber every sip, namely 4x the amount of almonds and 4x the amount of protein!

Vanilla Bean Almond Milk: I like how this milk has a delicate vanilla flavor and is prepared with pure vanilla beans. It’s not excessively sweet and goes well with coffee or any recipe that calls for a little of vanilla. When you shake this milk, it becomes frothy!

Filtered water, organic almonds, organic vanilla essence, and organic vanilla beans are among the ingredients.

Pistachio Milk: owing to the pistachio, this milk has a faint green hue and a nutty pistachio flavor. I like to use this in a dish rather than drinking it straight, but it has a distinct flavor that you won’t find anyplace else!

Filtered water, organic pistachios, organic almonds, organic almond extract, pink Himalayan salt Ingredients: filtered water, organic pistachios, organic almonds, organic almond extract

Milk with Black Sesame This milk is possibly one of the most delicious things I’ve tried this year. It’s prepared with a black sesame seed and almond foundation and is light but flavorful. It tastes a lot like chocolate milk, but it’s a lot healthier. Because it’s prepared with dates, it has a somewhat sweet taste (not overpowering) that I enjoy drinking plain or baking with. Did you know that black sesame seeds are high in calcium and other elements that promote healthy skin and hair?

Organic dates, pink Himalayan sea salt, nut and seed milk (filtered water, organic almonds, organic black sesame seeds), organic dates

Here’s the scoop:

Price: $6.99 in stores and $6.99 on their website in 6-packs (also available in variety packs) (right now they only ship to the West Coast, but see below where else you can purchase their milks)

Those who are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, paleo, Whole30, Keto, or trying out alternative dietary regimes for chronic illnesses can benefit from this.

Health Benefits: There are numerous health benefits of eating plant-based foods, ranging from heart health to weight loss. Furthermore, while more research is needed, there is mounting evidence that chemicals like carrageenan are gut disruptors. Three Trees products are completely additive-free, ensuring that you get all of the beneficial components in each one. Finally, because their products contain four times as many almonds as other almond milks, you get four times the protein and four times the beneficial fat in each glass.

Where to Buy: Whole Foods, Wegmans, The Fresh Market, and many other natural food stores around the country, as well as Amazon PrimeNow, Instacart, and their website for customers on the West Coast. For a complete list of locations, go to their store locator.

My Favorite Ways to Use Their Products: straight from the bottle, steamed/frothed, morning meals like overnight oats or chia pudding, in my lovely cream recipes, or in any recipe that calls for milk, such as my sesame bagels!

How long will three trees almond milk keep you going?

Q: How long does Three Trees last after it is first released? The milk will keep in the fridge for at least 10 days after you’ve opened it. If your refrigerator is exceptionally cold, it may last longer. Because Three Trees is perishable, it should be kept refrigerated before and after use.

Is Three Trees milk good for you?

Nourishing. We use a lot of organic whole nuts and seeds (four times more than other leading brands). Natural sources of healthy fats, plant-based protein, and micronutrients including vitamin E, manganese, magnesium, vitamin B2, and phosphorus may be found in our nut and seed milks.

What exactly is tree milk?

Tree milk is defined as “milk from trees.” 1: the milky juice of Gymnema lactiferum, an East Indian climbing plant of the Asclepiadaceae family that is consumed locally. 2: the juice extracted from a cow tree (Brosimum galactodendron)

What is the origin of the three trees’ legend?

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Is pistachio milk a green beverage?

Pistachio milk has a gorgeous pale-green color and a moderate yet distinctive flavor. It goes well with cereal, chai tea, coffee, and smoothies.

What is the process of making almond milk?

Almond milk is created by mixing almonds with water and filtering off the solids. You may also prepare it by mixing almond butter with water.

It has a nutty flavor and a creamy texture that is similar to ordinary milk. As a result, it’s a favorite choice among vegans and those who are lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy.

Almond milk is commonly found in the health food department of most stores. It’s also quite simple to prepare at home.

Commercial almond milk is available in a variety of flavors and brands. It’s advisable to buy almond milk that doesn’t have any added sugar for health reasons.

Most brands are also vitamin, mineral, or protein-fortified. If you don’t eat dairy, calcium-enriched goods may be beneficial.

Whole almonds have been linked to a range of health advantages in controlled trials, however many of these may not apply to almond milk.

This is because almond milk is normally made from blanched (skinless) almonds, and the liquid is strained. This removes the majority of the fiber as well as a substantial amount of the antioxidants in the almonds.

Almond milk is also thinned out. It contains a fraction of the nutrients found in whole almonds.

The amount of nutrients in almond milk is determined by the number of almonds used, the amount of additional water, and whether or not it contains added vitamins and minerals.

Many online recipes, for example, suggest creating 2 cups of almond milk from 1 cup (143 grams) of almonds, although commercial almond milk is likely to be much more diluted (1).