Where To Buy Almond Milk Yogurt?

Silk’s almond-based yogurt had a distinct yet pleasant nuttiness that reminded some of our tasters of dessert. Despite its watery consistency, this almond-milk delight contains enough protein to keep you satisfied for breakfast or a noon snack.

Is yogurt made with almond milk any good?

Almond milk yogurts are frequently low in sugar and high in healthful fats, although they offer less protein (4 to 6 grams) and nearly no calcium unless fortified. Avoid products that have a big list of ingredients or thickeners, and keep in mind that nuts can cause allergic reactions.

What is a good yogurt substitute?

The bottom line: In a pinch, use 1/4 less milk than the amount of yogurt asked for in the recipe and substitute buttermilk or milk spiked with a bit lemon juice or vinegar (aka homemade buttermilk).

Is it possible to make yogurt with store-bought almond milk?

Yes! You can make yogurt using almond milk and have a delicious and economical non-dairy yogurt. Make your own almond yogurt with this simple recipe.

Does almond milk yogurt have probiotics?

Yes! Probiotics are present in this non-dairy yogurt produced using almond milk. Our batch had a lot of active cultures thanks to the store-bought almond milk yogurt we used.

Can you make yogurt from store bought almond milk?

Yes! Using store-bought almond milk is the simplest way to make almond milk yogurt in your Instant Pot. If you already produce your own almond milk at home, go ahead and use it. It will thicken the yogurt. The ultimate result will be slightly thinner if you use store-bought almond milk. You can thicken it by increasing the cook time.

Is almond milk yogurt good for you?

Pros: contains more fiber and less saturated fat and salt than regular yogurt. And, while there is more overall fat, it is the good kind. Cons: Compared to low-fat vanilla cow’s-milk yogurt, almond milk yogurt has more calories and less protein.

Is it healthy to drink yogurt or almond milk?

Almond milk has 3.8 times fewer calories than Greek yogurt (73 calories per 100 grams vs. 15 calories in almond milk).

In terms of macronutrient ratios, almond milk has a lower protein content, a higher carbohydrate content, and a higher fat content per calorie than greek yogurt.

For protein, carbs, and fat from calories, almond milk has a macronutrient ratio of 10:34:56, while greek yogurt has a ratio of 55:22:24.

What is the flavor of almond milk yogurt?

We were completely taken aback by the outcomes.

To be honest, there were so many brands that we couldn’t get past the first few bites.

Again, we understand that not everyone will agree with our viewpoint, and that’s just fine. However, we hope that our findings will assist you in making a purchase if you are new to being vegan/plant-based/dairy-free, or if you have been for a long time but have never tasted yogurt.

The following is an alphabetical list of vegan yogurt manufacturers and our comments, regardless of whether they were included in Video 1 or 2.

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almondmilk Vanilla Yogurt

They both agreed that it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t their style. If you like almond-flavored yogurt over coconut-flavored yogurt, you’ll probably enjoy this one.

Chobani Non-Dairy Vanilla Yogurt

We were originally terrified in this location. It had a cottage cheese-like feel, almost jelly-like.

It was slightly sweet with a tart undertone. The flavor was fine, but I thought it could have used a little more vanilla, and you could taste the coconut.

Chobani Oat Vanilla Yogurt

It starts off sour and gets sourer as it progresses. It tastes like sour glue, according to Larisha. Andrew chewed on a vanilla plant flower and tried to swallow it.

Cocojune Vanilla Chamomile Organic Cultured Coconut Yogurt

This one had a rather thick feel to it. Nonetheless, we preferred the flavor of this one to the others. Andrew compared it to cottage cheese in terms of texture.

Daiya Coconut Cream Yogurt Alternative

Many of Daiya’s products have a negative reputation. Many individuals dislike their products since they have a strong distinct flavor. In our vegan shredded cheese taste test, we appreciated their cutting board blend.

In our first taste test, the yogurt placed in fourth out of seventeen items.

It was a mix of sweet and acidic, with a lingering aftertaste.

You can detect a little Daiya flavor, but it isn’t as overpowering as some of their other goods.

Follow Your Heart Dairy-Free Vanilla Bean Yogurt

This company blew us away in our vegan shredded cheese taste test, and with their yogurt in our Top 5, they’re proving to be a steady, dependable brand for vegans and dairy-free consumers.

The coconut is discernible, and we found the flavors to be sweet, tart, and acidic.

We compared it to a pina colada flavor. It’d be fantastic in our tropical smoothie. It’s also fantastic on its own.

Forager Organic Dairy Free Cashewgurt Vanilla Yogurt

Andrew had tried this yogurt when he first went vegan and enjoyed it, so we pushed it to the end, hoping for the best. Nope.

We’re not sure if the ingredients or formula for their products changed, but it tasted soapy and the cashew flavor was overpowering. The texture, on the other hand, was excellent.

In our second taste test, we tried it again and found it to be more runny this time.

After a pleasant initial taste, there was an odd aftertaste.

Good Karma Dairy Free Vanilla Yogurt

We really wanted to be able to recommend some brands that were free of allergies, but it was difficult.

We double-checked the expiration date on it because it tasted outrageously tart, but it wasn’t expired.

Andrew compared it to the taste of licking a metal pole, while Larisha described it as smelling and tasting like cardboard.

Harmless Harvest Vanilla Organic Dairy Free Coconut Yogurt Alternative

This one didn’t quite win us over. The texture was pleasant, although it was earthier than we prefer. We didn’t say we’d throw this one away, so we hope you’ll enjoy it overall.

Kite Hill Vanilla Dairy Free Almond Milk Yogurt

We use their ricotta in our vegan lasagna since we adore it. This yogurt, on the other hand, did not impress us.

While the texture was pleasing, the taste reminded us of swallowing a tube of chapstick, and the aftertaste was far unpleasant.

Kite Hill Vanilla Unsweetened Dairy Free Almond Milk Yogurt Greek Style

It tastes like runny mashed potatoes that have been ran over by a lawnmower and combined with grass, according to Larisha.

Kite Hill Decadent Vanilla Bean Dairy Free Creamy Coconut Milk Milk Yogurt

This one had a wonderful texture, but it wasn’t ideal. They both enjoyed the flavor at first, then Larisha noted that there was an odd aftertaste, similar to cardboard, but that it was otherwise excellent.

Lava Plant Based Vanilla Yogurt

We double-checked the expiration date here, only to discover that it was still valid.

There were small chunky parts within, and it wasn’t smooth.

It was really sour and had a savory flavor rather than the typical yogurt flavor.

It even smelled like french onion dip, according to Larisha. Andrew stated in his comments that he would not recommend this to anyone.

Ripple Original Creamy Yogurt Alternative

We knew this was the only brand that created vanilla, but we couldn’t find it. We didn’t think it mattered at this point in the tasting test because so many others didn’t have a strong vanilla presence.

This yogurt was yellow in color and had an unpleasant odor (Larisha pointed out that it smells like peroxide). requiring us to check the expiration date once more (it was fine).

It had a nice texture to it, but that was where it ended. Andrew described it as tasting like muddy water, while Larisha described it as horrible.

Siggi’s Vanilla and Cinnamon Plant-Based Coconut Blend

This one has a really thick texture. Larisha described it as smelling like her great-house. grandmother’s And perhaps a tad oniony.

Silk Almondmilk and Silk Soy Yogurt

The Silk soy yogurt has a thinner, yogurt-like consistency, whereas the almondmilk yogurt has a pudding-like consistency.

They were neither sweet nor tangy, and we believed they required more vanilla taste, which was a common trend all the ones we sampled.

The almondmilk yogurt was dark brown in color, with a strong nutty flavor and a chemical/artificial aftertaste.

Silk Oatyeah yogurt

We were hoped to be able to propose a Top 8-free yogurt once more. If we had to choose one of the Top 8 allergens, it would be this one, but we still recommend giving up yogurt first.

It was watery, tasted fake, and in general tasted like watered-down flavor of nothing.

So Delicious Vanilla Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative

Our vegan eggnog taste test was a resounding success for So Delicious. But it didn’t work out in the end.

It tasted wet and sour. We couldn’t place it, but there was too much of one of the elements we didn’t care for in this dish. There was an artificial flavor once more.

Update: We did the same thing in Part 2 of our video.

The texture is good, but the flavor is odd.

We didn’t detect as much artificial flavor.

Trader Joe’s vegan yogurt cashew and coconut

We found it amusing that two yogurts from the same company could provide such disparate results.

The coconut has a bright white color and a soft texture. There isn’t much vanilla flavor, and the coconut is noticeable. It was in our Top 3 because of its consistency.

The cashew version was similarly delicious, although it seemed like they used over-roasted cashews blended with milk rather than raw cashews. Andrew compared the taste to that of glue. I’m not a big fan of it.

Vega Plant Based Protein Vanilla Cashewmilk Yogurt Alternative

It had a brown tint and was runny, almost like thick milk. It moved from tangy to tart, with a chalky aftertaste.

We compared it to mixing protein powder with milk and then thickening it with a thickener.

It had an unnatural flavor to it once more.

Whole Foods 365 Vanilla Almondmilk Non-Dairy Yogurt

Just as in our vegan shredded cheese taste test, the Whole Foods 365 products continue to impress for being a store brand.

This one, too, had a chalky flavor, according to Andrew. This one didn’t strike us as sweet, tart, or sour. We can taste the nuts, but it’s not horrible overall.

Update: For our pt 2 as a base for the Top 5, we attempted this one again.

The label had been changed, and the flavor was even worse than we had predicted in the first video. Andrew described it as tasting like thick dish soap, while Larisha described it as sour.

Yoplait Oui Vanilla Coconut Dairy Free Alternative

Without a doubt, this is our favorite non-dairy yogurt. It’s the ideal thickness, sweet, and tastes the most like non-dairy we’ve ever tasted.

If the coconut flavor bothers you, you can hide it with granola.