Where Is Minor Figures Oat Milk Made?

Minor Figures is putting its creative cap on in the midst of tales of furloughing, financial difficulties, and closed doors. CEO Stuart Forsyth explains how the oat m*lk brand is contributing to the survival of small businesses.

In order to fill a void in the market for high-end iced coffees, Minor Figure was founded in 2014. The company, which calls itself a “coffee company at heart,” now offers a line of ready-to-drink beverages that includes nitro cold brew coffees, a mocha, and a chai.

The UK-based business is now widely recognized as the source of oat milk alternatives, or “oat m*lk,” as it is referred to on-pack. Although Minor Figures sells its litre-sized products through retail channels, its oat milk—which is dubbed “perfect for baristas”—is primarily marketed to the restaurant industry.

According to co-founder Stuart Forsyth, since the coronavirus outbreak many small businesses (and customers) have been “destroyed” by self-isolation and social distancing practices that have impacted or even stopped crucial cashflow.

Minor Figures is launching a number of initiatives for those who have been “totally crushed” by the crisis in an effort to support its network.

From KeepCup to Oat M*lk

During his tenure as the co-founder and general manager of the manufacturer of reusable coffee cups called KeepCup, Forsyth acquired a deep passion for coffee.

Forsyth co-founded Minor Figures with two other “coffee misfits” and won listings for the company’s iced coffee line in upscale stores, supermarkets, and cafes after moving the company from his native Australia to the UK.

The co-founder recalls that Minor Figures’ oat milk was created “almost as an afterthought.” A milk substitute product was intended to promote the “true features of espresso” in the cup.

“Coffee with [dairy] milk is just the norm. Every replacement milk on the market only tries to imitate dairy products in every way. They have made an effort to replicate its vitamin content, texture, and mouthfeel.

Forsyth admits out loud that he “doesn’t care at all” about that. We were informed that Minor Figures’ oat milk offers customers a “cleaner” product.

The business immediately noticed a “explosion” in sales across all of its channels, from supermarket to foodservice, and now exports to 22 different nations. All coffee-related operations, including its roastery and coffee-extract processing, are located in East London, while the oat milk is outsourced inside the UK.

Minor Figures’ commercialization strategy, which places more of an emphasis on the coffee than the milk, may be responsible for most of the film’s success to date. “We don’t actually try to sell you milk when we sell our products. Forsyth said, “Milk, we don’t [care].

In fact, when the company visits cafes, the team at Minor Figures wants to discuss the origin, flavor notes, and roasting profiles of the coffee, he said.

These same coffee shops, which now account for the bulk of Minor Figures’ revenue, have suffered since the coronavirus outbreak decreased or halted foot traffic.

Footing the oat m*lk bill for small businesses

Globally, the hospitality industry has been profoundly influenced by self-isolation and social exclusion practices related to coronavirus. On March 16, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged people to “avoid” eating establishments, and four days later he ordered their closure.

Forsyth claimed that the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic are “coming for” his company, but from a business standpoint, Minor Figures is “managed” to “keep it together.”

Having said that, the foodservice industry — which has recently faced “devastation” — accounted for more than 60% of the business’s income.

We moved online, which has not been simple, but we have been able to pick up a lot of the slack, Forsyth told this outlet.

We have been able to keep it together as a business entity, but we’ll have to wait and watch how it develops over the coming weeks. It’s simply so mysterious.

Prior to Prime Minister Johnson’s “lockdown” on hospitality, Minor Figures established “design solutions” that, according to Forsyth, could have been immediately helpful to small enterprises.

The company’s online store served as the platform for one such project. Minor Figures gives 5% of each online transaction to the customer’s preferred coffee shop in order to “help them in this time of uncertainty.” He said it was one approach to support neighborhood cafes.

Freedays is another program created to assist persons working in the restaurant industry. On Fridays, Minor Figures will cover the cost of any coffee that a customer orders with Minor Figures Oat M*lk. “The co-founder said, “We market their caf around the area…and attempt to boost footfall, then we pay for all the [oat milk] coffee.”

The premise behind the notion is that coffee should be free for both the consumer and the cafe “All we ask is for the cafe to purchase more of our oat milk before the Freeday.

“The caf will let us know how much we owe them at the end of the day, and we transfer the funds. It’s a very archaic form of the honor code. Because of the [massive] domino effect, we’re all in this together.

COVID-19 impact survey

Another endeavor by Minor Figures involved reaching out to its extensive database and conducting a survey in order to “directly communicate” with its network and learn more about their circumstances.

A total of 691 operators responded to the company’s requests for information from clients in the cafe, distributor, roaster, retail, equipment, bar, marketing, and event sectors. The UK, Australia, the US, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, the Czech Republic, the UAE, and Spain all had respondents.

Eighty-eight percent of respondents said their customer counts had decreased since the coronavirus outbreak, and 58% said their sales had decreased.

A total of 62% of respondents claimed to be “worried” about their firm, while 27% claimed to be “terrified.” Only 11% of respondents claimed to be “not very” concerned about their company.

“People felt that the government hadn’t done enough, which Forsyth found interesting. In fact, according to 63% of survey participants, the government hasn’t done enough to help businesses.

“He continued, “I have a feeling that [responses] would definitely have altered now,” implying that small business owners in the industry will applaud the UK Government’s furloughing initiatives. “To update it and monitor how the replies change, we intend to conduct another of these surveys.

Minor Figures intends to continue these programs in the future where practical. For instance, when cafes are permitted to reopen in the UK, the Freedays project will aid smaller operators and “relieve some of the cash flow pressure,” according to what we were informed.

The company is also launching a program that will pair the online store’s sale of reduced Oat M*lk with coffee from nearby roasters “All of our roasting partners will make an effort to do so in order to boost their income and market their goods while they are closed.

Where are miniature figures produced?

artisanal brews We purchase, roast, and brew excellent coffee from all around the world from our microbrewery in London. We slow-brew our chai to bring out the rich flavors of each ingredient.

Is Australian oat milk used in minor figures?

For your coffee, better. kinder to the environment. The dairy substitute Minor Figures Organic Oat Milk is created by experts in the coffee industry.

Our Organic Oat Milk, which contains only organic ingredients that have been certified, is made to enhance the distinctive and authentic flavors of the best coffee. It has the right sweetness and, when steamed, creates a velvety micro-foam, making it suitable for baristas. It tastes fantastic on porridge and in tea as well.

Maintain in a cool, dry area. Keep in the refrigerator after opening, and consume within seven days.

YOU IMPACT NOTHING. This product generates 0.47kg of CO2e, but we offset that for you as a carbon-neutral business. So what is your overall environmental impact? Exactly nothing.

Minor Figures Organic Oat M*lk

The true qualities of your specialty coffee are complemented by the way we’ve crafted our organic oat milk. without using refined sugar, it adds natural sweetness.

The entire operation of Minor Figures is now carbon neutral. With the help of two incredibly unique offset initiatives, you can learn more about how we as a company offset all of the emissions we produce here.

By the way, there are no methane burps here since oats use a small portion of the water and land needed to create cow’s milk.

Minor Figures rejects mainstream society’s culture of hard work, aspiration and success. Instead, the UK coffee brand deliberately champions all walks of life, from the strivers to the idlers.

“We’re not the company that tells you to get up and work. According to Stuart Forsyth, co-founder and CEO of Minor Figures, “You can crush it, go out and do it,” and all these motivating and aspirational companies that make you want to throw up. “We’re, you know, the non-hero, so our brand name and the figures on our packaging are all about honoring modest lives rather than achievement.

The brand is what is referred to as a “Enlightened Zagger” in “challenger-speak”: a brand that purposefully swims against the current cultural or category tide. However, it might also be testing something else. Forsyth contends that the concept of aspirational brands in general is what Minor Figures is actually addressing. If so, Minor Figures may represent a completely new competitor brand narrative. The anti-heroa challenger brand is characterized by its lack of a lofty goal or mission and its emphasis on living life to the fullest, having fun, and occasionally making fun of the idea that brands serve as our heroes and saviors.

The movie Minor Figures honors everyday simplicity. Each product’s packaging has an illustration of a character enjoying the frequently banal activities of reading a book (while perched on a lilo), fiddling with the piano, and blowing bubbles. All of these are manifestations of life rather than manifestations of “Stuart declares success. “More so than punk, we’re funk.

London-based Minor Figures, a coffee firm that exports to 25 nations, was established in 2014. The business offers several ready-to-drink items, like as nitro cold brew, chai, and mocha. Along with a brand update in 2018, it introduced an oat milk that soon became in high demand. Minor Figures has (very accidentally) become more well-known for its milk substitute than for its cold brew coffee as of 2020, when its white 1L Oat M*lk cartons became its best-selling item.

Forsyth attributes the quick expansion to the “because it approached the industry from a novel angle and partly because the alternative milk segment is expanding. The creators of Minor Figures weren’t interested in milk at all, unlike other plant-based milk brands that were attempting to imitate milk and naturally, at some level, fit with the existing milk category’s norms and conventions. “We enjoy coffee, adds Forsyth. “The goal of everything we do is to make coffee taste better. Minor Figures had a totally different brief. Not to duplicate milk, though. though, just to “make a better cup of coffee.” various briefs Different results. The end result is a distinctive brand that resembles and functions more like an eccentric cold brew coffee than a plant-based milk, which is how it originated.

Minor Figures has large and ambitious sustainability initiatives, despite its carefree approach toward “aspiration” from a brand standpoint. Many people are aware that oat milk is far more environmentally friendly than dairy. Minor Figures, though, aren’t taking it easy and hope to advance this subject farther. By investing in green projects, it was able to offset its carbon emissions by 2020, becoming carbon-neutral. And the process of becoming a B-Corp is underway. It will be obligated by law to take into account how its actions may affect society and the environment as a result of this accreditation. In the end, Minor Figures wants to achieve carbon zero, which means that instead of only offsetting emissions, it wants to completely eliminate them.

“According to Forsyth, it will simply become business-critical going ahead, making it obvious that positioning is not the issue. But with Oatly garnering bad press in 2020 for receiving funding from Blackstone, a company that has previously promoted deforestation, Minor Figures may be able to snare some of the more environmentally conscious oat milk devotees. In 2021, the initial oat milk contender might face opposition.

Does minor characters milk taste good?

Minor Figures is a much newer company than Oatly as a brand, but it has developed quite a cult following. This eccentric firm, which is located in London, aims to elevate coffee consumption even further beyond its current upscale status. In addition, who could resist a carton with a young woman dressed as a duck enjoying coffee on their own? You can purchase Minor Figures at your preferred too-cool-for-school coffee shop or at Scoop Whole Foods, my favorite bulk food retailer.

Minor Figures promises to enhance coffee and doesn’t split even in the lightest of roasts. It is a brand designed for serious coffee drinkers. Not to mention, when heated, it is touted to have the ideal micro-foam. I was interested to see how Minor Figures fared against my standards as someone who worships at the shrine of Oatly.

For the interest of clarity, I should also add that this MinorFigures carton (S$6.98) is, in fact, the Barista Standard Organic Oat Milk. The Barista Standard Oat Milk (S$6) was unexpectedly unavailable from the FairPrice online site, however I’m confident that the price difference is insignificant.

Okay, I get why Minor Figures positions themselves as a barista-type milk. Oat milk from Minor Figures isn’t particularly appetizing on its own. The milk is barely distinguishable from oat water in terms of consistency. It was sweet, but I didn’t taste anything like oats. Minor Figures is absolutely not something I’d suggest sipping neat.

When I added a Nespresso pod, the situation changed. Minor Figures is completely overshadowed in your cup of coffee, unlike Oatly. You get the latte’s creamy and silky texture along with a stronger coffee flavor. It could be difficult for the less discriminating coffee drinker to determine what type of milk was used to make this.

Do miniatures require refrigeration?

Our expertise in specialty coffee has led us to create an Oat Milk for businesspeople. The integrity of your coffee in the cup is not something we want to jeopardize. Experience the purest qualities of your espresso shot by adding to any roast profile or origin, while also adding natural sweetness, density, balance, and smooth micro-foam when steamed.

This oat milk, which is made with high-quality ingredients, tastes great in your morning cereal or cup of tea.

Maintain in a cool, dry area. Keep chilled after opening, and consume within seven days.

YOU IMPACT NOTHING. This product generates 0.41 kg of CO2e, but we offset that for you as a carbon-neutral business. So what is your overall environmental impact? Exactly nothing.

Minor Figures Oat M*lk

Our oat milk is designed to enhance the distinctive qualities of your specialty coffee. without using refined sugar, it adds natural sweetness.

Furthermore, our oat milk is designed to enhance the unique qualities of your specialty coffee. without using refined sugar, it adds natural sweetness.