Where Can I Buy Baileys Almond Milk?

Since its introduction in 1974, Baileys Irish Cream has been a mainstay in many liquor shelves. Its initial choice, however, just comprised dairy. Everything changed in 2017. The legendary brand debuted their vegan Baileys Almande, which uses almond milk instead of cream to make it dairy-free.

The only thing its creamy alcoholic almond drink isn’t free of, according to the firm, is “naughty delightful indulgence.” Baileys suggests serving it over ice to get the most out of it. However, it would be delicious in a vegan snowball or a creamy alcoholic milkshake.

Is vegan Baileys still available?

We have some awful news for you. Unfortunately, Baileys Almande appears to have been phased out as of autumn 2021. It is presently unavailable for purchase on the Baileys website, and it is also unavailable for purchase on Amazon and Ocado.

Is it possible to drink Baileys with almond milk?

Baileys has created a pleasant and light-tasting spirit brewed with actual almondmilk. To produce a flexible cocktail, this smooth spirit combines the rich, nutty tastes of real almondmilk and real vanilla. Serve over crushed ice or in a cocktail with coconut water for a refreshing summer drink. With a hint of real vanilla, our almondmilk is produced with delicious almond oil and almond essence (extracted from crushed almonds), cane sugar, and purified water. Baileys Almande is a light-tasting liqueur that is best served over ice or in a cold cocktail.

When Baileys almond milk is opened, how long does it last?

Liquors are divided into two categories: base spirits and liqueurs. Vodka and gin are examples of base spirits that have a lengthy shelf life. Meanwhile, liqueurs are more likely to spoil since they are blended with perishable components such as eggs, cream, and other dairy products.

Baileys is a cream and cocoa liqueur, therefore it’s safe to assume it’ll go bad. In general, Baileys has a two-year best-by date after bottling. It is recommended, however, that you finish it within 6 months of opening it.

How Long Does Baileys Irish Cream Last?

The lifespan of a Baileys bottle is determined by a number of factors. The manufacturer guarantees it for two years, as previously promised. However, this does not necessarily imply that it will expire on the specified date.

Is there almonds in Baileys Irish Cream?

Description of the item. Baileys Almande is created with cane sugar, pure water, and a hint of real vanilla.

Is it true that almond Baileys has an expiration date?

Cream liqueurs should be kept in a cool area but are not required to be refrigerated. The fact that cream liqueurs don’t need to be refrigerated is attributed to the alcohol’s effective preservation properties.

BaileysTM guarantees its product for two years from the date of manufacturing, whether opened or unopened, and recommends storing it between 0 and 25 degrees Celsius. On the left hand side of the back label of BaileysTM is a best before date (two years from date of manufacture).

Other manufacturers’ suggestions, such as Carolan’sTM, may differ. They recommend a six-month shelf life after opening and storage in the refrigerator once the product is opened.

In general, we advise clients to keep cream liqueurs in a cool environment (0-20 degrees Celsius). While refrigeration isn’t required, cream liqueurs taste best when served chilled, and for most of us, the refrigerator is the most convenient cool storage option. Cream liqueurs, on the other hand, should be eaten within six to twelve months of opening.

What causes cream liqueurs to go bad? Cream liqueurs’ biggest storage issue is exposure to air. The liqueur will turn brown as a result of exposure to oxygen, and the texture of the product may change.

Where can I purchase Baileys Almande in the United Kingdom?

Vegan? Do you follow a gluten-free or dairy-free diet? Are you a fan of the original Baileys but desire a lower-calorie version? Rejoice! Bailey’s Almande has finally arrived.

The non-dairy almond milk variant of the famous Irish cream liqueur Baileys Almande. It used to be a one-of-a-kind item. It’s now more commonly available in the UK, particularly through online merchants. Here’s a list of places in the UK where you can get Baileys Almande, as well as some frequently asked questions regarding it.

Online shops who(usually) have Baileys Almande in stock are:

  • ASDA – sometimes in store, but do a ‘click and collect’ to be sure (click to check the price)
  • Waitrose at larger stores, but also available for delivery (click to check the price)
  • If you’re in a hurry, The Whisky Exchange offers quick delivery (click to check the price)

Of course, there are more retailers that sell BaileysAlmande, but I chose the three above since they rarely run out of stock and offer it at a reasonable price. It’s important to compare all of them because one may make a unique offer and the others will follow suit.

Keep in mind that whether you order or receive a bottle of Baileys, it’s an alcoholic product, therefore you’ll almost always be asked to verify your age when you order or receive the bottle.

What is in BaileysAlmande?

“Sweet almond oil and almond essence (from crushed almonds), cane sugar, and filtered water with a touch of real vanilla,” according to the official description.

The ingredients list isn’t printed on the bottle, likely because Baileys wants to keep the recipe safe from imitators. It does, however, contain almonds and soy, according to the allergen information.

Is Baileys AlmandeVegan? Gluten Free? Dairy Free?

Yes! Baileys Almande is now officially designated as Vegan after a recipe change in 2017. It’s also free of dairy and gluten.

What’s the alcoholcontent of Baileys Almande?

The alcohol content is 13%, which is comparable to many bottles of wine. The total number of UK units in a bottle is 9.8. If you’re watching your alcohol intake, this is a much better option than the original Baileys, which contains 17% alcohol (andfar more calories).

How many calories arein Baileys Almande?

Each serving of Baileys Almande contains 67 calories. This is nearly half the calorie content of traditional Baileys, which has 130 calories per serving. If you’re managing your calories, Baileys Almande is a good option, especially if you’re mixing it into your Irish coffee or using it as a cooking element.

How long does BaileysAlmande last once open?

Until now, there hasn’t been any specific guidance from Baileys on how long an opened bottle should last. Original Baileys is best kept in the refrigerator, thus it’s safe to assume that Baileys Almande will keep longer as well.

The alcohol in all Baileys should keep it fresh for a long time. Original Baileys is guaranteed to last a few years, although it contains more alcohol. Baileys Almande should keep in the fridge for at least a few months if properly stored.

The best method to detect if Baileys has gone bad is to give it a sniff – if it smells different from when it was first opened, it’s advisable to throw it away to be safe. If it tastes off to you in any manner, it’s probably best to obtain a new, fresh bottle.

Is Baileys Almandegood? What are reviews like?

Because Baileys Almande was once only available in limited quantities, reviews are a little difficult to come by. Existing reviews appear to fall into one of two categories:

New Vegans who used to enjoy a Baileys cocktail or tipple at Christmas or other special occasions are overjoyed that a Vegan Baileys is now available. It’s said to work nicely in an Irish coffee, and it can also be ‘cut’ with coconut milk for a creamier texture. It’s also been employed as a key ingredient in previously forbidden vegan or dairy-free sweets like Tiramisu and alcoholic mousses.

It’s BEAUTIFUL! Creamy and sweet! It’s hard to tell it’s vegan. With a bar of chocolate, this is a delicious cocktail. It’s a must-have item.

The sweeter, more ‘nutty’ flavor is preferred by many critics. It’s best served over ice, according to the label, so this may have influenced the flavor as well.

On the other hand, some who anticipate Baileys Almande to have the thick, creamy taste and texture of’real’ Baileys complain that it has a thinner consistency. If you’re using it as a pour-over, this could be a benefit, but it’s not what some people expect.

It has the same tang as the original Baileys, but the texture and thickness are considerably different it’s much thinner and lighter in color. This is a delicious drink, and it’s fantastic to have a dairy-free alternative to Original Baileys! We’re excited to test some of the cocktail recipes on the bottle!

On the back of the Baileys Almande bottle are three serving suggestions: “straight” with ice, “refresh” with coconut water, and a Baileys Almande frappe.

Can you pour BaileysAlmande into coffee?

Yes, you can, and some people say it’s one of their favorite ways to drink Baileys Almande. However, the bottle warns that at higher temperatures, it may separate, so make sure the coffee is hot, not boiling.

It’s probably better to add hot coffee to the Baileys in little increments (while stirring), rather than the other way around. This will aid in maintaining its consistency and preventing it from splitting.

Is there a BaileysAlmande gift set or sample miniatures?

Baileys Almande gift packages are generally available around the holidays. Check back on this page when they become available, and I’ll let you know which stores have them.

Two miniatures of Baileys Almande and two serving glasses are commonly included in the Baileys Almande gift packages. If you’re not sure if you’ll like Baileys Almande and don’t want to buy an entire bottle, this is a wonderful alternative because the sets are usually less expensive than a bottle. You can even keep the glasses if you decide it’s not for you.

Of course, a gift set isn’t just for trying it’s excellent for vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free friends or relatives who wish to enjoy a Baileys at Christmas. There’s no reason not to share it with them because there are two glasses!

What is the flavor of Baileys Almande?

This creamy adult beverage was first released in 2016, but it took me a long to find it in stores (it’s now accessible everywhere!). We ran a taste test comparison of all the Dairy-Free Cream Liqueurs available when we discovered it. I waited for a sale (it’s a little pricey), and then we did a taste test comparison of all the Dairy-Free Cream Liqueurs available.

Despite the fact that it has a creamy finish, Baileys Almande has a mild flavor and consistency. It’s a fantastic milky basis for beverages. The flavor is straightforward, lightly sweet, and reminiscent of almond milk blended with brandy.

But if you’re looking for a dairy-free Baileys Irish Cream clone, go elsewhere. The consistency isn’t as creamy, and the finish isn’t as smooth. The flavor is good, but it lacks the depth, sultryness, and indulgence of the original. We also found the perfume lacked attraction, as it was uninspiring and didn’t provide any warmth.

Almondaire is the clear victor when it comes to depth and dairy-free creaminess. Bailey’s Almande, on the other hand, is a fantastic light choice with a nice spirited balance (13 percent alcohol) and is considerably easier to come by.

What about the Ingredients?

Bailey’s takes advantage of the fact that spirits aren’t allowed to declare their components. Baileys Almande is dairy-free, although it does contain almonds and soy, according to the label. Almondmilk prepared from sweet almond oil and almond essence (extracted from crushed almonds), cane sugar, filtered water, and “genuine vanilla” are all common ingredients. They do not, however, claim ownership of the entire unique ingredient list.