Is Baileys Almond Milk Vegan?

This creamy adult beverage was first released in 2016, but it took me a long to find it in stores (it’s now accessible everywhere!). We ran a taste test comparison of all the Dairy-Free Cream Liqueurs available when we discovered it. I waited for a sale (it’s a little pricey), and then we did a taste test comparison of all the Dairy-Free Cream Liqueurs available.

Despite the fact that it has a creamy finish, Baileys Almande has a mild flavor and consistency. It’s a fantastic milky basis for beverages. The flavor is straightforward, lightly sweet, and reminiscent of almond milk blended with brandy.

But if you’re looking for a dairy-free Baileys Irish Cream clone, go elsewhere. The consistency isn’t as creamy, and the finish isn’t as smooth. The flavor is good, but it lacks the depth, sultryness, and indulgence of the original. We also found the perfume lacked attraction, as it was uninspiring and didn’t provide any warmth.

Almondaire is the clear victor when it comes to depth and dairy-free creaminess. Bailey’s Almande, on the other hand, is a fantastic light choice with a nice spirited balance (13 percent alcohol) and is considerably easier to come by.

What about the Ingredients?

Bailey’s takes advantage of the fact that spirits aren’t allowed to declare their components. Baileys Almande is dairy-free, although it does contain almonds and soy, according to the label. Almondmilk prepared from sweet almond oil and almond essence (extracted from crushed almonds), cane sugar, filtered water, and “genuine vanilla” are all common ingredients. They do not, however, claim ownership of the entire unique ingredient list.

What is the composition of Baileys almond milk liqueur?

Baileys has created a pleasant and light-tasting spirit brewed with actual almondmilk. To produce a flexible cocktail, this smooth spirit combines the rich, nutty tastes of real almondmilk and real vanilla. Serve over crushed ice or in a cocktail with coconut water for a refreshing summer drink. With a hint of real vanilla, our almondmilk is produced with delicious almond oil and almond essence (extracted from crushed almonds), cane sugar, and purified water. Baileys Almande is a light-tasting liqueur that is best served over ice or in a cold cocktail.

Is Baileys almond milk free of gluten?

Our dairy-free and gluten-free almondmilk liqueur, Baileys Almande, is the perfect, light-tasting treat. To produce a flexible cocktail, this smooth spirit combines the rich, nutty tastes of real almond milk and real vanilla.

Does Baileys Irish Cream include any dairy?

When most people think of Baileys, they think of the popular Baileys Original Irish Cream. This liqueur is created with Irish dairy cream and contains lactose, as you may have inferred from the term “Cream” in its name. It also contains Irish whiskey, spirits, chocolate & vanilla tastes, and is made with Irish whiskey, spirits, and chocolate & vanilla flavors.

Is there almonds in Baileys Irish Cream?

Description of the item. Baileys Almande is created with cane sugar, pure water, and a hint of real vanilla.

Is there any nut content in Baileys Irish Cream?

According to several forum entries, Baileys and Kahlua contain tree nuts. However, according to the Baileys website (as of February 6, 2013),

“No nuts or nut products are utilized in the production of any of the Baileys components. Based on this, and to the best of our knowledge, Baileys contains no traces of nuts. People who require a nut-free diet should seek their medical consultant before consuming Baileys because we are not qualified to give medical advice.”

“Dairy, soy beans, and tree nuts are found in Kahla Ready-to-Drink products.

Banana Mudslide, Chocolate Latte, Kappuccino, Original Mudslide, and White Russian are among the options.

While none of our other Kahla products include nuts, we cannot guarantee that they were not made in a facility that does.”

Update (September 2013)

I’m also building a list of food producers who make at least some nut-free products that I’ve stumbled across. See Nut-free food for further details.

Update (March 2014)

I saw on page 39 of the Food Standards Agency’s Guidance on Allergen Management and Consumer Information that:

“Allergies are unlikely to be triggered by nuts used in distillates for spirits or nuts used in spirits.”

We’d still steer clear (since “unlikely” could be read as “unlikely… but not impossible”), but I felt this FSA note was worth mentioning.

What is the composition of Bailey’s Almande?

Baileys, the world’s most popular cream-based liqueur, is launching a new spirit produced from actual almond milk. “Almande” is the name of the new dairy- and gluten-free liqueur. It’s produced with a fantastic combination of sweet almond oil, almond essence, cane sugar, filtered water, and vanilla extract.

Baileys almond milk contains what type of alcohol?

Almande is dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan, and is made with sweet almond oil, almond essence (extracted from crushed almonds), cane sugar, and purified water with a hint of real vanilla.

The new drink, which comes in a white bottle with a flowery pattern, has a 13 percent alcohol level, which is lower than the original’s 17 percent.

Baileys sells 82 million bottles per year in more than 160 countries. (There are some busy cows somewhere in Ireland.) Its popularity as a traditional holiday gift increases year after year.

Although the smoothness and capacity to “cushion” other harder spirits are the key draws of the original Baileys, the new Almande has its own distinct, fresh almond flavor, giving it greater mixing possibilities. The almond brings you a whole new world of flavor possibilities while remaining light and refreshing, especially in the summer.

There aren’t many recipes online for this product because it’s so new. The firm recommends serving it over ice or as a cocktail with coconut water. For those who would rather use a cocktail shaker than wheatgrass, here are a couple of simple drink ideas.

Pour both over ice in a rocks glass and mix. The flavor is similar to a popular delectable cookie.

Shake the ingredients to chill and promote frothing, then strain into an Old Fashioned glass over fresh ice. Serve with a sprig of mint or a cinnamon stick as a garnish.

Chambord, Crme de Cacao, or iced coffee in a frappe are some more fascinating mixing alternatives.

You’ll find the new Baileys Almande to be a welcome addition to the Baileys family, no matter how you sample it.

Around May 20, Baileys Almande Almondmilk Liqueur was released nationwide. It’s available at Wyatt’s, along with some of the bar’s more creative mixing partners.

Which alcoholic beverages are vegan?

Liqueurs and Spirits Thankfully, practically every sort of alcohol and liqueur vodka, gin, whisky, rum, and so on is vegan! It all comes down to the manufacturing process. Distilled spirits are made by fermenting a grain or sugar to produce alcohol.